Donald Trump: China’s Great White Grandfather

“Reagan to Trump: ‘Let me get rid of the Communist Party in Soviet Union first; you find some opportunity to get rid of the CCP in the future.’ Trump to Reagan: ‘OK! Deal!’”

Chuan Da Ye

People in the United States and other Western countries may have called Donald J. Trump a lot of different names, but in China, many people are addressing him as “Chuan Da Ye.”

“Chuan” is the Chinese pronunciation for Trump. “Da” means big or great, and “Ye” means grandfather, grandpa, or more broadly, an elderly male. So “Chuan Da Ye” can be roughly translated as “Powerful Grandpa Trump.”

For people who know the Chinese language well, the words “Da Ye” together carry connotations of affirmation, respect, affection, authority, capability, and more. When people call someone “Da Ye,” it often means that they are willing to follow this person, at least morally. And they would rather side with this man than oppose him. ___ Source

A number of Chinese analysts and intellectuals have recently suggested that Donald Trump holds much the better hand in the ongoing trade negotiations between the US and China. Certainly Mr. Trump himself seems to believe this to be the case. And given the many rabbits that Donald Trump has pulled out of his hat throughout his long and turbulent careers in business, entertainment, and politics, he deserves the benefit of a doubt.

Jin Yan, a Chinese commentator, wrote in an article that since Trump became president, the world had seen changes that haven’t happened since the Cold War.

He thinks that Trump has easily defeated the CCP’s “Hezong” (vertical integration) efforts with his own “Lianheng” (horizontal integration) strategies.

Both “Hezong” and “Lianheng” are very famous Chinese strategies dating back to as early as the Warring States Period (475–221 B.C.). During that time, smaller countries tried to form different alliances to fight together against bigger countries.

Jin thinks that although China wanted to adopt the “Hezong” strategy and form an alliance with Europe to oppose America during the trade war, Trump somehow turned the tables on the Chinese regime and reached a “zero tariffs” and “zero subsidies” understanding with Europe instead. __ ET

The Chinese people have lived and died under the iron boot of Chinese Communist Party oppression for 70 years. Those who care about freedom of expression, religion, or livelihood have few choices — unless they have accumulated enough wealth and connections to flee the country. The idea that an outsider such as Trump may offer them hope is a new concept that will take time to sift through China’s labyrinthine thought channels.

Wang Shan, a Chinese language correspondent for French current affairs radio station RFI, thinks that both Trump’s “enemies” and “friends” have all underestimated him, especially his determination to not let other countries to take advantage of the United States, as well as his determination to end the unfair trade orders formed in the past 30 years. Because of that determination, Trump did things his own way, even while world leaders and media were condemning him, said Wang.

… Tang Hao, a Chinese commentator, thinks that Trump is fighting a “comprehensive war” against the CCP.

“The trade war between the United States and China is not an international trade war as it appears on the surface,” Tang said. “It is, in fact, a war between the nature of the CCP and humanity, and a war between the universal principles of the international world and the CCP’s party culture. __ ET

Like Russians, Muslims, and Africans, the Chinese have never actually lived in an environment free of strong-man control and arbitrary law. The closest they have come to rule of law was in the few periods of certain dynasties where Confucian rules of conduct were closely adhered to by government bureaucracies. But Chinese rulers — like most rulers — do not like having their hands bound by cords of lawful restraint.

And so you have the ongoing destruction of churches in China, and the live vivisection and harvesting of organs for transplant of Falun Gong political/religious prisoners. You have the corrupt state-owned-enterprises that are too big to fail, propped up by shadow banks sucking up the savings of the people and building a teetering debt mountain. You have scum that rises to the top, harboring goals of global domination that represent a sharp departure from anything China has ever attempted.

China Enriched by Corrupt Westerners

Under the EU and the US administrations of Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama, western corporations have enriched and empowered the Chinese Communist Party via copious investment and technology transfer. China has taken blatant advantage of trade with the west to become even wealthier. China is now using that wealth to take over strategic ports in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Greece, and Latin America — among other locations. China is also building a strong next-generation nuclear missile attack force to be launched from land, sea, air, and outer space.

Ignoring the misery of the Chinese people and the future potential catastrophes for the free world that they are nurturing, western corporations continue to transfer the most advanced technologies and huge piles of investment wealth to China.

On Having a Unique Vision

In Donald Trump’s imagination, he does not see a triumphant China dominating the world — harvesting the organs of the free world so to speak. But Trump may be the only one who considers the obvious consequences of clear actions. And he may be the only one with the strength of will to initiate tactics and strategies to oppose the planned rape of the world by the CCP.

Hope for the best, plan for the worst. It is never too late for a Dangerous Childhood © .

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