How California Can Secede from US, and the World

Kim’s Missiles Can Reach California

Real Target is California

With this year’s revelation that North Korea’s nuke-tipped missiles could likely reach the West Coast of United States, a more insidious threat has gained prominence—an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack.

While not deadly on its own, an EMP attack ruins most electronics in a massive radius and could cripple the power grid, sending [California] back into the 18th century—potentially a death sentence for a large part of the population. __ More

The government in Sacramento is already nudging California into a suicidal death spiral via abysmally stupid and self-immolating energy, immigration, environmental, and fiscal policies. But a “kiss of death” from Dear Leader Kim would likely be the nudge that accelerates the formerly “golden state” into an even deeper crash and burn.

A high-altitude nuclear explosion creates a disturbance in the Earth’s magnetic field. Just as electricity is induced in a loop of wire if we move a magnet around it, electric currents also get induced in all electrical circuits with the sudden shift of the planet’s magnetic field. They are called geomagnetically induced currents (GIC). They build up gradually and can last tens of seconds. And again, the longer the wire, the stronger the current. Long power transmission lines are thus especially vulnerable and the GIC disruption can destroy transformers attached to them.

This is actually the main problem. There are some 2,000 extra high voltage (EHV) transformers across the country. If enough of them are damaged, virtually the whole grid shuts down…

… replacing them would take years. The transformers are custom made in Germany and South Korea and it takes 18 months to make one, according to Peter Vincent Pry, former EMP Commission chief of staff.

“With few exceptions, [California’s] electric grid is unhardened and untested against nuclear EMP attack,” the commission’s testimony states. “In the event of a nuclear EMP attack on [California], a widespread protracted blackout is inevitable.”

Most people are not ready for a blackout longer than a few days—not to mention years. Tap water runs thanks to pumps—connected to the power grid; food arrives to stores in trucks that run on diesel pumped by gas stations—connected to the power grid. __ More

Up to 90% of persons in modern societies could die without the critical infrastructures that are built upon a reliable and affordable power grid.

California would, of course, be assisted in the recovery from its travails by the rest of the US — just as it always has been assisted in disasters of one kind or another. But the more of the US that is affected by loss of reliable and affordable electric power, the more people that will die, and the less assistance that will be available.

California Often Shoots Itself in Foot

California’s Wildfires Too Often Caused by Downed Powerlines

High winds — up to hurricane strength — frequently occur across California, from storms and from meteorological phenomena such as “Santa Ana” winds. When such winds impact trees and power lines, lines can be knocked down and transformers can explode. When dry brush, trees, and other natural tinder are allowed to accumulate near such lines the makings of monstrous killer firestorms can be lurking, waiting for the smallest spark.

This has happened often in the past, and once again is happening in California — with massive losses of life and property.

The owner of the power equipment, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, said in a statement Wednesday “hurricane-strength winds in excess of 75 mph,” and “millions of trees weakened by years of drought and recent renewed vegetation growth from winter storms, all contributed to some trees, branches and debris impacting our electric lines across the North Bay.”

… The company, just like all utility companies in California, is required to keep vegetation more than 10 feet away from its power poles and towers, and to remove flammable debris from around the surrounding ground ….

… Utility companies in California have previously been found responsible for major wildfires due to inadequate maintenance of their power infrastructure. __ More

Unfortunately, the government of California impedes the clearance of dry vegetation — both in the vicinity of power lines and across private property in general. Sacramento enforces such disastrous policies in the name of environmentalism, but the end result is larger and more catastrophic wildfires.

In addition, Sacramento’s mandating of a premature and overly rapid adopting of large-scale wind and solar energy schemes has put budgetary pressures on utilities, taking away money and resources that should have been used for line maintenance, in a futile and politically correct quest to implement exorbitantly expensive forms of energy which are incompatible with modern power grids.

These deep holes dug by Sacramento during “normal times” will make it that much more difficult for Californians to survive the coming of extraordinarily abnormal times, such as those which Dear Leader Kim might deliver to the golden state.

California Has Many Ways of Seceding

Parts of California — such as Hollywood — typified by poster boy Harvey Weinstein, have already achieved a secession of sorts. They have created their own imaginary, though dysfunctional, worlds in which to prance about in various degrees of insobriety. California’s universities and much of its coastal strip likewise float in worlds of imaginary sapience, heartbeats from disaster. But even the smallest disaster or disruption can cause such flighty flocks to call on more reality-based outsiders — such as hardened but relatively unsophisticated firefighters and other skilled (mostly) men who work with their hands in very dangerous and difficult situations.

Yes, California may certainly secede if it continues on its path of demographic and political decline. But more dramatic and abrupt methods of extra-political secession — such as might happen secondary to large scale disasters — should always be in the minds of those residents of California who wish to be prepared for whatever may come.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. It is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood © .

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  1. j says:

    Exaggeration. Gaza had no continuous electricity for months and survived on diesel generators and water tankers. Everything is imported. People adapted and no one died. And Americans are more resourceful than that.

    • alfin2101 says:

      Good point. As long as vast amounts of foreign aid and imports are available, death tolls can be kept down.

      The 90% mortality estimate was based upon a continent-wide power outage in the context of a global cataclysm or war — which would limit the amount of aid and imports available. The two situations are not really comparable. Hopefully, we will never put the question to the test.

    • swampie says:

      Gaza is only about 140 square miles. The city nearest me is eight times that size.

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