They Merely Dislike Trump Less Than They Do the Other Guys

Most US voters do not care much for Trump. But they dislike his elitist detractors far more.

The Strange, Effective Logic of Trump’s Tweets

While the news and entertainment media tie themselves in knots reacting to last night’s tweets, Trump has already moved on to the next significant — but unnoticed — accomplishment.

Trump … in gesture, accent, vocabulary, and rashness, sounds like a cigar-chomping blue-collar machinist out of our past who is said to be outrageous in his crudity only because he is condemned by those who are far more outrageous in their mannered sobriety. In some sense, Trump welcomes wounds in order to inflict greater ones on the proverbial establishment.

… Trump is a sort of Road Runner: gone to reply to the next provocation by the time his Wile E. Coyote critics can put their hands around his long-gone neck. The pushback against him is usually yesterday’s news drowned out by tomorrow’s new melodrama. __ VDH

Flyover country — middle America — tried nice guys who didn’t fight back. But the nice guys lost. They thought they would try someone not so nice this time.

“We tried nice guys,” she said. “We had John McCain. Mitt Romney. They were nice, smiling at everybody, but they couldn’t beat out Hillary. Romney, I mean come on. The only thing people remember about him is that he tied a dog to his roof.”
__ The Nice Guys Lost

Trump is not a nice guy. Sometimes a brawler, sometimes a buffoon, oftimes a clown. But not so nice. More and more, that’s what his supporters like about him. Because his opposition is far worse, far more dishonest, far more vicious — in an after midnight, well obscured and covered up sort of way.

Mr. Trump understands that most of middle America wants economic growth — not leftist posturing such as they got from the late, unlamented ex-president Obama. The US Democratic Party has swerved so far to the extreme left that it has no conception of what economic growth is, much less how to achieve it. President Trump is far better schooled in those ways. He had to be, since he has actually done real work and created real jobs — unlike the posturing fools who prat on about this bizarre tweet or the other.

The old school of Democrat Party politicians sees the danger of moving too far into the leftist dysfunction.

Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin (D., Ill.) said in a radio interview on Sunday that Democrats can lose to President Donald Trump in 2020 if they “overdo it” by becoming too liberal.

Not that tricky Dick Durbin will ever change his spots. He is warning his friends to hide their more leftist tendencies so that voters will be none the wiser.

There is much that humans do not know about their worlds and the universe in which they live. Even such a seemingly simple concept such as “inertia” can prove a mystery at deeper levels.

Politics has an inertia that is similarly poorly understood. Mr. Trump was able to build a substantial amount of inertia during last year’s presidential campaign, with little more than bombast and braggadocio. Imagine how much inertia (momentum) he can build from the Oval Office over a span of years.

Television ratings and ticket sales for the NFL have dropped substantially year on year compared to 2016. Late night comics are seeing their ratings plummet. Hillary Clinton is fading into the twilight, still falling down and hurting herself. Left-wing activists across the board are being forced to pursue funding that is no longer coming to them from the federal government, now that Obama is history. And behind the scenes, things are getting done that leftists won’t like.

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  1. bob sykes says:

    Re inertia: Kinetic energy is a bigger mystery. K = (mv^2)/2. In engineering and military applications, the velocity entered into the formula is referenced to the Earth’s surface. But the Earth rotates and revolves around the Sun and the Sun hurtles through space. None of that matters. Using the Earth’s surface as the reference for kinetic and potential energy, the Titan missile hits Kiev or Kyiv or whatever.

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