Mike and Jordan: Unlikeliest Revolutionaries

Mike Rowe and Jordan Peterson are two of the unlikeliest revolutionaries that you can meet. Both born into relatively humble circumstances, each followed diverse and unlikely paths to become North American icons-in-revolt against the modern tyranny of incompetence — especially the destructive incompetence displayed in the “university perversion.”

Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe worked many humble jobs before getting his break in the entertainment industry as an opera singer. From there he became a TV host on a number of different types of television venues. He is most famous for his work on “Dirty Jobs,” a reality TV show that formerly aired on Discovery Channel television. On that popular show he visited hundreds of small private businesses that performed work from pumping septic tanks to neutering male lambs.

Mike would become known as “the dirtiest man on TV.” He traveled to all 50 states and completed 300 different jobs, transforming cable television into a landscape of swamps, sewers, ice roads, coal mines, oil derricks, crab boats, hillbillies, and lumberjack camps. For this, he has received both the credit and the blame. __ About Mike Rowe

After several seasons, the show was cancelled and Mike Rowe decided to go full-time in promoting the skilled trades — where millions of jobs are available but go unfilled every year. The mikeroweWorks foundation promotes the skilled trades and provides scholarships to students who pursue the trades.

Now, Mike Rowe works hard to convince young people — especially young men — of the largely unheralded benefits of bypassing an expensive and uncertain college education so as to discover work that is potentially more lucrative, rewarding — and certainly more immediate — with much less debt. At the same time he works with corporate, education, and government entities in the attempt to bring the focus of training and education back to a more balanced perspective — and away from the ruinously destructive “college for all” attitude that has seduced so much of the culture to the tune of $1.3 trillion in college loan debt, and a skills gap that threatens to cripple even the best attempts to re-vitalise North American economies.

Make no mistake, Mike Rowe is a revolutionary promoting a saner, a more skilled, less indebted, and a less credential-overloaded society. Making young people more independent, competent, and prosperous is in these days a truly revolutionary pursuit.

Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson was raised in the middle of small-town Alberta, worked a number of humble jobs in his youth, and began his college studies in political science — hoping to be able to make the world a better place via politics. He soon discovered that if he was going to make the world a better place, he would need to help individual people find their ways to being better people. To that end he pursued graduate studies in psychology at McGill, taught and researched at Harvard, then became a full time professor of psychology at U. of Toronto.

His 15 year research into a deep understanding of the roots of human longing, misery, meaning, and satisfaction, culminated in his first book, Maps of Meaning. His lecture series, Maps of Meaning, is available for free viewing anytime on YouTube.

If not for the ill-advised Bill C-16 amendment to the Canadian Human Rights Act — which mandates permissible speech in an arbitrary manner with potentially draconian punishments if not followed — Professor Peterson would likely have finished his career without significant controversy or fame. In September of 2016, Peterson began speaking out against this unprecedented perversion of English Common Law in a series of videotapes. The rest is history.

Jordan Peterson was catapulted into the awareness of the global public at large, by viral YouTube videos showing him confront social justice warrior protests, by his interviews with YouTube hosts Joe Rogan and Dave Rubin, and especially by his masterful interview on UK Channel 4 featuring feminist host Cathy Newman.

His recent book 12 Rules for Life has been a bestseller for several weeks now, and his world speaking tour appearances sell out almost as quickly as ticket sales are announced.

Why is Peterson a Revolutionary?

The video above provides some hints as to how Jordan Peterson is beginning to use his newly-broadened voice to convince young people to reject the dominant politically correct indoctrination so commonly found at universities, and choose the path of personal integrity and growth, using independent thought to discover their own personal ways to change themselves first — and then to make the world better.

Jordan Peterson — like the true clinical psychologist that he is — is working to help individuals to gain personal wisdom and strength. From there, they can move into the larger world to have a more benevolent influence than they would have had otherwise.

Make no mistake, this type of thinking is truly revolutionary, and is seen as such by leftist institutions in media, government, university, and beyond. The broader hearing such a message receives, the potentially greater an impact Peterson can have against the radical leftist crusade of death.

Both Rowe and Peterson are Revolutionaries — Each in His Own Way

By pointing to alternative paths through life than mainstream conformity, both Rowe and Peterson point young people toward more authentic and rewarding lives. To the vicious overlords of the toxic left, that represents heretical revolution.

If you personally would like to see a more expansive and abundant human future, there are many ways you can have a profound impact in the fight against the die-off mentality of the modern left — from opposing the climate apocalypse cult to disrupting anti-western “multiculturalists” to triggering the “equity fanatics” to active opposition of every other toxic tentacle of the deadly hydra.

Consider VHEMT:

The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (VHEMT[A]) is an environmental movement that calls for all people to abstain from reproduction to cause the gradual voluntary extinction of humankind. _VHEMT

VHEMT represents what most of the various aspects of the radical left is aiming for — it is simply more honest about it than most activists, politicians, media celebrities, academics, financiers, and other largely behind-the-scenes operatives of the radical left.

Fighting VHEMT is easy — encourage young people to develop themselves from an early age, to achieve personal and financial independence, and to find reliable and loyal partners to raise large and Dangerous families.

In fact, that approach to changing the world will work on many of the battlegrounds on which human optimists find themselves facing the die-off mentality of the left.

Other, more covert approaches can be discussed in a more private setting. Above all, abstain from violence, outright lies, and destructive action and rhetoric — if at all possible. When faced by an angry mob of Antifa mobsters wielding chains, bats, and pepper spray, survival is paramount.

First, work on yourself. If you want to participate effectively in the revolution, you will need to understand yourself as deeply as possible. Be authentic, find as many ways to be true to yourself and those close to you, as possible. Make yourself very Dangerous.

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