Don’t Burn Universities to the Ground; Put them Under the Dome!

Under the Dome (CBS)
An invisible and mysterious force field descends upon a small actual town of Chester’s Mill, Maine, USA, trapping residents inside, cut off from the rest of civilization

The modern university is one of the greatest threats to the future of free societies. In the past, we have reported on calls to “burn universities to the ground,” in an attempt to prevent the rampant corruption on campuses from spreading to the rest of society.

It is true, as Peter Thiel says, that “Universities today are as corrupt as the Catholic Church of 500 years ago.” Growing numbers of university departments are dedicated to fomenting unrest and insurrection against freedoms of speech, association, and self defence.

Something has to be done to save society from the rot. But rather than the destruction of property and loss of life that would occur from burning universities to the ground, it would be preferable to institute a sort of “quarantine” and exile in situ — such as could be achieved by covering university and college campuses with impermeable and inescapable domes to limit any violent insurrection to the campuses themselves.

Picture, if you will, the functioning of a “university under glass.” If the campus is enclosed by the dome while classes are in session, then students, faculty, and administrative staff would be held in place, on campus permanently. Classes could go on as scheduled, year round if decided. Naturally, scheduled indoctrination of students could proceed as planned. The main difference — in terms of university goals — would be that students would have to stay on campus after finishing their course of studies, and no new students would be matriculating.

There would be a few problems for university staff to surmount — such as providing for critical infrastructures. Incidentals such as clean water, food, heating, cooling, electrical power, the elimination of waste materials, etc. would need to be provided somehow. But this should be no problem, since if university personnel already possess all the answers to all the problems of the world, then the mere provision of a few vital infrastructures to a small area such as a university campus could not possibly pose a challenge.

Liberating Future Generations of Young People

The best way to abort the ongoing indoctrination and infantilisation of young people, is to nip the problem in the bud. While current students would be trapped in perpetuity — and their student loans would have to be written off — young people of the future would be free to chart their own courses through life. It would mean the end of crippling lifelong student debts.

Imagine the evolution of the new society, where young people are expected to be responsible for themselves, where they must learn to think for themselves and sort out truth from fiction on their own. Consider the development of a new type of journalism where independent thinking was allowed — even encouraged. Or a new kind of politics where policies were evaluated based upon actual results — rather than good intentions or ideological correctness.

Education and Socialisation Will Take Place Off Campus

The corrupt campuses of modern universities are places for expensive indoctrination and conformity, rather than for useful education or the cordial formation of lifelong friendships and productive associations. But with the campuses “under the dome” the newly freed generations of young people could get better educations and form more satisfying associations without all the “political correctness” and echo choir mentality.

The liberated young could begin starting productive and profitable lives earlier — without tens and hundreds of $thousands of debt. This would allow them to start families, eliminating the current demographic crisis at the more intelligent end of the IQ distribution.

A Sucker Born Every Minute

It should be expected that scam artists of the future would attempt to create new university campuses that are not under the domes. Rent-seeking criminals are always in abundance, and there will always be those who seek the protection found within prison walls.

For this reason, the technology needed to enclose universities “under the dome” should always be kept ready to be used if needed. Then, if new campuses are built, new domes can be created around them — as soon as they fill up with faculty, administrative staff, and conformity-loving students.

Hope for the Best. Prepare for the Worst

No one in their right mind wanted to see universities become the pits of corruption and debt slavery which they are now. But in their extreme states of corruption, the modern university calls for extreme measures if we are to limit damage to society at large.

While others call for the burning of university campuses, we at the Al Fin Institutes consider the enclosure of campuses under domes to be the more humane path.

It may be possible to redeem some of those who are enclosed under the domes, if they can demonstrate a useful skill to society. Otherwise, it might be best to allow these miniature societies to proceed under glass to extinction in their own ways.

Higher learning can take place in many ways, under many forms of training. It is time to allow the multitude of less corrupt forms of higher education to prove themselves in a newly free and competitive world.

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  1. Jim says:

    It’s amazing how dangerous universities have become. If public funding were restricted to STEM fields most of the humanities and “social sciences” would implode to the great benefit of society.

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