Shocking Rules for Preventing Personal Poverty

According to the British Cohort Study, following just a few rules in adolescence and early adulthood will reduce your likelihood of being impoverished.

  1. Finish High School, or the equivalent
  2. Avoid Teen Pregnancy
  3. Avoid Long Term Unemployment in Your Early Twenties
  4. Get Married


The first rule is meant to give one a broad base of basic knowledge. The second rule is meant to give a young person time to get her bearings before assuming life or death responsibilities over others. The third rule suggests that it is better for most young people to learn the habit of work rather than to loaf around in college throughout their early to mid twenties. The fourth rule is meant to encourage stability, commitment, and purpose in life.

Those are not rules for getting rich. They are rules for not being poor. Here are a few more common sense rules:

  • Avoid drug use
  • Avoid gambling
  • Avoid associating with criminals, drug users, or habitual gamblers
  • Avoid socialists like the plague

Socialists rarely deal in common sense, but instead promote a government-enforced utopia of “unicorns and rainbows,” where a perfect life magically descends from above as soon as the “right people” attain power — and all inequality is banished.

Conservatives promote more practical solutions:

… the kind of reforms that conservatives have been arguing for: those that are oriented toward work and eventual self-sufficiency, and those oriented toward the much trickier business of trying to encourage the formation and preservation of intact families, which more and more — and especially in the case at hand — seems to me to be the root of much of the dysfunction under consideration. __

US President Donald Trump is neither conservative nor socialist, but so far he has instituted a number of hard-nosed reversals of Obama’s socialist policies, creating a salutary effect on the US economy.

Job openings are at a record high; consumer confidence, according to the Conference Board, was the highest in August since 2000; and capital investment is ratcheting up.

Some are beginning to hint that there’s more good news to come. One of Wall Street’s leading economists sent a report to clients this week saying various industries are still strengthening, with the banner: “Strength of U.S. Economy May Be Underestimated.” __

People With Marketable Skills Do Better

A rational society would use much of childhood and youth in promoting foundational skills for later life. Utilising a practical training that is playful in nature — especially for younger children — youth will emerge from childhood and adolescence with both marketable skills and purposeful goals of a practical — but fulfilling — nature.

The EU/Obama approach has been to squander childhood and adolescence through immersion in self-destructive indoctrination and dead end ideology. The US was able to break away from the Obama mentality — at least for now. People of Europe and the rest of the Anglosphere have not been so lucky in general terms. As a result, their economic stats remain mediocre, and their crime statistics are beginning to reveal the unfortunate effects of their post-modern immigration policies.

Poverty is a State of Mind and a State of Being

Most inter-generational poverty is a result of choosing teen pregnancy, avoiding the learning of marketable skills, indulging in habitual delinquent behaviors, a pattern of chain-reaction illegitimacy, and a conscious rejection of responsibility.

Mental illness is certainly a factor in a certain proportion of poverty, but not the largest factor. Even the lower average IQ which one finds in particular populations is not a justification for unemployment and delinquent lifestyles.

As we have seen when Donald Trump reversed many of Obama’s bad economic policies, a rising tide lifts all boats — if not to the exact same level. Inequality and hierarchical social structures have been facts of natural life for hundreds of millions of years — and will always exist regardless of what your favourite “rainbows and unicorns” socialist tells you.

Prepare for the best and the worst. Hope and work for ever better. It is never too late for a Dangerous Childhood © .

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  1. info says:

    One of the greatest predictors of poverty is fatherlessness. To reduce poverty penalize sex out of wedlock. Teen pregnancy is in the modern day is almost always out of wedlock pregnancy.

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