The Most Effective US President Since Reagan

Why These Morons Haven’t Moved to Canada?

We can’t say for sure why the idiots pictured above haven’t moved their permanent residences to Canada. But it could be because the world has not come to an end the way they expected that it would. Or maybe they just don’t know where Canada is?

Here is what one Canadian says about Trump:

… he has more than doubled the economic growth rate, reduced illegal immigration by about 80 per cent, withdrawn from the insane Paris Climate accord, helped add trillions to U.S. stock market values, created nearly two million new jobs, led the rout of ISIL, and gained full Chinese adherence to the unacceptability of North Korean nuclear military capability. He will probably pass the greatest tax cuts and reforms since Reagan, if not Lyndon Johnson, by Christmas, and may throw out the most unpopular feature of Obamacare, the coercive mandate, with it.

__ National Post

Why has Mr. Trump enjoyed such “unexpected” success? Perhaps he was better prepared for the job of US President than most of his detractors are capable of understanding.

President Trump was well prepared for the job. He’s been a CEO for 45 years… President Trump’s policies are being implemented. His administration already repealed 1,000 regulations… this is what has driven the stock market to climb 20%-plus since the morning after the election.

… __ A spectacular first year

Trump’s approval rises to 46%

Mr. Trump has reduced his detractors to wild-eyed screaming at the sky and senseless paranoid delusions. The fact is that Mr. Trump’s enemies can not come to terms with the reality of his election, or with the relentless ongoing aftermath of having lost the momentum and the high ground.

A good example of this rudderless full-speed cruising into the rocks is the hope and faith that leftists have placed in special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible Russian collusion in the 2016 US national elections. Corrupt and disillusioned displaced elites have built their hopes for the impeachment of President Trump on the vanishingly small likelihood of the chance discovery of any evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin. The recent discovery of the real source of the “evidence” against the Trump campaign makes one wonder why there is still any investigation of Trump collusion with Russia at all.

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee reportedly hired the firm that assembled the infamous dossier that included salacious allegations about now-President Trump.

A lawyer who represented the campaign retained the Washington research firm Fusion GPS, which then hired former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele to dig up the unconfirmed dirt on Trump, according to the Washington Post. __

More truth leaks through the stone wall of media

And the more we learn about the involvement of both Bill and Hillary Clinton in the Uranium One scandal, the likelier it appears that any Russian scandal with legs to run points rather at the Clintons, instead of at Trump.

Trump is More Effective at This Job Than Most People Expected

From his repeal of dysfunctional regulations to his slow motion return of government to constitutional discipline, Donald Trump has pleasantly surprised many of his voters and sceptics — and has alarmed many high-level members of the parasitic classes who have been banking on the corruption and steady decline of the US.

Among the worst affected by “Trump Shock” are members of the news and entertainment medias, participants in the deep state, and employees of tertiary academic institutions. Even more shocked and dismayed are those billionaires and would-be billionaires who have been counting on a huge “welfare payday” from government policies and expenditures favoring suicidal green technologies, corporations, and institutions. Losers, losers, and more losers. Mr. Trump should be proud, if a man is to be measured by the nature and goals of his enemies.

Trump is Far from Perfect

He can be a tiresome and implausible public figure at times, and the reservations widely held about him, in the United States and elsewhere, are understandable and not unfounded. He is, however, the most effective U.S. president since Reagan. In the 20 pre-Trump years, over $5 trillion and scores of thousands of American casualties were squandered in Middle East wars (while most Iraqis were handed over to Iranian influence), an immense humanitarian refugee tragedy was provoked, along with the greatest world economic crisis since the 1930s, American GDP per capita growth and capital investment shrunk by 75 per cent, the work force lost over 15 million people, millions of unskilled, illegal migrants were admitted, and the national debt of 233 years of American independence more than doubled in the last seven years of Obama. Those 20 years were the only time of absolute decline in American history, as well as a period of prolonged economic stagnation. Americans, unlike the older great nations of Europe and the Far East, have never experienced such setbacks and stagnation, and don’t like or accept them. It was in these circumstances that this unusual president was elected. __ National Post

This phase of American politics has barely begun. The seemingly unstoppable rolling up of the American Enterprise by well-coordinated and well-financed leftist schemes and racketeers has been rocked back abruptly — although nothing could have stopped it altogether, short of invasion by interstellar invaders.

Over the past 50 + years, the relentless dumbing down of students in western schools from K-12 thru university has proceeded successfully, and the aftermath in terms of the degradation of the human substrate and the demographic decline of the west is not pretty. Not everyone can possibly wake up and wise up. But the “Trump respite” and partial rollback of institutionalised leftist idiocy is exactly the kind of rest and rebuilding period that wiser and more proactive heads needed.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. It is never too late for a Dangerous Childhood © .


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  1. Abelard Lindsey says:

    If David Goldman’s analysis and predictions prove correct, Trump will go down as the best foreign policy president since Nixon:

  2. Someone says:

    I’m guess we are going to get a handful of good things from Trump. I did vote for him, but more need to be done like repealing the CAFE regulations and shutting down some government agencies.

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