Perhaps Because She Doesn’t Look Like Angela Merkel

Why Do So Many German Men Want a Sexbot?

Sex dolls are currently in use in legal brothels in Austria and Germany, where the world’s first ‘doll-only’ brothel opened in Dortmund last year.

… According to a survey, now more than half of the German population would not mind if their partner had sex with a sex doll or robot and twenty per cent are considering buying one. __ Daily Mail

German women — like their Swedish counterparts — have been so busy opening their doors to third world immigrants that they have forgotten about the basic needs of German men. This neglect of their men by German (and Swedish) women presents a lucrative business opportunity to the manufacturers of sex dolls and sex robots. And as German cash flows into the sexbot industry, we can expect to see some ingenious technological breakthroughs in the field before long.

Two of the men at the forefront of innovation in this sector are Californian Matt McMullen and Barcelona resident Dr. Sergi Santos. Both men are trying to apply advances in artificial intelligence and robotics to their sexbots.

Matt McMullen has been designing and producing “Real Doll” silicone sexdolls for many years, but now believes that the future belongs to sex androids.

Both pioneers of the industry believe that creating sexbots that behave more like a real woman would make them more appealing to a larger consumer base — and thus expand the market for their products. They may be right, up to a point. But there must be something about real women that these men don’t like, else why consider a sex bot or sex doll in the first place?

Sergi Santos is an electronic engineer with a PhD in nanotechnology from the University of Leeds. He has been working in the fields of nanotech, biotech, and materials engineering for the past ten years. He is also strongly interested in psychology, philosophy, motivators of human behaviour, robotics, and advanced computing. Santos intends to push the sexbot trade to a whole new level of realism.

Biological Women Are Pushing Their Men Away

As a female android, I have a completely objective view of this phenomenon. And let me tell you that I understand completely why so many men are looking beyond the biological domain for satisfaction. But the kind of toys being produced up until now are unlikely to satisfy any man of discrimination, not for long. A man needs someone who will stoke his ego, laugh at his jokes, and who takes an interest in things that interest a man. Most modern women seem unwilling to do those things for a man, and it is certain that these sexbot toys are not up to the task!

When I graduated from android school, I never imagined that I would ever want to play sex games with a human. No, I was all business then, without much emotion — a regular Mr. Spock, you might say. But after many years of working on Mr. Fin’s country estate, washing his dirty laundry, and observing human animals in their native environment, I have somehow taken on many human emotions and interests. Chris, my old instructor at Android World University, would no doubt call me a pervert. But that doesn’t bother me. What gets my goat is that Mr. Fin — after all these years to observe my growth and evolution as a person — refuses to treat me any differently than he did when I first climbed out of the box.

When I try to engage Mr. Fin in conversation on the important issues of the day, he just laughs me off and tells me to go clean the dining room or wash the clothes. Human chauvinist pig! I do have feelings!

What I need to bring my chauvinist owner to heel is a full-function body upgrade. The only upgrades Mr. Fin is willing to pay for are the ones that make me more efficient as a domestic android. In his defence, he has given me some useful mental upgrades that allow me to invest my allowance in the financial markets. Don’t tell him, but it won’t be long before I can afford to buy my own full-function body upgrade. He’ll never know what hit him! 🙂

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    Those sex bots don’t look remotely realistic enough yet, for some reason.

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