What to Eat When All the Food is Gone

After TSHTF, most stored food supplies will rapidly dwindle and vanish. Livestock will be quickly butchered and eaten — although without freezers and food preservation skills, most of the meat will be wasted. Wild game will quickly disappear, and most people cannot distinguish safe plants and mushrooms. What will you eat when the easy food is gone?

A few suggestions:

  1. Grasshoppers and Crickets
  2. Ants
  3. Termites
  4. Grubs
  5. Potato Bug
  6. Earthworms (Cook before eating)
  7. Stinkbugs
  8. Scorpions (Best eaten dead)
  9. __ 8 Edible Survival Bugs

The gourmet bug eater’s guide

Eating bugs–or at least products made from bugs–has been growing in popularity. For a few years, it’s been possible to buy cricket snacks such as protein bars made with cricket flour or cricket chips (like Chirps) at some grocery stores or online. But for insect food to fulfill its sustainable promise of supplying protein without the massive carbon and land footprint of beef, it will have to be much more widely available, and more affordable. __ FastCompany

You may need to adjust your present concept of “food.”

Crickets, fruit flies, grasshoppers, and mealworms are all being cultivated for use in consumer food products. Grasshopper farms like Israel’s Hargol says they are racing to increase the production capacity of their operations as demand for this alternative protein is higher than current supply. __ Insect Farm Startups

Insects Make Good Livestock Feed Too

This insect feed powder “smells like roasted peanuts:”

Enterra Feed, one of an emerging crop of insect growers, will process the bugs into protein-rich food for fish, poultry – even pets. After being fattened up, the fly larvae will be roasted, dried and bagged or pressed to extract oils, then milled into a brown powder that smells like roasted peanuts. __ Reuters

Hamburger superstar McDonald’s is investigating putting insect protein into its chicken feed, to provide a more natural alternative to soy protein. Chickens seem to enjoy eating insects, and humans certainly seem to enjoy eating chickens.

One way or another humans will soon be eating a lot more insects — either directly, or via insect-fed livestock such as chicken, cattle, and fish.

Insects are a natural diet for many fish [and chicken] but can also provide the high levels of protein livestock farmers want for their cattle to promote animal growth. __ agfundernews

The Trend Toward Eating Insects is Clear for Man and Beast

After TSHTF you may need to learn to catch insects. Sooner or later, you will get tired of having to catch them. Most foods are not available all year round in the wild. You will want to learn to grow them yourself.

Since the dawn of man, insects and their tiny relatives have been eating humans and sucking their blood. It is time for humans to return the favour, and begin eating insects and other rapidly proliferating small animals. They are nutritional, and can be grown quickly and readily just about anywhere.

There is no need to wait until TSHTF to savour these naughty little delicacies, although you certainly may wait if you wish. But do not wait to learn the skills of growing these tiny nutritious treats, and cultivating the secrets of preparing them in an appetizing manner.

Insect Farming (Wikipedia)

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