You Say Wakanda; I See Zimbabwe

Wakanda: African Shangrila, Utopian Fantasy
Source: Marvel Studios

A recently released Marvel Comics fantasy film, Black Panther, is experiencing a brisk box office trade. By all accounts it is a rousing action film, with colorful costumes and striking computer special effects.

But something interesting is happening in the background of the Black Panther phenomenon which strikes me as particularly sad. People seem to be confusing the fantasy hype and hysteria contained within the plot of the film for the real world. In fact, one of the actors in the film says that the fantasy film actually proves that African people built the pyramids! Presumably the movie also proves that black Africans traveled to outer space for millions of years before the evil Arab slave traders and white colonizers came to subdue and oppress the dark continent.

Nice Fantasy, But in the Real World: Haiti and Zimbabwe

The realities of Haiti and Zimbabwe clash with the fantasy of Wakanda, but that is the difference between reality and fantasy. They clash. In fact, the reason people invent fantasy in the first place is that there is something they do not like about reality. Thus the pretense of utopias that could have never existed.

… no one will talk about the painful fact that most African and Caribbean nations have either failed or are about to collapse.

___ Chigozi Obioma

Between 2/3 and 3/4 of the world’s poorest nations are located in sub Saharan Africa or are largely populated by blacks of African descent.

Blame Everybody But Yourself for Your Problems

Along with the wildly fantastic and utopian themes of Marvel’s Wakanda, are the parallel plot-driving theories of whole-spun racial victimology and a failure to recognise a wide range of well-documented biological and social reasons for the blindingly obvious statistical social stratification by race — in virtually all societies in the world. Most of those reasons have nothing to do with racial prejudice or bigotry — except perhaps a self-victimising internal bigotry within the black community itself.

Colin Powell Highlights a Tragic Problem in the Community

Speaking to “the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Avoice Heritage Celebration recognizing African-American veterans,” General Powell lamented the inability of most of the community’s young people to qualify for the armed services today.

“They can’t get through the basic exam that we give them. Now, c’mon, it’s not that hard of a test, but even high school kids who graduated high school can’t get through this exam. Secondly, criminal records; third, drug use; and fourth, obesity. And if you are very obese the army doesn’t want that medical problem, rightly. So we still get the number we need but it is pretty shocking that only 25 percent of our young people are eligible for service,” he said.

“This reflects a lot of problems we are having in our communities with nutrition, healthcare, education and teaching something I was taught when I was a child – how to mind people, mind your mom, mind your school,” he added. “If I had ever come home and said, ‘I don’t like school. I want to drop out,’ they would have dropped me out. ‘We’ll go get us another kid, we don’t need you.’ We’ve got to restore that sense of discipline, that sense of responsibility in our young people. We have a lot of problems in our communities and young people are not doing what they need to do to be successful in life.” __ Colin Powell

High schools with large numbers of black students too often host school-wide riots, rather than focusing on building foundations of knowledge and self-discipline. Instead of teaching students to think, read, write, have a sense of history, and do basic maths, a dysfunctional and destructive curriculum of “social justice” is forced on the clueless young. Under the black flag of “social justice,” the plight of “victim groups” can only get worse.

This is not the way to build strong communities or a strong society. But it is certainly the way to tear a formerly strong society down — and foment violent divisions between government-approved groupings of citizens.

Gun Control Laws Unexpectedly(!) Victimise Minorities

In the aftermath of a tragic school shooting in a “gun-free zone” Florida high school, social justice warriors inside and outside of media, government, and academia are clamoring for much stricter gun control laws.

What groups are most likely to be imprisoned merely for possession of firearms under stricter legislation? The same groups who are overwhelmingly imprisoned for possession of drugs.

… Fiscal Year 2011, 49.6% of those sentenced to federal incarceration with a primary offense of firearms violations were black, 20.6% were Hispanic, and only 27.5% were white. __

Yet More Badly Written Laws Are No Solution

Not surprisingly, in places with even stricter gun control laws than in the US, mass public shootings still occur.

These public shootings seem to always take place in locations where normal citizens are not legally allowed to defend themselves with firearms. Remember: When seconds count, the police are only minutes away! If ordinary people are not allowed to defend themselves, body counts tend to rise inexcusably.

Many European countries have higher death rates in mass public shootings

The Only Path to Freedom is to Face Reality and Deal

Fantasy has always been one of the most popular paths to feeling good, despite living under poor conditions. As long as the fantasies are largely peaceful — or at least do not lead to violent acts — the only harm is keeping the people down by not allowing them to get strong enough to deal with reality.

But if the fantasies promote violence — which many of the fantasies of post-modern social justice warriors are apt to do — people need to take a very hard and close look at them. A good first step is to stop pretending that people who are promoting racial violence should be given a free pass, for reasons of . . . social justice!

Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

Under US President Obama, US gun sales experienced a dramatic upsurge. The reasons for this sales boost were fairly obvious, given Obama’s anti second amendment constituency. Expect more of the same as long as attacks on second amendment rights continue by people who fail to comprehend reality.

It is never too late for a Dangerous Childhood.

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