Sweden Needs Robots! Lots of Robots!

Sweden is In Desperate Trouble

Sweden never used to have so much gang violence, nor did it suffer from a rape epidemic before recently. All of that has changed since Sweden’s government opened the doors to third world immigration.

Such levels of gang violence are without parallel in Sweden’s modern history. And with police busy dealing with gang murders and shootings, rape victims wait for justice…

Police admit that rape cases are piling up without being investigated because resources are being drained by gang violence and shootings.

In June, a 12-year-old girl in the small town of Stenungsund reported that she had been dragged into a public restroom and raped by an older boy. Six weeks later the girl had still not been questioned by the police. Even though she believed she had identified the perpetrator, the police had yet to pay him a visit.

“We have so many similar cases,” a spokeswoman of the local police told the Swedish public television channel SVT on September 12, “and there are so few of us, that we simply don’t have the time.” She continued: “We have rape victims three years old,” and even their cases await investigation. __ http://quillette.com/2017/10/10/swedens-sexual-assault-crisis-presents-feminist-paradox/

Even if Sweden had enough policemen to investigate and punish these floods of violent immigrants, government policies of political correctness prevent them from doing what is necessary.

What if Sweden Had Robocops?

Robocops might take much of the human element out of policing, making law enforcement more an issue of algorithms than “faulty” human nature. Artificially intelligent robo-enforcers — being more objective — might be freed up to enforce the law on the basis of the evidence.

They are cheaper than humans, require no health insurance, never clamour for a raise and work 24 hours a day.

Sweden’s Problem Goes Deeper than Violent Immigrants

This immigrant-instigated rape epidemic and gang violence are really just symptoms of deeper problems within the mental substrate of Sweden’s elites. At its heart it is a crisis of radicalism, manifested most often in everyday life by a rabid feminism which denies Swedish men their just bedtime desserts. Swedish women have come to dominate their men to the point that most Swedish men have become emasculated. Emasculated men are unable to satisfy their women — and are unable to defend their women against external threat, such as violent immigrants.

Sex Robots Can Teach Swedish Women a Lesson

In the age of robotics, Swedish men no longer have to kowtow to every whim of their ideologically twisted women. Instead, they can turn to new, artificial intelligence-endowed sex robots to satisfy their sexual needs. As Sweden’s women — currently swimming in delusions of self-importance — find themselves much less in demand, they may have cause to rethink their ideological assumptions. Not only that, but their biological clocks are ticking down.

In this area, China may be leading the way, but Swedish men can also utilise this breakthrough technology:

A man who married his sex robot after his parents nagged him to settle down is designing models for other lonely men.

Engineer Zheng Jiajia is now creating more robots with a ‘sexual function’ to reportedly help other bachelors get hitched. ___ http://metro.co.uk/2017/11/05/the-man-who-built-and-married-his-own-sex-robot-is-now-making-them-for-other-lonely-men-7054550/

In Some Areas, Robots Have a Long Way to Go

One should not assume that robots are destined to take over the world any time soon. You may have been fooled by “fake media” into believing that autonomous automobiles are on the verge of taking over the autobahn, or that robotic surgeons will soon be kicking their human predecessors out of the operating suite. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Robotic surgeons, for example, are overpriced and their surgical results leave much to be desired. Also, while it is clear that autonomous cars crash, it is alarmingly likely that the more such cars are on the road, the more crashes they will cause.

Artificial Intelligence is Not All It is Cracked Up to Be

In some areas, robotics may be able to provide a reasonable surrogate for some of societies simpler needs. Robotic cultivators and harvesters, robotic surveillance, sex robots, robotic college professors, robotic lawyers, robotic journalists, robotic politicians — and other such low level occupations — have minimal intelligence requirements. But for tasks that require exceptional judgment and quick response, well-trained humans have the advantage.

The simplest way of putting it is that Artificial Intelligence stinks, and always has done. AI has never lived up to its claims or to the hopes that its promoters have clung to. That does not stop the AI carny pitch-men from touting their fantasies to the gullible rubes, using “fake news” media.

… while AI and machine learning have received substantial investment over the past five years and have been widely touted as a transformative technologies, “there is little sign that they have yet affected aggregate productivity statistics.”

“The simplest possibility is that the optimism about the potential technologies is misplaced and unfounded,” muse Erik Brynjolfsson and Daniel Rock (MIT), Chad Syverson (University of Chicago)… __ The Register

What Lessons Can Sweden Learn From This?

Sweden clearly needs to replace its entire government with robots. While robots are far from perfect, they are far superior to Sweden’s genocidal government.

Sweden’s college faculties should likewise be replaced by robots — at least in the humanities, social sciences, law, philosophy, and social anthropology. And of course Sweden’s journalists need to be ejected in favour of robotic replacements — certainly all female journalists, and most of the men as well.

Sweden desperately needs unflinching robotic law enforcers in the age of immigrant rape and gang violence. Virtually all of Sweden’s academic budgets should be devoted to the development of ever-improved generations of robocops.

Finally, Sweden’s radical feminist women no longer need to serve their sexual role in society, as sex robots are improving so rapidly. It should be stressed that until working artificial wombs arrive, Swedish women will have to serve the procreative role. Artificial insemination should suffice to that end.

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