Why Is It That They Can Only Destroy?

11 Sept 2001
Never Building, Always Knocking Down and Burning

Resilient Populations

Some populations have the capacity to work their way up out of dire poverty — and some populations lack the capacity to lift themselves. After the utter destruction of Germany and Japan in World War II, and the destruction of South Korea in the 1950s Korean War, all three nations eventually climbed out of the rubble and built greater nations than had existed previously. Similar stories of self-redemption can be told of other western European nations after WWII, and of former Warsaw Pact nations after the collapse of the Soviet hegemony. The rise of Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong after WWII tell similar tales of inner fortitude and the capacity to build and maintain complex infrastructure.

Fragile, Perpetual Third World People

Other populations and societies cannot seem to emerge from perpetual poverty and misery no matter how much foreign assistance they receive. They cannot seem to either build or maintain complex infrastructure for themselves.

But even if they cannot build and maintain, they can certainly destroy. We see this destruction on the streets of France, Sweden, and Belgium on a regular basis. We saw it on 9/11/01, on 7/7/5 in London, and in early January of 2015 in Paris.

This type of destruction is likely to intensify with time, as the failures of perpetually third world peoples persist, and eternal victims must seek out external entities to blame for their own inadequacies. I hope I am wrong about this.

Third world people — whether still living in the third world, or living as immigrants in more advanced societies — can scarcely escape their upbringings, their backward cultures, and their too frequent genetic endowments of low IQ and poor impulse control.

And so the people of more advanced societies — those who are able to build, and keep the lights on — must contend with armies of saboteurs and malcontents who have infiltrated their borders, and want only to burn the world of their hosts to the ground.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. Do not trust your governments to take care of you.

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