Russian Update: Demographics Changing

Deep Notches in Population Pyramid of Russia Reliably Predict Cascading Losses in Population Due to Plummeting Numbers of Women Capable of Childbirth

Understanding Why Birthrates are Dropping

Russia is undergoing a significant decline in the number of women of child-bearing years. As a result, we are starting to see a decline in birthrates which is likely to continue for decades to come.

The country’s state statistics agency Rosstat registered 203,400 fewer births in 2017 compared to 2016, a drop of 10.7 percent, according to data published Monday. This marks the lowest birth rate since 2007 when 1.6 million births were recorded.

Despite a fall in the number of deaths by since last year, the population declined by 134,400 people in 2017. A year prior, Russia’s population grew by 5,300 people.

“The number of potential mothers is small, so the number of births is also falling,” the RBC business portal cited social analysis expert Ramilya Khasanova of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA).

Khasanova said birth rates would continue to fall in the next 15 years because the majority of women of child-bearing age were born in the 1990s, a period of extremely low birth rates. __ Moscow Times

Projected Population of Russia: 1950 – 2094

“Russia’s population will most likely decline in the coming decades, perhaps reaching an eventual size in 2100 that’s similar to its 1950 level of around 100 million,”

__ Yale

To make matters worse, more Russian women are choosing not to have children at all. Those who do decide to bear children are now waiting an average of 5 years later before having their first child.

Russian women who have children at all are giving birth to their first baby at 26.1 years, five years more than the 20.9 years at which they gave birth in 1995-1999, and they are increasing the interval between the first and second child from three years two decades ago to 5.6 years now, according to a Rosstat study reported today by Izvestiya.

… Russian women want fewer children or none at all. ___ Russian language story in

Discussed in English by WOE2

This shift toward having children later or not at all and having smaller families is common to many countries. In Russia, it is especially significant because it imposes severe constraints on the Kremlin’s demographic policies which are based almost exclusively on trying to boost fertility rather than addressing the super-high mortality rates among working-age males.

Russian Men Being Neglected

As in many other societies, men in Russia are left in the bear pit to fight it out to the death. As a result, male mortality in Russia ranks among the worst of third world nations. De facto slavery is still common in Russia for men as well as for women.

In Moscow’s push for increasing birthrates, fathers have been the neglected figures; and partially as a result, experts say, the country is suffering from “a crisis of fatherhood” in which men no longer know what their roles should be ( Meanwhile, Chinese men are coming to Russia in ever larger numbers to acquire Russian wives, driving up the new field of “marriage tourism” in Beijing ( and
__ WOE2 Baker’s Dozen

There are fewer Russian women of child-bearing age, and many of those are choosing to forego having children altogether. More, a growing number of Russian women are choosing to marry Chinese men, or to migrate to Europe or the Anglosphere to try their luck in fairer lands. To top it off, a growing number of women in Russia are giving birth to non-Russian ethnicities. Every day Russia shrinks in multiple ways.

Russia’s Perfect Demographic Storm

We have known for several years that the current decline in births would occur — it was inevitable — and that it would continue for a significant period of time.

Thanks to Putin’s economically ruinous wars and other policies, Russia will not have the time it needs to recover its equilibrium. The corrupt and ailing bear feeds on itself, while the dragon to the south considers the best time to strike.

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6 Responses to Russian Update: Demographics Changing

  1. bob sykes says:

    The exact same problem exists in every country except those in sub-Saharan Africa. Populations outside Africa are either already shrinking or are about to begin shrinking. Whether African population grow offsets population decline everywhere else remains to be seen.

    It would seem that modern economies are ipso facto dysgenic, and educating and liberating women exacerbates the problem. It would be ironic if the end result of Western revolutions in science and industry were to be the handing over of the planet to the subhumans. Planet of the Apes indeed. There is a Darwinian lesson in that. The World belongs to those who reproduce. Fitness is reproduction.

    • alfin2101 says:

      Yes. Russia and Japan — along with southern Europe — appear to be worst afflicted. BTW, I recommend that you stop reading the Kremlin trolls, who are just another arm of the propaganda state.

      It is unfortunate that Russia — a land of much potential — has been violently diverted off the main rails of evolution so many times. Unfortunately the dictatorship appears to be the only path the Russian people — former serfs mostly since the multiple out-migrations over the past 100 years — understand.

  2. bob sykes says:

    Here’s a more complete set of statistics for Russia with some comparative data:

    Anatoly is an expatriate Russian who recently returned to Moscow, apparently permanently. He is a good source for Russian politics.

    • alfin2101 says:

      Thanks. I read Karlin’s piece, which provides some factual information but also much fantasy and wishful thinking. It seems that he is attempting to be sincere and quasi-objective, but is incapable of going beyond a certain level of candor.

  3. Daniel Gonzalez says:

    Russia´s total fertility rate is around 1.7 1.61 children per woman, the TFR in the US is 1.84 but is lower for the native born every western country has the same problem, neoliberal economics + american cultural liberalism +Multiculturalism+ european socialism are killing the native population in Europe and the US.

    • alfin2101 says:

      Thanks for the comment. The administrator corrected your TFR number for Russia in order to account for declines since 2014. If the number continues to decline, then combined with the drastic reduction in total numbers of women of child-bearing years, Russia’s predicted population decline may be understated by most credible statistical agencies.

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