Take Time to Meet Your Overlords

Masters of Media, the University, and Society at Large

Given how much control these people exert over every area of society — from government to corporations to religion to education — it is worth a few hours of your time to acquaint yourself with society’s overlords in residence. Philosophy professor Stephen Hicks has detailed the pathological ideology that rules the modern west in his book, “Explaining Postmodernism.” You can download the book free in various formats from the preceding link.

The book is available for listening on Youtube as an audiobook, both in chapter form and as the entire book in one audio-vid:

The book is a useful overview of philosophy leading up to postmodernism, as well as a valuable expose of the postmodernist agenda. After reading this, you will understand the low-rent ideology that drives the postmodern agenda better than its own practitioners.

Why Should You Care?

If you are not troubled by the ongoing descent into nihilism and philosophical intolerance that troubles today’s universities, media outlets, government bureaucracies, and corporate human resource offices, then you have no reason to be concerned. In such a case you are unlikely to have children in the first place — but certainly if you do have children you will be sure to raise them to be as unconcerned about the reigning groupthink intolerance as you are.

But growing numbers of people are beginning to question whether human ancestors went through all of that evolutionary toil just to make their brains a vestigial organ, to be checked at the door of current postmodern institutions across society.

If you are one of those newly concerned humans, perhaps it will be worth your while to know your enemy — the nihilists who stand opposed to an expansive and abundant human future.

Jordan Peterson of the University of Toronto is another academic with some cautionary words to those who might fall under the spell of postmodern nihilism. Here is a talk Peterson gave at Harvard spelling out the problems inherent in this pathological ideology of our overlords:

If you are a university student — or perhaps the parent of someone who is or may soon be a university student — this is a discussion worth paying attention to. But sadly, the overlords of nihilism also have a firm grip on government and private schools at all levels, as well as being in virtual control of many corporate human resources offices — in control of hiring and firing of employees.

Even if you start your own business, you will need to be concerned about postmodern nihilism in terms of ideologically driven government oversight, ideologically overloaded prospective employees, and ideologically driven lobbies and interest groups that may be capable of shutting down your business or project, on a whim — at any time.

US Citizens Can Thank Presidents Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama

Clinton and Obama helped to expedite the placement of postmodern ideologues in high places of government, education, and media — where they could do as much damage as possible. They also put in place strong governmental incentives to force corporations to toe the line of the overlord’s ideology.

The two Bush presidents were merely weak and oblivious to the threat, and failed to do anything substantive to head it off.

President Trump has a more checkered record on this issue, but his cabinet is at least trying to reduce the vile influence of postmodern fascism on education and on some departments of the federal government. Certainly Trump has pushed back strongly against the anti-freedom and quasi-nihilist monoculture that rules most of the American media.

The Rot is Deep and Destructive

It will be up to parents and other concerned parties to train and raise new generations of children in such a way as to be inoculated against the postmodern groupthink ideology. Step one in the inoculation process is understanding the disease and learning to recognise its signs and symptoms.

Too many members of earlier youth cohorts have had their capacity to think independently destroyed by the groupthink rot of postmodern thought, without having been prepared in advance. There is no longer any excuse for such naive vulnerability in newer generations.

As mentioned above, it is time to know your enemy, and to begin devising strategies to take away the overlords’ ability to destroy young minds, to remove their power to obliterate the human future.

The Toxic Spew From the Overlords is Not the Biggest Problem They Pose

The biggest problem posed by these overlords of intolerance and nihilism is that every one of you is forced to pay to support these overlords financially, through taxation and through ordinary commerce — such as when you are forced to use Google or other similarly infested corporations to do ordinary research or business. And many of you are forced into silence — or even forced to give lip service virtue signaling to the slime — just to get and keep your jobs, friends, and close relationships with many family members.

Shine a disinfecting light on this blight.

It is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood.

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