First Blood: Sam Harris Confronts the Echo Choir

First Blood: In Which Sam Harris Offends Ezra Klein

As long as author and provocateur Sam Harris only attacked Christians, violent Muslims, and Donald Trump, he was mostly left alone by the curtained overlords of politically correct public discourse.

But now that Harris has begun discussing the taboo topic of “race and IQ,” he is coming face to face with the dark side of the far left echo choir, which has controlled most public conversation in the US since at least the 1990s. Harris made the “mistake” of holding an honest and respectful dialogue with Charles Murray, author of the controversial book of scholarship, “The Bell Curve.”

In this case, the particular echo choir tenor to attack Harris is Ezra Klein of Vox. When the echo choir attacks someone, unless the target immediately submits and recants, the choir aims to destroy the person body and soul.

Sam Harris is bright and coherent, but he is naive. Harris himself wields a cutting and sarcastic voice against many targets, but most of them are relatively soft targets, or otherwise not likely to retaliate. But when he opens an honest — though very mild and timid — discussion of scientific evidence into links between race and IQ, he unwittingly confronts an altogether different animal, one that will do anything at all to destroy its opponents.

Since the Vox hit the fan, Harris has tried to carry on an open and honest dialogue with Journolist founder Ezra Klein, but if Sam had done his homework on Klein and his fellow echo choir singers — and the underlying movement which Ezra Klein battles for — he would never expect a good faith interaction with Klein on any topic that touches upon the dogma of the radical left.

Discussions of Race and IQ Reach the NYT OpEd Page

Perhaps partially because Sam Harris opened the door by his willingness to speak with Charles Murray, Scientist David Reich recently published an op-ed on the topic of genetics and race in the New York Times.

A recent study led by the economist Daniel Benjamin compiled information on the number of years of education from more than 400,000 people, almost all of whom were of European ancestry. After controlling for differences in socioeconomic background, he and his colleagues identified 74 genetic variations that are over-represented in genes known to be important in neurological development, each of which is incontrovertibly more common in Europeans with more years of education than in Europeans with fewer years of education. __ David Reich in NYT

Notice that the Harvard geneticist Reich is focusing more on genes, rather than race, and his short piece is full of leftist virtue signaling to prevent any blue on blue friendly fire. But Ezra Klein the journolister cannot allow any honest objectivity at all to enter into the discussion, and must always go full-pit bull savagery when “principles are at stake.”

Ezra Klein himself has been taken to task for his patent dishonesty and disingenuousness on this topic, but Klein has the cover of the entire radical left talking point journolist to cover his back.

Andrew Sullivan is another writer who has weighed in on the discussion in favour of greater openness and less censorship. But the echo choir will have none of that, if the comments following Sullivan’s piece are any indication.

The Left Cannot Afford Any Heretical Dissent At All

Anyone who breaks with the radical left’s talking points — in all their changing tortuosity — will be broken and ruined, if at all possible. Even if — as in Orwell’s 1984 — the sacred dogma changes from day to day, from moment to moment, any divergence from the dogma can result in severe penalties including outright blackballing and blacklisting. Careers are often ruined, sometimes with deadly outcomes. But the radical left journolisters could not care less about the unfortunate outcomes of their malicious, dishonest, and totally orchestrated attacks.

And That is Why Sam Harris is Bleeding First Blood

Until Harris wakes up to the true nature of the battle he has unwittingly found himself fighting in, he will be at a deadly disadvantage. If he believes his honest adherence to the rules of evidence and logic will earn him good faith treatment from Ezra Klein and the echo choir singers and journolist cabal, he is sadly mistaken.

These people will fight a malicious, totally scripted fight to take him down — unless he recants, and begins virtue signaling once again to the satisfaction of the overlords and gatekeepers.

Jordan Peterson is Thriving So Far Despite the Cabal

Sam Harris has some fundamental disagreements with Jordan Peterson on topics of evidence and truth, but thanks to Harris’ opening of a new round of public discussions on race and IQ, he finds himself on the same side of the echo choir’s attack as Peterson.

It is interesting that Sam Harris is scheduled to appear with Jordan Peterson on at least 2 or 3 occasions during Peterson’s ongoing world tour throughout this spring and summer. Perhaps Jordan can share a few secrets with Sam on how to thrive despite (or because of) attacks from radical leftists. One of the first things Sam might do is to lose his virginal naivety, stop whining about being treated unfairly by clearly dishonest leftists, and to understand how seriously he has gotten himself enmeshed in this particular battle of the long culture war. He crossed the Rubicon for reasons of his own, and he needs to learn how to move on from there as a man.


Sam Harris’ Personal Growth

It was a different Sam Harris who hosted Charles Murray on that fateful podcast. In the prelude, Harris mentions that despite his reluctance to open the Pandora’s box of race and IQ, he felt compelled to do so at the sight of the violent mob attack against Charles Murray at Middlebury College.

Previously, Sam Harris had seemingly relied on a smirking, arrogant, cavalier attack on any person or idea that took his (anti-) fancy. This more thoughtful Sam Harris who speaks with Charles Murray — and who will also hopefully show up on Jordan Peterson’s world tour — is a more sympathetic character, capable of attracting a broader following than he has managed up to this point.

Watch and learn.

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4 Responses to First Blood: Sam Harris Confronts the Echo Choir

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  2. millermp1 says:

    “Perhaps partially because Sam Harris opened the door by his willingness to speak with Charles Murray”

    That may be why, but David Reich and others smart enough to know can see the End Game on the question of human population genetics. You can sense in their pleas to their ideological brethren to chill a bit on the witch burnings that it’s not because of any moral compunction but because soon there will be hell to pay.

    They (naively) hope for a soft landing and that, if we have a moratorium on the deplatforming, denunciations, and struggle sessions, memories will fade and that our Inquisitors will be able to make some plausible denials and disavowals and everything will go on more or less as before (at least for those not already stacked in charnel house of witch corpses).

  3. A few nitpicks.

    Harris has been under attack from the Left for years over Islam, Islam and….Islam (Chris Hedges; Greenwald; Alternet; Salon and the Guardian. Apparently, the NYT refused to publish his pieces about Islam. Finally, he has incurred death threats over Islam. He also owns two guns which made the Left angry.)

    He made an indirect, ethical case for torture; a case for profiling Muslims and Blacks and supports Israel over the Pals. So he has been deemed a violent racist for years.

    Nevertheless, he is an incorrigible liberal. His political and historical understanding is weak. He really needs some political red-pilling.

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