Jordan Peterson and the Dead Poets Society

Carpe Diem, Non-Conformity, Lessons from Metaphor

  • Carpe Diem
    In the video above, Robin Williams reveals to the boys a secret for living an authentic life. Seize the day, take advantage of opportunities. In the video below, Jordan Peterson transmits a similar message:
  • Non-Conformity
    Both professor Peterson and Mr. Keating are immersed in treacherous academic seas of political correctness. They both risk their livelihoods merely by taking their obligation to their students seriously — teaching them to be individuals alive to the world.
  • Lessons from Metaphor
    Mr. Keating taught the boys lessons from metaphor-rich poetry, diving deep down into the boys’ still developing resources of imagery and verbal imagination. Professor Peterson teaches lessons from metaphorical myth and story — providing applications for use in a broad range of settings and life stages.

The alternative to seizing your life’s opportunities is to leave behind unwoven weaves of potential — without which the world displays voids and cavities of “wrongness” and sad longing for what was meant to be.

The alternative to marching to your own inner beat is to lose your integrity and sense of special purpose, instead bowing to a relentless groupthink that grinds every beautiful thing into a bloody pulp.

The intense pleasure and expanding awareness of extracting insight from metaphor is a gift that resides within all good poetry, story, and myth. Unwrapping the gift is something that must be done ones’ self — sometimes with the aid of a kindly guide, sometimes by the goading of a provocateur, but often by fits and starts with little outside encouragement at all.

This Type of Learning Does Not Require University

Any decent public library will contain the high quality works and classic works that can open the doors to deep insights capable of enriching a person’s life, regardless of age or background.

When a person such as Jordan Peterson — who spent decades wading through many thousands of pages of highly metaphorical works — provides the fruits of his labour online and without any obligation to the seeker, the gift is potentially beyond price.

Any broadband internet connection can provide hundreds of hours of deep metaphorical — and sometimes very technical — learning free of charge. Most of these insights cannot be obtained at even the best of the world’s universities at any price.

Can Jordan Peterson’s “Truth” be Refuted?

It is amusing to come across YouTube videos — often of 30 minutes duration or less — which claim to refute “Jordan Peterson’s Truth.” Which truth is being refuted out of the hundreds of hours of lectures and thousands of pages of written material and research studies? Almost always something trivial said as an afterthought, and inconsequential to the larger body of work — and almost always not actually refuted at all.

To refute Jordan Peterson’s “Truth” one would have to walk through the thousands of hours of study, research, clinical work, corporate consulting, classroom teaching, and public lecturing, that have gone into Peterson’s body of work. This they cannot do, for they cannot even comprehend the breadth or depth of the thing.

The comparisons between “Dead Poets Society” and Jordan Peterson’s ideas are a bit hasty and rudimentary. But they begin to suggest how well-done fiction or drama can bring out valuable lessons, just as an intense life of philosophical scholarship, clinical work, academic research, classroom teaching, corporate consulting, entrepreneurship, and public lecturing/interacting can do.

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4 Responses to Jordan Peterson and the Dead Poets Society

  1. SimonD says:

    I’ve taken my nephew into our home at the age of 23, suffering from parental neglect and sadly as a result he is very lost and deluded. He has not been taught to tie his shoe laces, cook a meal, paint a fence, cut firewood with an axe, grow vegetables etc… my wife and I fear the worst but it seems so young to give up on a young person. We are slowly correcting these things but some of the deeper psychological damage will be difficult to undo but nevertheless we will try. I am slowly laying out some pebbles from Jordan Pietersen and I’m hopeful that some of this will take.

  2. Craig WIllms says:

    As I’ve stated in other comments I’m a Jordan Peterson fan for the same reasons you probably are. I’ve watched most of his videos and have 12 Rules on my bookshelf.

    I am sadly not surprised that he has detractors, but I am surprised at how vehement some are. I don’t agree with Peterson on everything -if I did that would be weird, but I don’t find his proclamations particularly provocative or strident. He’s not foaming a at the mouth ideologue, and usually a very reasonable thinker. Why all the hate then?

    Why does Vox Day, a seemingly intelligent and popular Internet character in his own right find it necessary to destroy the ‘myth’ of Peterson’s intellect? He’s whipped up his own hyena’s to take to the Internet to downplay Peterson’s clearly positive outcomes. He published a book called Jordanetics (alluding that Peterson is another L.Ron Hubbard of sorts). I don’t intend to read it, but it leaves me scratching my head how there can be such hatred of a man like Jordan Peterson. Is it because Peterson is making real money now? Is it because Peterson has real influence on a segment of society? Is it pure jealously?

    • alfin2101 says:

      He has sold over 2 million copies of 12 Rules, and his YouTube lectures, talks, and interviews are burning up the web. His 12 Rules world tour is still ongoing and expected to last through June of this year, or longer.

      Peterson is at work on a third book, continues to create new educational videos, continues work on self-improvement software, and is still working on educational alternatives to mainstream university indoctrination.

      The man is a phenomenon, and would not be getting such crowds at his live lecture events around the world unless he was making meaningful contact with large numbers of people who speak many languages and grew up in many different cultures.

      I don’t know anything about Vox Day, but I suspect that Day is not functioning at the same level as Peterson. Draw your own conclusions.

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