You Can’t Have My Car, But I Can Spare You a Few Bullets

56% of carjackers were identified by victims as black, 21% white, 16% Asian or Native American, and 7% mixed race or unknown.[20] Some 93% of carjackings occurred in urban areas.[20][21] __ Wikipedia “Carjacking”

In Some Locations, Carjacking is a Popular Crime

In Walmart parking lots, for example, carjacking is becoming something of a spectator sport. Two days ago in a Walmart parking lot in Tumwater, Washington, a lone man went on a carjack/shooting spree — finally being shot dead by an armed civilian bystander.

The Thurston County Coroner’s Office on Monday identified the dead carjack suspect as Tim Day, 44, of McCleary, Grays Harbor County. Day has a criminal history, including violations of a domestic-violence protection order, felony assault and making death threats. __ Seattle Times

Mr. Day had already carjacked one vehicle that day, then critically injured a man in the attempted carjacking of a second vehicle, and finally was shot dead in his final attempt that day — the third carjacking attempt being the “charm.” He had also fired shots inside the Walmart store, before firing random shots into parked vehicles outside. In other words, Mr. Day was likely drunk, belligerent, and in search of a reckoning.

Parking lots, shopping centres, and petrol stations are popular carjack locations — with Walmarts being among the most common targets.

A Few Walmart Carjackings in Recent Years

Granite City, Illinois 13March 2018

Lauderdale Lakes, Florida 15January 2018

Bainbridge, Georgia 17November 2017

Greensburg, Pennsylvania 2016

Kenner, Louisiana 2016

Leesburg, Florida 2015

And so on . . .

Situational Awareness plus Rapid Reaction are Key

Carjackings are obviously “crimes of opportunity.” If the perpetrator can sense when an opportunity arises, then so should you. Be particularly alert in the types of public places where carjackings are most common. But you can also be carjacked in your own neighborhood, so be aware.

Among Some Populations, Carjacking is Done for Fun

Johnson noted an incident in which a police officer was carjacked on a Friday by a group of juveniles, who were locked up overnight, appeared before a judge the next day and were immediately released to their parents. Within 48 hours, one of the offenders was arrested for another carjacking. “The current catch-and-release system isn’t working,” Johnson said. “The victims are begging me to do something.” __ Chicago Under Siege

Carjackings are particularly popular in Detroit, and in South Africa.

In the US, both open carry and concealed carry of firearms among civilians are becoming more common. This makes the practise of violent person-on-person crime a trickier proposition.

Imagine how many schoolchildren — to say nothing of postal workers — might have been saved had employees of schools and postal facilities been both trained and well armed, instead of trapped in gun-free zones.

Are Walmart Parking Lots “Free-fire Zones?”

Probably not yet, although a touch of caution might be warranted. Consider whether that particular trip to Walmart is truly necessary before jumping into your car. If so, consider a spare magazine.

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