Are People with Low IQs Doomed to be Left Behind?

Lower intelligence is a limiting factor when it comes to education, employment, and economic success but IQ has nothing to do with dignity, friendliness, compassion, honesty and a host of other positive human attributes. Access to all the opportunities imaginable will not be effectively used by individuals with low IQ through no fault of their own. There is no rational reason to stigmatize people and every reason to provide support in every way possible. __ Interview with Cognitive Scientist Richard Haier

IQ Distributions by Race Wikipedia Image

There are many reasons to be concerned about the ability of low IQ people to manage their lives — and not just blacks. Fortunately for low IQ populations, there is more to the art of getting ahead than just a person’s IQ. Many persons of below average IQ are still able to live successful lives if they are honest and conscientious, make the most of the abilities they have, and show an appealing personality to others.

The Future of Work

High-tech skills are becoming important prerequisites for being hired and getting ahead on the job. Even in factories and in the trades the ability to master complex systems and devices is key to a successful future. Persons of low IQ struggle to master even the simplest technical concepts and skills. Unfortunately for them, complexity in the workplace is likely to grow.

Professor Richard Haier goes into significant detail discussing the topic of intelligence — including correlations of race, sex, and genes with IQ — in his 18 lecture course “The Intelligent Brain,” offered by The Great Courses. The first lecture of the course is embedded below:

Haier is also the author of a recently published book, “Neuroscience of Intelligence,” which helps explain the scientific underpinnings of intelligence in the human brain.

A Future of Intelligence Boosting

Even if it takes more than 10 years to identify the gene variants associated with IQ, it still won’t be long in the grand scheme of things before we have to make policy decisions about how best to use that knowledge. __ Ethics of Cognitive Enhancement

If people of low IQ could boost their IQs somehow, many new doors of opportunity in the workplace and in the world in general would suddenly be opened to them. But when the doors of cognitive enhancement are opened, who will reap the benefits?

China’s BGI, a massive genomic research institute, aims to discover the genetic underpinnings of intelligence and perhaps to breed a better, smarter human. The basic idea seems to be to remove as many “deleterious” alleles as possible, leaving the more “optimal” alleles to produce a better functioning brain. Such an approach is probably the best current strategy available at this time, but it falls under the “incremental innovation” category, rather than the “disruptive innovation” category.

Physicist Steve Hsu, featured in the video below, is Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies at Michigan State University, and has also cooperated with BGI’s gene research program on cognition for many years.

Steve Hsu slide presentation on the genetic architecture of intelligence.

Cognitive Enhancement Will Incorporate Many Modalities

In the future, genetic enhancement will be seen as a starting point, creating a baseline or foundation. What is built upon the foundation of genetic “optimisation” will determine what the individual actually shows to the world, and how he is able to move the world.

Moment to moment brain modulation and augmentation will be achieved using physical stimulation of various kinds — including electromagnetic and ultrasound stimulation. We will also see the widespread use of pharmacological and nutritional modalities, of a wide range of physical training, and the use of a wide variety of custom designed mental/emotional/spiritual disciplines and training.

Looking back on modern methods of education and child raising, the brighter people of the future will be dismayed at the levels of neglect that are prominent today. No, it is worse than mere neglect. What we see today is a widespread crippling and stunting of the minds of children, much of it apparently intentional.

The Transition From Here to There Will Be Brutal

The society with more creative and highly intelligent people is likely to be the society that generates the most disruptive innovations — creating numerous advantages in many strategic areas. For those societies that fail to keep up in “the brain race”, decades of relative backwardness will likely result.

You will not read about this in the newspaper, but this competition will have a far greater impact on human history than the Manhattan Project of the 1940s, which produced the atomic fission bomb. Because of its ultimate impact, almost anything you read on this topic is more likely to be disinformation than actual information. And behind the scenes, blood will flow as secrets are stolen and sold on emerging markets that never see the light of day.

Keeping the Masses Happy

In the real world of today, average world population IQ is in decline. Current global average IQ is near 90, but within decades the average IQ will be closer to 80. Consult the IQ & Aptitude graph below and try to imagine what such a world may be like.

Clearly, most humans will be left behind in this global IQ race to idiocracy. Advanced computing, automation, robotic farming and transportation, and other innovations will take up the slack for the increasing proportions of the global population who will have nothing substantive to contribute to an increasingly demanding high tech world. What will most people do? They will live on state-provided Soma and subsidised living.

Entertainments for the masses will be similar to those seen on the feature film Idiocracy. (Watch Idiocracy movie free online or download from or )

It is Never Too Late to Have a Dangerous Childhood

Make the most of yourself, expand your horizons, and always keep an eye open for opportunity. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Make yourself and everyone you care about as Dangerous as possible.

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