Who Will Help Russia Build Better?

Russia needs a lot of good men and good weapons to defend its vast and porous borders. Russia is falling behind on both. Who will help Russia to build more and better young men and weapons?

Russia’s New Weapons Do Not Work

Problems with new weapons: Air, Sea, Land

The new weapons often do not work at all and even if they do there is never enough money to produce them in the quantities implied. Russian development and manufacturing efforts are still crippled by shortages of cash and talent…

Government efforts to project the image of a modern, professional and constantly improving armed forces is proving more difficult to sustain…
__ All According to Plan

Tanks, ships, planes — all boldly announced and touted for their new and advanced features. But they cannot be manufactured by the new, crumbling, increasingly unskilled Russian industrial infrastructure.

Problems with selling old weapons in global marketplace

Arms exports are hurtespecially with competitors like China continuing to produce Russian designs more efficiently (more effective, reliable and less costly in the long run). __ Strategy

Ethnic Russians Fading Away…

To defend its vast and porous borders, Russia needs large cohorts of strong healthy men who actually believe in the Russian Empire. But ethnic Russians are fading and being replaced by non-Russians over most of the huge land mass.

Russia 2015 Population Pyramid

Predominantly ethnic Russian regions are far older on average, something that means there are fewer women in the prime child-bearing age cohorts than is the case in the much younger over all populations of these non-Russian regions.

Given that demographic reality, the ethnic Russian regions are likely to experience a continuing decline in population while non-Russian republics in many cases are likely to continue to grow in size absolutely and relatively. __ WOE2

Meanwhile in China, the Warlord Era Approaches

On the Chinese mainland, wealthy and powerful Chinese are not able to maintain their own private armies. But across the spreading overseas empire of Chinese control and influence, private armies are de rigeur.

A firm like Blackwater would not be allowed to operate inside China, as it smacks too much of a private army that could be used against the state. That is something that has happened frequently in Chinese history. But overseas is another matter…

… Building an overseas empire consisting of many outlaw operations, in addition to mostly legitimate ones, puts a lot of Chinese at personal and financial risk. Until recently China had few security companies authorized to work overseas and most of the security firms (about 5,000) in China were doing little beyond providing watchmen (some armed) and bodyguards. Overseas this was inadequate, thus the need for Blackwater-type methods and standards. __ Private Chinese Armies Proliferate

Blackwater China is just the beginning of a massive new growth industry — the private army revolution — among the billionaire Chinese class who are developing the exploding Chinese assets of Africa, Latin America, pan-Asia, and parts of Europe.

Xi is jealous of all Chinese power wherever on the globe that Chinese people exist. But the combination of global capitalism, wealthy Chinese out-migration, and rapid disruptive innovation of technologies — including weapons technologies — means that Xi is limited in control. And whatever Xi does not control he considers to be a threat.

Hence, the coming warlord era, as wealthy Chinese who feel threatened by Xi arm themselves against a dictator who feels threatened by them.

Meanwhile in the Western World “Crying Wolf” is the Fashion

Ever since the election of Donald Trump in 2016, western media from Europe to Latin America to the Anglosphere has been screaming Wolf! at the top of its lungs 24/7 365/yr. The mass hysteria of media, university, and the deep state, has spread to those of limited mental endowment and easy excitability, but over all it is creating an intellectual arena where the public is growing ever hungrier for meaningful discourse — for a change. Hence the intellectual dark web with a popularity that seems to be growing by leaps and bounds.

(For an example, scroll down to Jordan Peterson’s Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube followers)

World Has Never Been Better?

You don’t have to look too far to find negativity these days.

Just watch the news, go on social media, or even have conversations with friends, family members, or co-workers.

You’ll likely hear or read about political instability, natural disasters, murder, disease, or an endless list of bad news you can find 24/7 because of the free flow of information. Every year people label the current year the worst year ever but these people have obviously never read a history book.

I’ve read four books over the past few months that make it clear just how much progress the world has experienced to get to this point (all four books were excellent):

Each of these books methodically goes through the data to show how human ingenuity and innovation have created massive progress around the globe. There is still a lot of work to be done and the world is certainly far from perfect.

___ Read much more: http://awealthofcommonsense.com/2018/04/50-ways-the-world-is-getting-better/

Dictators vs. Rest of World

By trying to hold onto the idea of The Great Russian Empire, Putin is taking Russians down a dark, dead-end road. Fewer people believe in the Russian enterprise every year as the old ones die off and the younger ones are becoming far fewer, less skilled, and weaker in almost every way.

After many thousands of years of inward looking existence, China is finally seeking to assert itself around the world via its OBOR project and other quasi-imperial enterprises. But such an expansion carries the seeds of ultimate collapse, as China’s age-old cycle of expansion-collapse, expansion-collapse, begins to assert itself in earnest as new Chinese centres of power pop up around the world to challenge Beijing. And in reality, China is due for a correction:

China will soon be faced with a massive credit crisis, as it can no longer borrow to prop up its fictitious shell of an economy. Like the Soviet Union and post-Napoleonic France, it will emerge healthy, but economically a third of its former size. __ https://www.tbwns.com/2018/08/13/the-bears-lair-chinas-coming-austrian-collapse/

Meanwhile in the allied western world, the world is getting better in a lot more than 50 ways, for all of the mass hysteria spewing from big media, big university, deep state government, big activism, and dieoff.orgy leftism.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. Make yourself and your clan very Dangerous, so as to be able to move with the changes. Turbulence — but not doom — ahead.

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7 Responses to Who Will Help Russia Build Better?

  1. John Q Public says:


  2. Adam says:

    If social or economical decay happens in Africa it is blamed on the low IQ of Africans. How would you explain the decline of white country (like Russia). Their IQ is around 100.

    • alfin2101 says:

      Consider the different trajectories of East Germany and West Germany after World War II. It was a great experiment in efficacy of different forms of economy and government.

      Have you ever heard how wealthy Hong Kong was compared to mainland China during the 60s and 70s (and 80s)? Much more economic freedom and rule of law in Hong Kong then.

      Or consider South Korea and North Korea since the Korean War. Have you ever seen a night-time photograph from space looking at North Korea as a great blotch of darkness in the middle of a sea of lights provided by surrounding countries? Consider what it means.

      Russia is one great mafiacracy of a pile of corruption. Rich in resources, with ample high-IQ people to build a thriving infrastructure if they were allowed to. You shouldn’t have to ask “what’s wrong with Russia?” if you pay any attention at all.

      Africa is much like Russia in crookedness, except with exceptionally low average population IQs. Corrupt to the core, but with a population not capable of maintaining high technology infrastructure even under the best of circumstances. Russia at least has a chance, under better governance.

      • Adam says:

        Thank you for your reply. I agree with your answer. This is a type of argument that a rabid egalitarians could use – I was just curious how will you handle this.
        If you don’t mind I would love to use this opportunity and ask about something completely different. The other day I was reading the article about the wealthiest people who ever lived. At the top of this list there was a king of West African ’empire’ of Mali, by the name of Mansa Musa. Should I believe it or is it just another ‘we wuz kangz’ Afrocentric delusion. I read about this in multiple sources.

        • alfin2101 says:

          Production of gold was said to be quite high around Timbuktu at that time. Of course all African empires were built on the backs of large numbers of black slaves — considered to be wealth in the same way as oxen, camels, or goats. Rather than taking someone else’s word for trivial comparisons of this type, consider how you yourself would do such a ranking. That would make it more real and meaningful for you.

          Money, Wealth, and Power

          Wealth and money are not necessarily the same, and power is something else yet. A person may have a lot of gold (money) yet not be either wealthy or powerful if he is unable to exchange his money for things of value. A wealthy person may not be powerful or have a lot of liquid cash, but still possess much of value. A powerful person may be relatively poor in terms of both money and wealth, but hold the futures of large numbers of people in his hands nonetheless. It must all be taken together and considered.

          • Adam says:

            Thank you for your answer. Let me expand my question a little bit. During the Black History Month we can learn about remarkable achievements of black people (traffic lights, blood banks etc). I was very sceptical about this extraordinary claims, I considered them a PC propaganda. If you look on-line you can find web pages that debunk those hoaxes. Most of the achievements of blacks in America are just myths. The Afroamericans have an IQ of 85 and Africans around 70. Now, how people with such a low IQ, could build anything? their biggest achievement could be a simple confederation of tribes, not Empires. I refuse to believe in any Wakanda nonsense. Wikipedia list many black ’empires’ or ‘civilisations’ in ancient or medieval Africa. What do you think about that?

          • alfin2101 says:

            In general, thinking about things like that is for people with nothing important to do. One blog post was enough for me.

            See: https://alfinnextlevel.wordpress.com/2018/02/22/you-say-wakanda-i-see-zimbabwe/

            Everyone feels a need for pride in oneself or one’s group. In many cases fantasies are necessary to supply that pride. As long as the fantasies do not lead to violence, the legal system tends not to get involved. The tragedy occurs when legal systems take sides in tribal conflicts, often facilitating injustice and violence.

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