The Future Belongs to Women of Child-Bearing Years

If your country has no women of child-bearing years, it has no future without massive immigration. But if you import large numbers of young people who are not compatible with your culture and your technological level of culture and infrastrucuture, your country as it is has no future. In other words, your country is slipping into history.

You can see a rough correspondence of population growth % (just above) by nation vs. average population age by nation viewed in the image on top. This makes sense, as younger populations tend to have more women of child-bearing age — as well as many more girls who will soon become women of child-bearing age.

Fertility Rate (# of children per woman of childbearing age) via

Fertility rate is another useful calculation which helps to estimate future trends of population growth. But don’t be fooled. A nation might have a sky-high fertility rate, but a very low population of women of child-bearing years. In such a case, natural population growth would still be quite low.

If a nation has a very young population with many women of child-bearing years, and also has a very low rate of family planning, the natural growth of human population in that country will be quite high.

FIGURE 2-24 WOMEN USING FAMILY PLANNING More than two-thirds of couples in developed countries use a family-planning method. Family-planning varies widely in developing countries. China reports the world’s highest rate of family planning; the lowest rates are in sub-Saharan Africa. More than two-thirds of couples in developed countries use a family-planning method. Family-planning varies widely in developing countries. China reports the world’s highest rate of family planning; the lowest rates are in sub-Saharan Africa.

By the year 2100, Africa’s human population may be as high as 6 billion people — almost as high as Earth’s total human population today. Africa’s population is growing at the rate of 2.6% pa.

Populations in most of the rest of the world — outside Africa — are dropping. Even in China after the repeal of the one-child rule, we see a drop in births year on year. This is called “the low fertility trap,” and it seems to have ensnared not only China, but Europe, the Anglosphere, the East Asia “tigers,” and most of the rest of the developed world.

Global IQ by National Average IQ Scores

Going by average IQ scores per nation, trends in population growth suggests that average human IQ — and the average human ability to solve problems — will trend downward, and rapidly downward within the next few decades.

Islands of Civilisation in a Sea of Violent Poverty

If you have watched the movie “Idiocracy” by Mike Judge, you have seen the comedic version of a low IQ human future. The reality of a low average IQ human future will look more like the Congo. Tribal wars will sweep through Africa and into every nation where appreciable numbers of African immigrants have settled.

What will power Africa in the intermediate to long-term future? Gunpowder and high explosive, imported from the outside.

In the future, due to the emigration of African peoples most cities outside of Africa will take on the complexion of Detroit, St. Louis, or Philadelphia — with a corresponding rise of crime rates as the demographic picture changes.

This is likely to come as quite a shock to nations such as Germany or Sweden, which have always prided themselves on their “tolerance” to third world immigrants.

Genetics of Violence

Perhaps the most controversial areas of science today are the fields of study finding links between genetics and violence, and the links between genetics and intelligence (PDF).

Low average IQ correlates directly with rates of violence in a population, across all races. Beyond that correlation, specific gene variants which correlate positively with violence are found more often within sub Saharan African populations. These two correlations — IQ with violence, and specific genes with violence — represent two violent strikes against people of sub Saharan African descent, particularly black males.

But Most Black Males are not Violent

Although most black males have a below-average IQ — when measured against developed nation average IQs — most black males do not display high levels of violent behaviour. Because an individual cannot be equated to the average of his ethnic or racial group, each person must be treated according to his own specific behaviour record. Each person in a developed nation should enjoy the benefit of the rule of law and rules of evidence.

That being said, it should be anticipated that nations that accept large numbers of African immigrants will experience significantly higher rates of crime — including violent crime. This will necessitate much higher levels of spending on police, courts, and the prison/parole/probation infrastructures. These adjustments will come at a significant cost to society, with all its members paying the price.

What Does this Say About Future Innovation?

Governments must divide their spending between the large numbers of competing interests. As spending on crime and the consequences of crime increase, less money will be available to the governments for spending on future technological infrastructures.

Wherever high tech infrastructures are nationalised, spending on innovation will be hardest hit. If, on the other hand, future innovations are driven by the private sector, the impact of government spending to mitigate higher levels of crime and violence will be less.

This means that the “leftist vision” of nationalising all industry and commerce will have disastrous effects on future innovation, and is likely to destroy all hope for an abundant and expansive human future within the nations that succumb to this “vision.”

African Population Explosion Likely to Trigger many Follow-On Effects

Populations within Africa have exploded largely due to foreign technologies brought to Africa via trade, and via well-meaning western charitable organisations. But if a large region such as Africa cannot develop its own technologies, it will soon be living far beyond its native “carrying capacity.” This means that catastrophic die-off effects are likely to occur as soon as outside sustaining technologies are reduced or cut off altogether.

Such a reduction of outside aide is likely, given the inexorable shrinking of populations within the more developed nations, which provide most of the sustaining technologies to African populations.

China and India will Soon have Problems Enough of their Own

Higher levels of average IQ in China, and large numbers of high IQ sub-populations in India, have allowed these two hugely populated nations to thrive. But Pax Americana will not continue indefinitely, and eventually the US will withdraw its global umbrella of protection from international trade routes (oceans) and from specific key areas such as the middle east.

Youth bulges often lead to war, and Africa is not the only place where youth bulges are occurring (see fertility rates graphic above). As the US becomes preoccupied with hobgoblins of closer proximity, global conflicts are likely to crop up in the vacuum left by the withdrawal of US troops.

Particularly vulnerable to being overrun are the nations of Europe that have been steadily hollowed out by demographic collapse. Likewise, Taiwan, Singapore, S. Korea, and certain islands of Japan will also be vulnerable due to reduced populations of military age.

Consult again the graphics above displaying fertility rate, population by age cohorts, and population growth rates. Nations with prominent youth bulges will likely go to war as the US withdraws closer to its own borders.

The US is Large, and Has a Large Private Sector

The largest advantages that the US possesses as the world spins into demographic imbalance and dysgenic violence, are the large size of its private sector, and long traditions of self-sufficiency and self-defence in much of its population. As the US government swings slowly back under the control of leftist nationalizers over time, the large remaining private sector will continue creating disruptive innovation despite large shifts in government spending toward wasteful projects such as the climate apocalypse cult and unsustainable forms of energy such as wind power.

In other currently prosperous nations with high degrees of industrial nationalisation, much of their newer tech economies will go black — go underground — and thus acquire a certain immunity from government stupidity and policies driven by dysgenic immigration.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.

Work hard for a better path to an abundant and expansive future. Such a future will likely emerge via a technological fait accompli, rather than through conventional political means.

US President Trump has provided a certain amount of time for us to work behind the scenes. The future will contain a lot of tumultuous transition. Make provisions, and make yourself as Dangerous as you can. The future will not be a place for sissies, not for a good while longer.

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9 Responses to The Future Belongs to Women of Child-Bearing Years

  1. J says:

    Private enterprise cannot hide underground. Black market “speculators” are sent to re-education camps.

    • alfin2101 says:

      That is not how it works. The black market thrives in even the most totalitarian society, because the society would collapse without the black market. A select group of “speculators” will be sent to the wall or to the gulags to be made examples of. But the black market survives and thrives for all of that.

      Joseph M. mentioned Russian agriculture and how it has bounced back after the end of collectivism in Russian agriculture. But even in the darkest soviet days, a thriving black market in Russian agriculture supplied desired crops to the well-connected. The black market has parts that are connected — and therefore protected — by the system. Other parts of the black market take their chances, and if they are useful to the system for the time being, are left alone.

      You can’t kill the black market. (You can’t stop the signal, Mal.)

      • Jim says:

        I’ve seen estimates that roughly 50% of the actual Soviet economy under Brezhnev was “black market” – not really legal under the Soviet system.

        • alfin2101 says:

          Interesting, thanks. We should remember that government insiders often prosper inordinately from black markets due to their privileged position for eliminating competitors.

  2. Salem_Saberhagen says:

    That IQ map is confusing and uses old data from Lynn’s first book, IQ and the Wealth of Nations (2002).

    This map is better because it uses newer, revised data from Lynn’s Intelligence and the Wealth and Poverty of Nations (2009):

    Great article anyway. This is just a minor nitpick, the trends shown in both maps are broadly the same. Dysgenics is the great challenge of our generation.

  3. Dave says:

    Your charts clearly show what no one wants to come out and say: Black Africans are not the same species as us. The existence of mulattos doesn’t matter. Dogs, wolves, and coyotes are fully interfertile but are universally regarded as three species, not one.

    Our problems will become much more tractable when we start using language that cuts reality at the joints.

    Admin: The language you are using won’t help. May as well paint a mustache and high-step with locked knees under a swastika for all the public support you will attract talking that way.

    Black Africans are highly biologically diverse. Judging largely by skin colour would be to misclassify large numbers of persons who would add positively to the future of Europe. Europe could profit from a highly selective acceptance of perhaps 5 out of 1000 applicants from Africa who go through the official prolonged process of emigration. All who try to force the issue should be ejected with prejudice.

    • Dave says:

      I meant tractable in the scientific sense, helping rational people understand what’s going on. Politicians must play to emotion, not reason. By that measure I am nothing, and Trump is an amateur compared to that guy with the mustache.

      Europe does not need Africans, period. Importing the children you couldn’t be bothered to bear and raise only accelerates the collapse of your society and brain-drains their home countries. If you want to help Africans, do it in Africa.

  4. Rishard says:

    The private sector doesn’t just exist in a vacuum. It works within the rules set by government, e.g. the FAANG tech companies follow various regulation. The same applies to the banking sector. The future does seem very dangerous, but the way to protect yourself is to grow your wealth, and a very easy way to grow wealth is to have few children or no children at all.

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