Forced Sterilisation of African Women: Can We Stop It in Time?

If the people of one continent of Earth continue to pursue exponential population growth over the next century, the population of the planet could easily double or even triple. Radical environmentalists are feeling increasingly threatened by the inability of African populations to reduce their growth rates, although so far they are largely prevented by political correctness from mentioning their growing alarm thru public channels.

Most of the world’s nations are experiencing drops in population growth. Africa is different, and for some reason population growth rates have increased in Africa — rather than decrease. Brian Wang’s Nextbigfuture website sounds the warning over recent increases for population growth in Africa.

Africa’s population growth rate has not declined since 1955.

The annual population growth rate increased from 2.22% in 1955 to 2.85% in 1985.
Then it went down to 2.47% in 2000 but then went back up to 2.60% in 2010-2015 and is now at 2.52%.

There is no firmly established downward trend in population growth in Africa. __ NextBigFuture

Exponential growth of animal populations tends to reach an upper limit set by limited food supplies or other environmental factors. Human ingenuity in populations of Europe, the Anglosphere, East Asia, and South Asia have allowed humans to surmount prior Malthusian limits to growth, so far.

But such populations have voluntarily limited their own population growth at more stable levels, making it easier to provide their people with a prosperous lifestyle. Nations of Africa and other nations such as Pakistan, have not shown a capacity for such self-limitation.

In most countries [of Africa], the population growth is in excess of 2% every year.

In addition, there is a high proportion of younger people within the Africa population as a whole, with reports that 41% of the African population is under the age of 15. __ World Population Review

Africa is a special case, in that African populations themselves have not been the source for the ingenious improvements in food production, health care, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, transportation, communication, energy, logistics, and other technologies which allowed populations around the world to leap over earlier barriers to human population growth. In other words, Africa’s populations are being allowed to grow because their countries are recipients of abundant aide and technology transfer from more advanced parts of the world.

Other Populations Of the World are Experiencing Much Lower Growth

In other parts of the world, young women have the freedom and the will to have fewer children than their mothers and grandmothers may have had. This is due to improved education for women and a proliferation of career paths — along with improved choices for birth control. In addition, cultural changes have channeled more women away from traditional lives toward more materialistic and hedonistic lifestyles which leave much less room and time for children.

In Africa, by contrast, lifestyle choices of girls and women are more limited. There are many reasons for this radical difference of trends in personal choices by females of different continents, but the outcome is exponential population growth for Africa, and stable population levels for most of the rest of the world.

Can Radical Environmentalists Be Stopped from Forcibly Sterilising African Women?

Radical green environmentalists understand what is happening — although they cannot publicly express their concerns or discuss their plans for dealing with what they see as a looming crisis for mother Gaia. A more covert approach is therefore necessary for them. How might they try to proceed?

A Playbook from “Tuf Voyaging”

In the science fiction novel “Tuf Voyaging” by George R. R. Martin, the protagonist finds himself forced to solve a similar problem for an entire planet whose population is growing exponentially — causing a deadly threat to the people of nearby planets.

His solution was “manna from heaven:”

S’uthlam’s population problem remains, worse than ever, as Tuf’s innovations from his previous visit were not maximally used. Its society is beginning to break down and either a terrible war or utter social collapse seems likely. Tuf labors to find a solution, and calls a meeting of all the worlds about to clash. He presents to them his solution: an edible, mildly addictive plant called “manna”, which will freely grow everywhere on S’uthlam and eliminate its hunger problems. After some arm-twisting, in which Tuf threatens to use the military might of his seedship against anyone who refuses, the hostile worlds agree to an armistice. Tuf later tells a horrified Mune that the manna will indeed feed her people, but will also inhibit the libidos of the S’uthlamese and cause widespread, but not universal, infertility. He leaves Mune to make a momentous decision for S’uthlam; it is implied that she accepts the provision of manna to forestall war and famine. __ Tuf Voyaging (Wikipedia)

It is easy to imagine something similar being done using vaccines from the UN, medicines supplied by NGOs, or using food aid from China or Germany. If environmentalist greens see the choice as being between global ruin and the distasteful use of involuntary sterilisation, it should be obvious which choice the greens of VHEMT,, and other radical left environmentalist ideological foundations would likely make.

Why Do African Women Follow a Different Path?

Left wing radical environmentalists would likely act in more humane ways toward Africa in the future, if they were somehow able to influence African women to follow the path of reduced birthrates that is being followed by the women of most of the rest of the world. But despite much effort and work by UN agencies, NGOs, and global foundations and charitable groups, women in Africa are different than their sisters elsewhere, for some reason.

Could Low Population IQs Influence Life Choices?

The lower a person’s IQ, the fewer choices she may have in terms of education, career, and lifestyle. Average population IQ levels in sub Saharan Africa range between roughly 65 and 75 IQ points, by most estimates. Such persons are limited to simple tasks and occupations. There is no way that populations with such low average IQs could — on their own — build and maintain the advanced infrastructures on which more advanced societies rely.

This is why the Chinese build advanced railways in Africa, and the Russians say they will build nuclear power plants there — but without constant maintenance and support by outsiders, such advanced infrastructures will inevitably collapse. In the case of nuclear power plants, such a collapse would have long-lasting and unfortunate consequences.

What is the Best Way to Proceed?

One of the goals of the radical left green environmentalist movement has long been a radical dieoff of humans around the world. One of the quickest paths to such a dieoff would be to make hydrocarbon fuels inaccessible to most human populations. Without access to abundant and affordable hydrocarbons, virtually all populations of Earth would experience a rapid dieoff.

The reason for such a dieoff is that the planetary carrying capacity for the human species depends critically upon energy for agriculture, transportation, logistics, communications, chemical production, heating/cooling/refrigeration, pharmaceuticals, and several other critical infrastructures.

This helps to explain much of the radical left’s actions taken under the false flags of “climate change” and other related ginned-up crusades to “save the planet.”

Understanding the goals of the left is one of the first steps necessary to confront the problem of the likely hysterical and inhumane actions that will be taken by groups and persons following such an ideology.

Next, we must understand “carrying capacity,” and what it means for the diverse evolved populations of Earth and their futures.

Advanced populations that generate greater prosperity and ingenuity will necessarily reach higher “carrying capacities” for their portions of the planet, than less advanced populations. It is important that each evolved population group be allowed to rise to its own distinct “carrying capacity.”

In the case of Africa, populations have been pushed far above carrying capacities by constant outside assistance in the form of vaccines, medications, food, infrastructure construction & maintenance, and other forms of aide.

If African populations fell within stable and manageable levels, such outside aide would not be a problem — despite the induced helplessness which they create within recipient populations. If populations are artificially held at a higher carrying capacity than they could sustain for themselves, a severe letdown is inevitable sometime in the future.

The people of Europe, in particular, should ask themselves whether they wish to allow Africans to “reach their own level” now, or whether Europe would be better off to relax their assistance after African populations have doubled or tripled?

There is No Reason for Leftist Forced Sterilisation

When leftists of the 1900s promoted forced sterilisation for persons of low intelligence, they were considered progressive and advanced in their thinking by the leading intellectuals of their day. But since the days of the National Socialists of Germany in the 1930s and 1940s, such forced approaches to population change have been frowned upon.

But that will be no problem, since radical leftists have control of the echo choirs of modern media, academia, government, Hollywood, foundations, NGOs, activist groups, Silicon Valley, and environmental organisations. Whatever inhumane path they choose, the loudspeakers of dominant leftist culture will certainly back them up.

The Problem in Africa is Real, but a Leftist Engineered Dieoff is not the Answer

Humane individuals who have chosen to leave the left for reasons such as those mentioned above, will understand the need to develop better solutions which will not lead to a leftist designed holocaust — but will also not leave Europe submerged beneath a tsunami of “low carrying capacity immigrants.”

This involves treading a treacherous middle ground in order to achieve a robust and sustainable humane solution. Can it be done? Time will tell.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. It is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood.

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