Lousy Chinese Schools Where “Everybody Cheats”

A quick search of the rankings of top world universities shows very few Chinese schools listed. Those which are ranked in the top 200 are very likely overrated due to the high levels of cheating which occur universally across China.

Cheating is a Social Norm in China

Each year, thousands of Chinese nationals are sent home from superior western universities due to cheating and poor scholarship.

In China, truthfulness is considered a defect and a handicap. This is not only true at the student level, but also among academic research and in society at large.

China Has No Good Samaritans

The very idea of coming to the aide or defence of a stranger is alien to the Chinese mind, where taking advantage of the weaknesses of others is almost universally practised.

There are charities in China — government charities that no one trusts, for example. As in Russia, in China charities are too often a pretense for the unscrupulous grifters to take advantage of the rare good intentions of the public.

Everything in China is Toxic

Ongoing problems with a toxic pharmaceutical supply chain is par for the course. No one in China trusts locally manufactured milk powder or baby formula, for example. Air, water, soil, food, drugs — all are poisoned or under threat of being poisoned.

China’s Infrastructure Loans to 3rd World a Pretense for Theft

As explained in an earlier post, China uses infrastructure loans to developing nations as a means of seizing valuable assets of those nations, when the primitive nations are unable to pay back the loans for infrastructure that is poorly built and poorly matched to the needs of the people.

In Other Words, China is an Amoral State

Why do I not say that the Chinese are an amoral people? Because some charitable and harmonious religions have made headway among the Chinese. Unfortunately the government too often jails practitioners of such beliefs and cuts out their organs while they are still alive and awake — for purposes of the giant Chinese transplant industry.

This is the China that Wants to Rule the World

Who is to blame for creating this monster? Bill Clinton, GW Bush, Barack Obama, and any other US president who did not stand up to Chinese cheating, stealing, and bullying. In addition, every western corporation that set up manufacturing plants in China that allowed China to steal intellectual property and to tap into their data networks to steal information from the company’s worldwide repositories of confidential data.

It is not simply naivete and shortsightedness. Some western government and corporate officials intentionally leave their data vulnerable to theft by foreign nationals who are given carte blanche to thieve and pillage. It is done in the name of “good international relations.” Unfortunately, that is the kind of good international relations that will cause those with lax supervision and easy access to go extinct.

US President Trump is the first western leader in many years to begin to come to terms with the unscrupulous and amoral CCP-led quasi criminal state. Time will tell what he is able to accomplish — against all the odds and most of his own society and government.

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. It is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood © .

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2 Responses to Lousy Chinese Schools Where “Everybody Cheats”

  1. Clovis says:

    Reminds me of the putative science gap between Russia and the US in the 50s and 60’s. This gap manifested as the space race or the atomic/nuclear weapons race is what most people remember, but there was more to it than just those. Stories such as how the Soviet Union was graduating 3 times or 5 times, or whatever the figures were, the number of science and engineering graduates as the US was led to fears of how the US was falling behind the Soviets technologically. Eventually the truth came out that the Soviet numbers were doctored in many ways, for example the huge number of electrical engineers in the soviet union was largely due to the Soviet counting all electricians and even people like the guy who spends all day going around an airport or government building changing light bulbs as “electrical engineer(s)”. The Chinese doctoring of their economic data has been a well-known “secret” for years, but its only recently that the widespread doctoring of Chinese achievements in science, technology, and medical education has been noticed.

  2. psansonetti79 says:

    Yes what China is doing is amoral , loaning money to third world countries, and them inevitably defaulting, and China repossessing said property. Read confessions of an economic Hitman sometime.

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