Renewable Energy Skyrockets, and Other Little Heard News

Unfortunately for Renewables, The Rocket Was Heading Down!

We have spent the last two centuries getting off renewables because they were mostly weak, costly and unreliable.

__ Limits to Artificial Energy

For over 200 years, humans have been trying to wean themselves from archaic, inefficient, and unreliable forms of energy production. As a result, people have become more prosperous, healthier, better fed, and experience far more leisure time than their ancestors dreamed of. But politicians and politically corrupt opportunists never let a faux crisis go to waste, and so the “climate apocalypse scare” has led to a massive green welfare scheme to profit already obscenely wealthy political insiders — usually on the left end of the spectrum.

In 2040, 15% to 20% of World Energy Expected to Come from Renewables

The burning of wood supplies most of the world’s “renewable” energy.

10 percentage points will come from wood. Hydropower provides another 3 percentage points and all other renewables provide 6 percentage points, of which solar PV and wind will [???] provide 3.7 percentage points.

Oh, and to achieve this 3.7 % of energy from solar PV and wind, you and I and the rest of the world will pay – according to the IEA – a total of $3.6 trillion in subsidies from 2017-2040 to support these uncompetitive energy sources. __ Energy that Makes You Poorer

Why are the people of the world being forced to pay $trillions in subsidies for sources of energy which could not possibly survive in a competitive market? On the one hand, it is a matter of “virtue signaling.” But on the other hand, it is a matter of massive corruption.

Russia Bravely Faces Long Hard Winter

Russians are nothing if not brave. One would need to be particularly brave to face the coming winter in Russia, after all that has happened over the past 4 years there.

Note: Please use webpage translators as necessary when consulting Russian language news stories linked below:

Russians’ real incomes continue to decline for the fourth year in a row (, business production has stagnated again (, industry is facing collapse (, bankruptcies are near historic highs ( and, bank profits fell and most businesses feel that ( and, the pension fund is almost exhausted (, inflation is rising and most people expect it to continue to do so ( and, studies show that families having three or more children are condemned to poverty (, and the wealthy are working ever harder to hide their money (

… Cutbacks in medical spending by the government under Putin’s program have left a large majority of Russians upset about the quality of medical care they are receiving ( and Many can no longer get even basic vaccines (, and

… __ Source

Many Russians are choosing not to stay for the winter, however. Up to 200,000 young and fertile Russians each year make the fateful decision to leave the country for warmer locations elsewhere.

During a discussion yesterday with former finance minister Aleksey Kudrin at the All-Russian Civic Forum, [Moscow mayor] Sobyanin said that some 200,000 Russians are leaving the country permanently each year, an enormous embarrassment to the regime (

… “My friends,” he said, “do you know how many people leave Russia each year for other countries? We don’t have an iron curtain. 200,000. And how many come to Moscow? In recent times, this figure has fallen to 10,000. The Problem is not that they come to Moscow; the problem is that they leave for abroad.” __ Source

As hundreds of thousands of Russia’s young, fertile, and educated leave the country, tens of thousands of older ethnic Russians are forced to move back to Russia from surrounding countries such as Kazakhstan, due to a growing and very ugly racism against Russians in formerly Soviet nations. Russia’s demographic situation is experiencing a “perfect storm” of disaster, largely due to poor choices made by Putin over the past several years.

What if Donald Trump Owned Time Magazine and the New York Times?

If the feisty US President owned all the news outlets in the US, perhaps he would get more friendly news coverage? This is not a realistic situation, but a media conglomerate relatively friendly to Trump has been negotiating to buy Time magazine and its sister publications Sports Illustrated and People magazine.

[David Pecker of American Media Inc.] told The New Yorker in July he wanted to buy Time, Inc. and was, as the magazine put it, looking for a “deep-pocketed partner” to do it.

Enter the Koch brothers.

They have now injected $650 million from their private equity arm into the Meredith bid that ended up as an all-cash transaction of around $3 billion.

Meredith is at pains to point out that, in theory, the Kochs are passive investors. They will not have seats on the Meredith board “and will have no influence on Meredith’s editorial or managerial operations,” it said. __

And really, who reads any of those fake news outlets these days? But it is interesting to muse about how different, say, the Washington Post might be if it had been bought by Rupert Murdoch instead of Jeff Bezos.

Stimulating Brain Nucleus Boosts Cognition

Deep brain stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus in the brain leads to improved cognitive performance in persons with Parkinson’s Disease. Such patients are prone to dementia, and any boosting of cognitive skills would help them to better manage their lives.

The type of electrical stimulation is of a low frequency (4 Hz) type, which is a new approach for DBS. In a fascinating twist, the 4 Hz stimulus to the subthalamic nucleus appears to boost delta wave activity in the medial prefrontal cortex, apparently supplying a crucial missing element in many Parkinson’s patients. More

This finding falls into line with previous research showing that even noninvasive electrical stimulation (tDCS) of the brain facilitates oscillatory wave activity in parts of the brain distant from the stimulus. More and more, the “long distance network” nature of brain function is being exposed to researchers who utilise artificial stimuli of electromagnetic (including photonic stimuli) or ultrasound types.

Abstract and video description of research

More on various types of brain stimulation:

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