Good News, Bad News

Good News: World Keeps Not Ending

According to the loudest prognosticators of the past few centuries, the world should not exist. Our ancestors should have died in uncounted fiery religious conflagrations. The planet should have been destroyed by nuclear apocalypse, by famine, overpopulation, cosmic collisions, global pandemics, resource scarcity armageddon, and climate holocaust.

The world must be ending. It must fall to us to prevent the apocalypse. Because, if it isn’t, if life is just going on more or less the way life does, then what’s the point of all this huffery and puffery, all the public weeping and dressing up in silly costumes and cutting ourselves off from family and what friends we have? The angry partisan cannot believe that life is good, because he must then ask himself: If life is good, then why am I not enjoying it? Why do I feel so alone, so frustrated, and so meaningless? __ NR

But stubbornly — and against all prophetic and media odds — the world hangs on to existence, dragging all of us along with it. So what is all of this compulsive fixation/obsession with the end of the world — with The Abyss???

When you look into the Abyss, the Abyss does not, contra Nietzsche, look into you. It certainly does not look into your voting record or your frantic, rage-inflected social-media posts. It doesn’t have any feelings about you one way or the other. You will not spend your last seconds on this earth, gasping in your death bed and terrified by what might come next, thinking: “Well, as least I put on a funny hat and screamed, ‘Go f*** yourself!’ at Ted Cruz.”

The Abyss isn’t out there — it’s in here. __ NR

Good News: The World Keeps Not Ending. This allows more intelligent and better organised humans to continue discovering and inventing ways to break down the many barriers to an expansive and abundant human future.

Bad News: Multiculturalism is Coming to a City Near You

Violent crime rates in parts of Europe are edging up, and all the evidence points to multicultural immigration as the cause.

Despite Putnam’s evidence that diverse neighborhoods make everyone living in them less happy, this unflappable belief in the tonic effects of diversity seems to have gripped the modern leftist with claws of steel. __ TWCS

It is possible for governments to make decisions that are so bad, that everyday life becomes a living hell for residents — and they may begin to wish for the end of the world. Forced multiculturalism is one of the many bad decisions that governments can make on behalf of citizens. It should be a capital crime.

…the social dysfunction brought about by unchecked multiculturalism among disparate groups far exceeds simple crime stats. Even with low-crime ‘model minorities,’ we often see alien values imposed, voting patterns changing, trust radically lowered, and the basic shared bonds of society crumbling. __ Those Who Can See

The article from “Those Who Can See” that is excerpted above should be read in entirety. Most of it is graphic images: maps, charts, graphs, all easy to read and interpret. The images tell a disturbing story, and imply a troubling projection for the future of Europe — as well as for almost all of the other multicultural nations and cities portrayed.

Bad News: Multiculturalism is coming, bringing rape, murder, and pillage in its wake.

The World is Not Ending, But Some of You May Wish it Would

That is the good news and the bad news. Smart people will learn to do what they must do in order to send their progeny into the future — aware, well prepared, and defended. If that involves relocating to a saner part of your nation — or changing national residency entirely — learn what must be done and do it.

But there is a lesson in the ongoing drama of a lone superpower that has been multicultural for centuries: Just when you think a nation is sinking fast in the multicultural/post-modern swamp, something may come along to shift directions. It happened during the Reagan presidency, and it seems to be happening in the Trump presidency.

But I would be lying if I said that I believed this shift to be permanent or long-lasting. But what do I know? I never expected the current respite from insane leftist rule. We do not know what the future will bring, so perhaps we should hope for the best — but prepare for the worst. All while we are working for something better and better yet.

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