Surge of Americans Renouncing US Citizenship

It seemed like there was exponential growth in the number of expatriates from 2008 until the end of 2016. However, the numbers seem to be leveling off, or even dropping. __ Source via TaxProf

A large number of US citizens said that they would reject US citizenship and residency in the US if President Trump was elected in 2016. Here is a short list of celebrities that made such a promise. I am acquainted with several others who made similar claims. Certainly there must have been hundreds of thousands of US citizens who promised to leave the US if Donald Trump became president?

Sure, the list of “celebrities who didn’t leave” above represents a sample of stupid people who think they are smart, who happen to have achieved celebrity status. But now they can also be seen as unreliable, in other words liars. The same can be said for the hundreds of thousands (or millions) of more common folk who say things they are unwilling to back up.

Politics is Ideology; Ideologues are Perpetual Liars

Anyone who actually believes in a particular political ideology, is committing himself to a path of chronic and repetitive dishonesty and a stubborn blindness to the inconvenient realities of the larger world. Making promises or predictions based upon a political ideology reveals either an utter stupidity or a deep and determined ignorance.

In “Philosophy is for Thinkers; Ideology is for Stinkers,” we pointed out the crucial distinctions between ideologies and philosophies. Ideology is a sticky trap that holds its adherents, once caught. Ideology shuts believers away in blinded cages that prevent outside light from getting in. Philosophy welcomes all light, using logical filters to get at what is most true and most probable.

In Europe and the Anglosphere of the modern day, popular news & entertainment media have been taken over by propagandists and ideologues. Unfortunately the same can be said for most educational systems and institutions in the west. This being the case, most of today’s young are unable to distinguish philosophy from ideology, since ideology is the only approach to thought that they have ever known.

It is Never Too Late for a Dangerous Childhood ©

The Dangerous Child Method is one of the few known methods of child-raising which exposes ideology for what it is, from the earliest years of the child’s existence and training. Children learn to think for themselves, which is something that ideologies can never allow them to do, by definition.

Today’s young, on the other hand, are explicitly trained and shaped to fit into the popular herd, like sheep or cattle. The list of “leavers who didn’t leave” above are good examples of people who are both herd-leaders and members of the herd. Dangerous Children can be either wolves or sheepdogs, depending upon what the situation calls for. More

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. The vast numbers of young are being indoctrinated into a dominant ideology of groupthink conformity in the quest for a nonexistent utopia. The entire history of the 20th century reveals where that kind of thinking will take a society, and the world at large.

President Trump is giving the Americans who stayed enough time to make provisions for what is likely to come. Don’t waste it.

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4 Responses to Surge of Americans Renouncing US Citizenship

  1. Someone says:

    This is one of the saddest aspects of America. You are a literal tax slave and Congress does not want to fix it. This was going on a bit in the late 90’s. These are the people we should be wanting to keep here in the US and spending money, investing in new ventures, or having children who will also do the same.

    • alfin2101 says:

      Yet things seemed to have changed somewhat since the 2016 election in terms of emigration rates — in exactly the opposite direction from what our lordly ruling celebrity classes predicted.

      There is a lot going on under the surface that our media personalities do not want to mention, leading to improvements in several economic and employment parameters.

      Don’t trust anything you don’t see with your own eyes, and only half of that. 😉

      • JerryO says:

        Yes, the media wants to keep us razzed-up for a variety of reasons. Mostly click-bait & ratings to sell commercials and so forth. Besides, joe citizen finds financial metrics too mundane for hours-long watching—> celebrity gossip, sports ball, movies, etc, are much more interesting to the average American

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