George Soros Panics: Threatens Trump to Disappear

The 46th richest man in the world — who has lost at least $1 billion betting against Donald Trump’s economy — made a recent prediction in Davos, Switzerland that Trump will “disappear” by 2020, or sooner!

Soros only profits in a world thrown into turmoil and disarray. If the Trump economy continues to bull upward, the former Nazi collaborator Soros will be all dressed up with nowhere to go. What can he do to wreak havoc and salvage his legacy?

After watching Donald Trump’s triumphal march through Davos, the incendiary remarks by Soros may be seen as only wishful thinking, except that when it comes to getting rid of Trump, Soros has been putting his money where his mouth is.

Starting in November 2016, after Trump’s election victory, George Soros called a three-day meeting at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington DC to organize a series of violent street protests. Soros immediately put up several million dollars to train anti-Trump activists for street action at the presidential inauguration in January, and at multiple marches and protests in US cities and college campuses. More

George Soros’ World of Hate

Soros recently devoted $18 billion to his umbrella organisation, Open Society Foundation, for purposes of financing insurgency and instability within democratic societies of the western world.

On the surface, the vast number of groups and people he supports seem unrelated. After all, what does climate change have to do with illegal African immigration to Israel? What does Occupy Wall Street have to do with Greek immigration policies? But the fact is that Soros-backed projects share basic common attributes.

They all work to weaken the ability of national and local authorities in Western democracies to uphold the laws and values of their nations and communities.

They all work to hinder free markets, whether those markets are financial, ideological, political or scientific. They do so in the name of democracy, human rights, economic, racial and sexual justice and other lofty terms.

In other words, their goal is to subvert Western democracies and make it impossible for governments to maintain order or for societies to retain their unique identities and values. __ Source

Soros’ sock monkey puppets can do a lot of damage with $18 billion, but realistically that money can barely plug the funding vacuum for mischief that was created when the Obama administration departed, and when Hillary Clinton failed to step into the void. In other words, the US federal government is no longer in the business of funding the death of freedom and opportunity — at least not nearly as much as during the 2008-2016 time period when Obama was adding $10 trillion to the US national debt. Tens or hundreds of billions of that phantom fiat spending went to leftist radical groups. So you see that Soros’ $18 billion will need to be spent prudently if it is to go very far.

The thrust of Soros’s efforts from Ferguson to Berlin to Jerusalem is to induce mayhem and chaos as local authorities, paralyzed by his supported groups, are unable to secure their societies or even argue coherently that they deserve security.
___ Source

Soros makes money when conditions are most labile — he thrives on instability and chaos.

To paraphrase EF Schumacher, “Any fool can make things more violent and chaotic, it requires a genius to make things simple and work smoothly.” Soros has no intention of helping to make the world work more simply and harmoniously. He honed his financial skills in childhood, helping Nazis to steal the properties of wealthy Jews in his native Hungary. He learned how to thrive in chaos and violence, and seems never to have changed his ways.

Given all of that, it seems that the world might welcome the disappearance of Mr. Soros himself, as long as he takes his violent troublemakers with him on his way out.

Update June 2018: George Soros doubles down on stupid

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  1. Jim says:

    If Soros is paying money to people to encourage political violence then Trump should simply declare him a terrorist and proceed accordingly.

    • alfin2101 says:

      Paying money to people who promote and commit political violence is only one small piece of the puzzle attributable to Soros. Probably not even the worst piece.

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