I Could Not Find Sex Dolls on This Chart

The prices for hospital care and college tuition are shooting through the roof, while prices for televisions and computers have been dropping. Automobile prices have been relatively flat, while wage increases are barely outrunning the increases in costs for food and housing.

Those who advocate for greater socialism probably do not understand the everyday impact their policies will have on the majority of citizens:

The greater (lower) the degree of government involvement in the provision of a good or service the greater (lower) the price increases (decreases) over time, e.g., hospital and medical costs, college tuition, childcare with both large degrees of government funding/regulation and large price increases vs. software, electronics, toys, cars and clothing with both relatively less government funding/regulation and falling prices. __ https://www.aei.org/publication/the-chart-of-the-century-makes-the-rounds-at-the-federal-reserve/?

But Where are the Sex Dolls in all of This?

In Italy, it costs 80 Euros for a half hour in the sex doll brothel. Customers are forced to wait for weeks, the demand is so large.

Most sex dolls from this seller cost between $2,000 and $3,000 per doll, for those who do not wish to pay for each session, and who cannot wait the requisite weeks for an appointment.

Where is the 20 year price-trend line for sex dolls? There isn’t one. It is too early in the evolution of sex dolls and sexbots for a good estimate of next year’s prices. But one thing is certain: If governments involve themselves in regulating sex dolls and sex bots, prices are likely to rise alarmingly — just as prices have risen alarmingly for hospital treatment and for college tuition. When the government inserts itself, the people pay dearly.

Artificial Intelligence and Sex

Improvements in electronics have led to reductions in prices for many consumer products. Perhaps the same can happen for sex dolls.

Robotic sex dolls are becoming more and more lifelike and are being developed with sophisticated movements that closely mimic humans.

Some include AI and can offer an “emotional connection” by smiling and flirting with the user.

A doll called Harmony, developed by Realbotix in Los Angeles, is described as able to “deliver the most enjoyable conversation and interaction you can have with a machine.” __ Source

Sex robots as porn stars

Silicon Valley vs. Silicone Valley

Computer chips are made from silicon, while sex dolls are made from silicone. A subtle difference in spelling, perhaps, but the two things are quite different in terms of hardness and compressibility.

Imagine a valley in California where silicone reigns, and all the creativity of the world is focused upon creating the ideal sex partner for man and woman alike.

We know that Silicon Valley stocks are valued in the multiple $trillions of dollars. How high could market cap go for “Silicone Valley” stocks? Sex is, after all, a primal urge for humans. If silicone sexbots and sex dolls become better and better as surrogate sex partners — and the room for innovation and improvement is immense — they may tap into a latent market of incalculable size.

How Will These Changes Affect Human Demographics?

If humans forget about the need to reproduce themselves, and focus merely on sexual pleasure, their societies are doomed. But as reproductive science develops to the point where humans can be conceived and gestated outside the womb, sexual intercourse between humans becomes less and less important from the demographic standpoint.

It seems as if humans in advanced societies have turned away from human to human sexual interaction in large numbers already. In that case, sexbots would merely be filling a vacuum that already exists, rather than creating a new schism between human males and females.

Dangerous Children are different. Dangerous Children understand the need to stay connected as humans, and to continue to expand the tribe. We must continue to make provisions to meet the tumultuous changes that are likely to emerge. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. It is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood © .

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2 Responses to I Could Not Find Sex Dolls on This Chart

  1. Abelard Lindsey says:

    This is friggin great!

  2. Thomas K. says:

    It should be expected that relations between the two sexes will continue to progressively deteriorate until either patriarchy is restored in the Western and Westernized World, or the Sino-Islamo-African axis defeats the West and introduces some ‘solutions’ of its own. Egalitarianism equals a power vacuum, and these sooner or later get filled by a strong force.

    After radical patriarchy is restored — one way or another — then men will stop fucking sexbots and women will stop fucking sticks, and sexual harmony will commence. The only questions are “how?” (will white Christendom survive or be replaced by Islam?) and “when?” Those of us who are young will live to see these questions answered.

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