Today’s Left: A Compassionate Beating, a Caring Riot

Leftists Think of Themselves as “Caring and Compassionate”

But there is a huge difference between “feelings of compassion,” and true acts of kindness.

One is known by his actions, not by his words or his “feelings.” And the actions of Antifa are not those of kindness or caring.

What is true for Antifa is equally true for Black Lives Matter, the Climate Cultists, radical feminists, and the rest of the angry far left. They are protesting in Europe and the Anglosphere because it would be inconvenient and uncomfortable for them to travel to where the suffering is greatest and the oppression most acute.

Perhaps in a sense they are “caring and compassionate.” At least in their own minds. They claim to feel compassion for the downtrodden. They are certainly convinced that they “care” more than their deplorable political foes whom they would like to put under the ground to stay! But their actions tell an entirely different story.

Everyone agrees that to be left-wing and liberal is to be a better, more caring and compassionate human being. It proves what an enlightened and open-minded person you are. It sets you apart from conservatives and right-wingers, those selfish and nasty folk who are obviously racist, oafish and horrid… All this is true, right? Wrong. Being caring is actually a licence to be nasty. Not only this year have we witnessed a torrent of abuse and slander from the supposedly caring left, directed at so-called populists in the UK and the US, we have also seen physical violence acted upon them. Consider the aftermath of the US presidential election. On the New York subway, someone tried to strangle a 24-year-old wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ cap. A 49-year-old in Chicago was dragged down the street by a crowd screaming ‘you voted Trump!’ and ‘you’re gonna pay for that shit!’. In Maryland, a group of high-school protesters – carrying signs with the words ‘Love Trumps Hate’ – came across a 15-year-old fellow student wearing a Trump hat and beat him up.

The list of attacks goes on.

… none of this should surprise us. There has always been a malicious, vengeful streak in sections of the compassionate new left. Consider how they have always boasted about ‘hating the Tories’, as if hatred is an emotion to be proud of. The far left always talk of ‘smashing’ or ‘fighting’ things, whether it be capitalism, racism or the system. The rhetoric of caring and combat paradoxically go hand-in-hand. As Albert Camus observed in his attack on Sartre in his 1951 L’Homme révolté, the more someone professes to care about humanity, the more they tend to dislike people as human beings.

To be of the left these days is to assume a sanctimonious mindset. The more people are possessed of self-righteousness, the more they are convinced of the inherent goodness of their beliefs, and the moral deviance of their enemies, the more they feel at liberty to abuse others. __ Wrath of the “Do Gooders”

Antifa is sponsored by George Soros and various communist and socialist back alley organisations. Its cohorts and predecessors have been doing mischief on Europe for years, but the group itself has only made a significant appearance in North America since the departure of Barack Obama and the arrival of Donald Trump on the scene.

Antifa have been the main street wing of the liberal-capitalist elite in Europe for well over a decade, and now the artificially-created cancer has spread to the USA. As soon as Donald Trump was inaugurated on January 20, there they were, as if on cue — Antifa thugs breaking windows, burning vehicles, fighting with the police, and causing general mayhem.


BLM Terrorists are Peas in the Same Pod as Antifa

The terrorist group “Black Lives Matter” promotes the murder of police officers in particular, and white people in general by implication. Unfortunately for these thugs, everyone understands who is really responsible for the wholesale slaughter of young black males across US inner cities: other young black males sharing the same inner cities.

BLM [is called] a terrorist organization, responsible for the deaths of at least a dozen police officers across the country, and the ambush shootings of dozens of others. As proof, I told him that the founders of the organization, three lesbian females, espouse communist beliefs and support for the New Black Panther Party, who wants blacks to kill whites, especially police officers of any color, and demand a complete separation of the races. __ Another Obama Legacy

The misnamed “Black Lives Matter” is sponsored by the same misanthropic left-wing groups that sponsor Antifa, the Climate Apocalypse Cult, and the Immigration Armageddon in Europe and the Anglosphere.

Sure they care. they care enough to want to shut you up! In reality, the disadvantaged have never had it so good. But violent leftists and anarchists have to exaggerate their righteousness to the point of utter fabrication and fraud, else not even their friends in the press would be able to swallow their bloody lies.

The loudest black voices trashing America are super wealthy Leftist blacks who could not have achieved their mega success without the enthusiastic support of white America. And yet, they are dissing our flag and national anthem. They are cheerleaders for the destruction of historical monuments and clamoring for us to throw out the U.S. Constitution. Shamefully, rich leftist blacks are using urban blacks as pawns to further the leftist socialist/progressive agenda. __ Lloyd Marcus

What is true for Black Lives Matter is equally true for Antifa, the Climate Cultists, radical feminists, and the rest of the angry far left. They are protesting in Europe and the Anglosphere because it would be inconvenient and uncomfortable for them to travel to where the suffering is greatest and the oppression most acute.


Understanding your enemy

A false litany of the popular and academic left that deludes the ignorant and naive

when Black Lives Matter activists and “social justice” juggernauts deliberately and laughingly obstruct ambulances and other emergency vehicles, and endanger the lives of random people, while giving the ambulance drivers the finger, this doesn’t exactly indicate some lofty moral purpose.


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