American Universities Ripe for Neo-Revolution

The Old Revolution is Dead. Long Live Neo-Revolution!

College is Revolting

American colleges have been devastated by a 50 year revolution that has taken them away from educating students in favour of indoctrinating them. If this ongoing revolution of progressively leftist intolerance proceeds much further, colleges are likely to collapse and burn. Let’s take a closer look at the damage caused by today’s dominant campus ideology of schism, “intersectionality“:

… on any campus where intersectionality thrives, conflict will be eternal, because no campus can eliminate all offense, all microaggressions, and all misunderstandings. This is why the use of shout-downs, intimidation, and even violence in response to words and ideas is most common at our most progressive universities, in the most progressive regions of the country. It’s schools such as Yale, Brown, and Middlebury in New England, and U.C. Berkeley, Evergreen, and Reed on the West Coast. Are those the places where oppression is worst, or are they the places where this new way of thinking is most widespread?

nowadays, students who [take courses] in departments that prioritize social justice over the disinterested pursuit of truth are given just one lens—power—and told to apply it to all situations. Everything is about power. Every situation is to be analyzed in terms of the bad people acting to preserve their power and privilege over the good people. This is not an education. This is induction into a cult, a fundamentalist religion, a paranoid worldview that separates people from each other and sends them down the road to alienation, anxiety, and intellectual impotence.

__ Jonathan Haidt “Age of Outrage” in City Journal

Unfortunately, most students are now being coerced into taking courses in such departments. In fact, more and more departments of universities are becoming “such departments,” prioritising social justice over the pursuit of truth. Even in engineering departments, the use of rigorous methods in the pursuit of truth is being condemned by engineering professors! I will be sure to avoid going into any buildings, flying in planes, or crossing any bridges designed by such engineers — if I can help it. What an unmitigated disaster in higher education!

More and more professors are encouraging their students to commit violent acts against whites. Violence is the logical outcome and conclusion of the 50 year revolution that threatens the existence of American colleges as institutions of meaningful learning.

The limitations and drawbacks of North American academia are obvious. This goes beyond the intolerance, irrationality, illiberalism, even violence associated with some “studies” or other departments that see advocacy as their primary mission. Less remarked upon are the catastrophic intellectual failures of the social sciences.

The US system in turn swells universities with students who don’t necessarily want to be there and who graduate in debt and without career skills. It also limits future career development for most people with only a high school degree or less. The US system leads to empty credentialism while destroying economic mobility.

__ David Adler in Quillette

To intelligent and open minds who care about the future, the problem is genuine and reaching an extreme level. If giving up is not an option, what actions could rational people take to mitigate this accelerating disaster?

Bewildering Experience of a Scots Lass on a US Campus

After a year on campus, on a course entitled ‘Cultural Reporting and Criticism’, I still feel unable to speak freely, let alone critically. Although it doesn’t apply to my own course, friends have told me about ‘trigger warnings’ that caution they are about to be exposed to certain ideas; the threat of micro-aggressions (i.e. unintended insults) makes frank discourse impossible. Then there is the infamous ‘safe space’ — a massage-circle, Play-Doh-making haven — where students are protected from offence (and, therefore, intellectual challenge).

During class discussions, I’ve learned to discreetly scan my classmates’ faces for signs that they might be fellow free-thinkers. A slight head tilt at the mention of Islamophobia, a gentle questioning of what exactly is meant by ‘toxic masculinity’. I was thrilled to see a scribbled note — ‘This is utter shit’ — on someone’s copy of one of the reading requirements, Maggie Nelson’s The Argonauts (an introduction to queer theory). In this way, I found the members of my secret non-conformist book club.

… It seemed to the members of my book club that academia is losing its way. It is riddled with paradox: safe spaces which are dangerously insular; the idea of ‘no absolutes’ (as an absolute); aggressive intolerance for anything perceived as intolerant; and censorship of ideas deemed too offensive for expression. It’s a form of totalitarianism…

… __ Idiots, Safe Spaces, and Trigger Warnings

Universities Need Triggering… Lots of Triggering

One cannot escape the conclusion that university and college campuses need to experience neo-revolution in the worst possible way. Initiating such a neo-revolution on any particular campus needs to be done after careful forethought and planning — but it needs to be done from coast to coast across North America.

This is not a call for violence, quite the opposite. It is a call for a clever sabotage of the ruling revolutionary order, and the initiation of a rational and peaceful neo-revolution which replaces intolerance with tolerance, pushing aside fascist indoctrination and replacing it with open-mindedness, and placing a true education in place of the current indoctrination.

Moving from goals to strategy to tactics will require setting up limits and guidelines — each customised to the particular campus being neo-revolutionised. In many cases it will be found that particular professors, teaching assistants, graduate students, and university staff members comprise core foci of the old revolutionary guard. The malign influence of each focus must be addressed in proper order, using acceptable, pre-planned tactics.

Action teams should be constituted of small groups, organised as “cells,” with no interaction or recognition between cells and minimal interaction between cell leaders, in order to maintain neo-revolutionary security. Bringing moments of reality to today’s campus will require top notch tradecraft.

Ideologues—especially academic ideologues—have a penchant for denying reality. They see a world composed of entirely different structures that are either re-imagined as something else, or are entirely fabricated. Thomas Aquinas wrote, “Truth is the agreement or conformity of reality and the mind’s judgment on reality.” He meant the first step in clear and critical thinking is an acknowledgment of the world as it exists. Deny the reality of human life, and the endeavor of thinking fails spectacularly. This is why academic ideologues are so enamored with theories, which have their own theories and endless categories. The more categories and divisions they can create, the less likely it is that there will be any real chance of intellectual dialogue. __ Time for Reality Check on Campus

Campus security will need to be accounted for, and if possible should be infiltrated by members of the neo-revolutionary force. Although campus security are not police, they are granted significant authority on many campuses, and in many cases have not been totally corrupted by the campus orthodoxy.

No violence, no destructive vandalism, no injurious harassment in the reasonable sense of the terms. Any terms as defined by “intersectionality,” diversity studies, or feminist studies should be disregarded and ignored.

Take the Neo-Revolution to the Beast

We have carefully avoided discussing strategies and tactics here, with the understanding that each institution that is being crippled by intersectionality and diversity fanaticism needs to be approached on its own unique terms. Be careful out there. Learn to blend and merge. Cover your steps. Leave no trace of your actual methods — let them guess in their anger and frustration.

Recruiting and training will be the most difficult part. After that, if you have done your jobs, the natural creativity of operatives will keep the neo-revolution expanding in order to accomplish what is necessary.

More: Lawsuits are sometimes effective as well. Don’t be shy about suing the bastards if you have a case.

Drowning in BS

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