US Prosperity: Europe is Poorer, But Switzerland is Better

… if you look at the U.S. average ($54,629), it obviously is higher than economic output in European nations.

And if you prefer direct measures of living standards, then data on consumption from the OECD also shows that America is considerably more prosperous.

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Europe is Doomed

There are not enough future Europeans to pay the pensions of the Europeans who are rapidly growing old. Europe’s new waves of immigrants are only there for the welfare benefits, which will only make the situation worse.

… European countries face a demographic tsunami, in the form of a growing mismatch between low birthrates and high longevity, for which few are prepared. …Looking at Europeans 65 or older who aren’t working, there are 42 for every 100 workers, and this will rise to 65 per 100 by 2060, the European Union’s data agency says.

… Across Europe, the birthrate has fallen 40% since the 1960s to around 1.5 children per woman, according to the United Nations. In that time, life expectancies have risen to roughly 80 from 69. __ WSJ via

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Most tragically, the new waves of immigrants to Europe are not only freeloaders, but a significant number are openly antagonistic to European customs and to European people themselves. Crime, terror, and poverty rates are rising quickly in areas where new immigrants settle.

Switzerland is Shiny

In the great mountain redoubt of Alpine Switzerland, a lot of things have gone right over the centuries — partially due to good planning and partially due to the accident of location-aided neutrality to European wars. Here is a list of 5 things that make Switzerland better than the US.

1. The burden of government spending is lower in Switzerland. According to OECD, the public sector consumes only 33.1 percent of economic output in Switzerland, compared to 41.1 percent of GDP in the United States.

2. Switzerland has genuine federalism, with the national government responsible for only about one-third of government spending. The United States used to be like that, but now more than two-thirds of government spending comes from Washington.

3. Because of a belief that individuals have a right to control information about their personal affairs, Switzerland has a strong human rights policy that protects financial privacy. In the United States, the government can look at your bank account and does not even need a search warrant.

4. Switzerland has a positive form of multiculturalism with people living together peacefully notwithstanding different languages and different religions. In the United States, by contrast, the government causes strife and resentment with a system of racial spoils.

5. Gun ownership is pervasive in Switzerland, and the Swiss people value this freedom. Moreover, how can one not admire a nation where all able-bodied males have fully automatic rifles in their homes? To be sure, the United States is very good by world standards in protecting this freedom, so the Swiss don’t really have an advantage on this issue, but it’s still worth mentioning. __ Source

Switzerland’s population is under 10 million people, and due to its topography is unlikely to grow very rapidly — desirable though it may be as a location for permanent residence. Europe’s most prosperous and desirable nations all share the same fault — very very low populations with limited ability to expand.

This is why comparing such nations to the US is not only invalid on many levels, it is also a sign of stupidity if taken to excess (Bernie Sanders et al).

Valid comparisons can only be made between nations of similar sizes, similar demographic compositions, and broadly similar economic systems.

A comparison between North Korea and South Korea is interesting, but North Korea is crippled by a political-economic system that hobbles the North Korean people. The same was true during the West Germany – East Germany years, before the collapse of the Warsaw Pact.

The most telling comparison between nations is to tally the votes which people cast with their feet, by observing emigration/immigration trends.

China and India are the most populous nations on Earth, but not because the people of the world are flocking to them in large numbers. Africa is likewise becoming explosively populous, but not due to immigration into the dark continent.

Contrariwise, immigrants are flocking to Europe primarily for the welfare benefits, and flocking to the Anglosphere for economic opportunity and only slightly less importantly for the welfare benefits. Immigration/emigration trends can tell you a lot about economic conditions, and secondarily these days about personal freedoms and opportunities.

Economic Success Correlates With National Average IQ
More at VDare

High Value Immigrants vs. Low Value Immigrants

People of low IQ are not less human or of less moral worth. But as one can see in the map above, low average IQ populations tend to also generate less economic prosperity. Smart and prosperous nations would try to limit immigration of people with less to contribute, economically and intellectually. The same is true for immigration from historically violent and unstable nations — such as many Muslim nations and nations of Latin America with some of the world’s highest murder and crime rates.

Political correctness apparently makes many people feel warm and self-righteous inside, but it is a ruinous principle on which to base a nation’s future.

Hope for the best, and work for better. But be sure to plan and make provisions for the worst — because of all the things in the world only stupidity is in infinite supply.

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  1. JerryO says:

    Great information, as always

  2. Sam J. says:

    This is one big lie with statistics. That Bill Gates makes a vast amount of money does nothing for the “median” income , which is what matters.

    Admin: Interesting point. Luxembourg, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway do indeed have a higher median income than the US — the rest of Europe not so much. However if you compare Danes, Swedes, and Norwegians who have immigrated to the US, their median incomes are higher than those in the old country.

    BTW Luxembourg is another nation that has a lot of very rich people.

    If only every country could be small and mostly homogeneous, made up of populations with strong work ethics and less violent than people in places such as South Africa or Honduras!

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