Living in Grass Huts: Civilisation if Built by Women

The Tough Jobs That Civilisation is Built Upon

These are jobs that are done overwhelmingly by men. They are tough and dirty jobs — they are Dangerous jobs. Women as a rule do not choose to do these jobs, but without them civilisation as we know it comes screeching to a halt.

What Jobs Do Women Choose?

When women are choosing college majors in preparation for a particular job, they tend to choose non-technical jobs. From their youngest years, girls and women are attracted to people-oriented activities. Boys and men seem drawn to objects and mechanisms — the abstract and the technical.

As a direct result of conscious choices that men and women make, a “wage gap” naturally opens up between the average wages of men and women, overall. The biological and psychological phenomena underlying these divergent choices that men and women make would provide interesting reading — but it wouldn’t be politically correct. 😉

Another Look at Career Choices by Sex
Harvard Business Review

More on career choices of men and women

Women in Engineering

Women are hugely underrepresented in mathematics, in hard sciences that require advanced maths, and in technical areas utilising maths and mathematical intuition on a regular basis — like engineering and technical areas of computer science. Why?

James Damore was fired from Google for putting into a memo documented facts about sex differences that have been known by scientists for many decades. But these are things that one cannot say out loud, and especially not in a widely circulated memo in a totalitarian corporate culture such as Google’s.

When one says that a particular woman is “good at maths,” it is like saying a woman is “good at tennis.” Compared to the upper tier of women, she may be “good at maths” or “good at tennis.” But what about when compared with the upper tier of men?

#1 Woman Serena Williams Could Not Beat a #200 Male Player

A female NPR reporter once made the mistake of suggesting to former champion John McEnroe that Serena Williams may be the best tennis player ever — male or female. McEnroe’s amused response triggered a media firestorm:

In an interview with NPR, McEnroe was asked why he called Williams the best female tennis player, rather than simply the best tennis player. McEnroe seemed confused by the question, and finally replied “Well because if she was in, if she played the men’s circuit she’d be like 700 in the world.” __ Bloomberg

In fact, years ago when the Williams sisters were younger and quicker, they were each beaten soundly by an older male player ranked below 200th. The player, German Karsten Braasch, was drinking beer and smoking cigarettes during changeovers, and treated the whole challenge by the sisters as a lark — which it was.

This discrepancy of aptitude and performance is not only true at elite levels in sports, but across a wide array of human endeavour.

In mathematics, over the several decades that the Fields Medal in mathematics has been given, only one woman has received the award. And even there, the possibility of an element of “affirmative action” cannot be ruled out — given the dominant climate of the times.

While Marie Curie indisputably earned her Nobel Prize in Physics, equal opportunity in physics classrooms and labs in the subsequent 100+ years has not resulted in an equal number of male and female award winners. Quite the opposite.

Women are Relatively AWOL in Dirty Dangerous Jobs and in Top Technical Jobs

Civilisation relies upon the dirty dangerous jobs — such as oilrig workers and powerline repairmen — and on elite level technical jobs — such as pathbreaking engineers, mathematicians, and physicists. Take away the men, and what you are left with is lower and mid level functionaries, journeymen scientists, healthcare workers, bureaucrats, and window-dressers who cannot maintain a high level of technical civilisation — much less advance it. They play an important role in society all around, but they did not create our vital infrastructures and without men they could never maintain it.

Civilisation would collapse, and humans would go back to living in grass huts, like African bushmen.

But That is Not Even the Half of It

As Charles Murray pointed out in his book Human Accomplishment, the enterprise of advancing the state of human civilisation and human existence has long rested predominantly in the hands of men. This is true in the dirty dangerous jobs, the highly technical and abstract professions, and in areas such as music, art, philosophy, literature, exploration, invention, and more. Even in areas such as cooking and clothing design, males often cluster at the top levels of success.

Radical leftist feminists complain about “the glass ceiling” which they claim is keeping women out of top level corporate jobs. But if women are not willing to do the dirty jobs or to put in the tough lonely work required to excel in technical and abstract jobs, what makes these complainers think that very many women are willing to put in the long hours and hard competitive work — year after year after decade — to reach the highest levels of corporate leadership? Top striving men often sacrifice everything — including family and personal relationships — to reach the top. How many women are willing to do the same?

It Comes Down to Testosterone

In an earlier discussion here, we looked at a few of the many important differences in thinking and behaviour that the male hormone testosterone brings about. In fact, testosterone builds the male brain, a significantly different brain than one that is built without high levels of testosterone.

Normal testosterone levels for men: 300 to 1000 ng/dl
Normal testosterone levels for women: 30 to 95 ng/dl


And what are the end results? More Nobel Prizes:

More tough, dirty, dangerous jobs:

More soldiers, sailors, pilots, sea captains, railroad engineers, explorers, inventors, futurists . . .

And yes, more violent criminals. You take the bad with the good. But if you are honest, you will acknowledge the good along with the bad — which is something that radical leftist feminists cannot bring themselves to do, ever.

Being Brave, Strong, Honest, and Loyal

Westerners have allowed radical feminists and postmodernists to get their hands on their boys, and the result has not been pretty. Male virtues are denied and obscured on an everyday, wholesale basis. Male faults are magnified and harped upon constantly — with statistics often being made up to suit a patently false narrative which ends up victimising women and girls almost as much as boys and men.

The proper response is for parents to take their boys (and girls) back from the control of radical social engineers, and to make them both very Dangerous indeed.

This is the message that we have been promoting on The Dangerous Child blog, and coincidentally it is the same message that Professor Jordan Peterson has been stating publicly.

The backlash against the enemies of an abundant and expansive human future has just barely begun. The task is daunting and by no means guaranteed to succeed. But parent by parent, child by child, person by person, we can make ourselves battle worthy in preparation for what must come.

Unless you would rather live in a grass hut.

They did not build it. They could never maintain it. Why do they want so badly to tear it down?

Why Most Women Can’t Engineer

The more gender equality, the fewer women who choose STEM fields: This is exactly the opposite of what the feminist overlords in government, media, and academia constantly proclaim.

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12 Responses to Living in Grass Huts: Civilisation if Built by Women

  1. Name says:

    Its no secret that man are physically stronger. Many of those are manual labor jobs and Its no surprise that women don’t choose those jobs or just aren’t interested in them obviously, but if they had to do them they could (although needing more manpower in some). There is no difference between man or women selling you something or working in office. Reason west differs from Muslim countries which are all major Sh!tholes is because we respect our women.

    • alfin2101 says:

      Yes. Respecting women is key to having a decent civilisation. But respect women with open eyes, without feeling the need to denigrate and oppress men.

      Acknowledging biological differences of brain and body — and tracing out the real world consequences of those differences — would go a long way toward building a more civil society. What we have now is turning into a massive train wreck thanks to a blinded and dumbed down top level stalinist political correctness which denies biology, genetics, and evolution.

      • infowarrior1 says:

        [Admin: Females deserve no more and no less respect than males. Persons earn respect based upon personal competence. That is fundamental to the creation of a decent society.]

        I do not disagree. However I did take issue that complex societies more sophisticated than the Islamic shitholes we are aware of requires the respect of human dignity as he suggests in their treatment of women and other low status human beings to exist. Those civilizations may certainly be morally bankrupt in certain ways but it didn’t prevent them from being great as in the cases of Ancient Rome and other civilizations alike.

        They aren’t decent but his reasoning is not supported by historical evidence.

    • infowarrior1 says:

      ”Reason west differs from Muslim countries which are all major Sh!tholes is because we respect our women.”

      We shouldn’t respect women. We should treat them with minimum human dignity however they must earn our respect.

      And I disagree that “disrespect of women” actually makes a country a shithole evidenced by every other civilization other than Muslims countries predating our own.

      [Admin: Females deserve no more and no less respect than males. Persons earn respect based upon personal competence. That is fundamental to the creation of a decent society.]

  2. infowarrior1 says:

    Failure to hold women accountable and being intolerant of feminists lead to this. They simply didn’t take the threat seriously enough and so we are where we are today.

    • alfin2101 says:

      Maybe. But it is what we do now that counts.

    • Name says:

      Here in Eastern Europe we don’t have any problems like cucked west. Also More white women voted trump, more women voted Le Pen then man in France and in brexit it was identical. Its not women who singed 1965 migration act and let in immigrants, its mostly man that had power in politics.
      Macron = man
      Swedish PM = man
      Tony blair = man
      Etc… Europe,Japan, west are top places to live. With those views on women you are free to move to Afghanistan or Pakistan i hear your views would fit right in.
      My definition on MGTOW-s

  3. JerryO says:

    This site is phenomenal!!!! Overall best articles on the web. Fact-based,but not afraid to hurt pols or ppls feelings. Excellent work!!

  4. Hell_Is_Like_Newark says:

    Women do however tend to dominate in life sciences (most of your veterinarians are now women) and as laboratory technicians (personal observation.. my job takes me into a lot of labs).

  5. Cecil Henry says:

    Why do they want to tear it down??


    That’s the short answer.

    This is what you get when you virtue signal, pretend there is equality, and let women and envy rule your decisions.

    YOu get death. And then the parasites run away to do it AGAIN elsewhere.

    Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.

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