Mexico’s Blood Wars: How to Stop the Hemorrhage

Almost 300,000 Dead in Mexico Alone

More than 250,000 people have been murdered and 35,000 have disappeared since the beginning of Mexico’s drug war. __

To stop the killing, it will be necessary to win the drug war.

Step 1: Declare an international emergency and create an “autonomous zone” under joint US:UN control between the Tropic of Cancer (roughly at the southern tip of Baja California) and the current US:Mexico border.

This will remove much of the corrupt influence of the Mexican government on currently entrenched border crossings, and allow intense patrolling on both sides of the future US:Autonomous Zone border. At the same time, strong walls — deep and tall — would be placed at both northern and southern borders of the Autonomous Zone.

Step 2: Disrupt US Supply Lines

The most certain way to disrupt current drug smuggling/transport/and distribution lines is to totally disrupt demand for illegal drugs — cut the legs out from under drug profits at the final place of sale.

This is done in the same way that any bad habit is disrupted — by substituting another habit that is not as bad in place of the worse habit. In theory, this should be relatively easily done, although resistance from conventional political and economic strongholds in the US would be fierce.

Step 3:

Create “The Perfect Drug”

Everyone is a drug addict, whether to coffee, tea, tobacco, alcohol, or to some other OTC or Rx crutch. It is time to get off the moral high horse and to accept what we are as humans thoroughly addicted animals.

If we are to be addicted anyway, why not become dependent upon “the perfect drug?” A drug that makes your hands and brain steadier, that makes the world seem brighter, that lets you breeze through the most difficult or odious tasks without effort or complaint? And a drug that lets you sleep deeply, soundly, and refreshingly — while waking up eager to face whatever comes.

I am not saying that this “drug” will be the same for every person on Earth, but almost without exception it seems that every person needs a “perfect drug,” whatever it may be for him or shim. 😉 (shim is my new pronoun that applies to everyone and everything but males)

A perfect drug will leave a person with no need or desire for other psychoactive drugs, except perhaps for an occasional caffeinated drink, celebratory cigar or champagne, or a refreshing beer on a hot day. Voila! No customers for illegal drugs.

Step 4: Devise Productive Ways of Life for Low IQ People

In Mexico, the average population IQ is near 90 points. The presence of a wealthy neighbor willing to pay richly for a product that results in Mexico hemorrhaging a river of blood makes it difficult for the Latin country to break out of counterproductive societal and economic structures — particularly with its low average population IQ.

The same low average population IQ trap plagues many of the main customer-base areas in the US. Without structural and institutional incentives that support a positive and productive way of life, those without obvious promise for successful conventional careers fall into the low IQ “no good reason to try to do better” trap that usually includes drug addiction and often violent crime.

Step 5: Raise a Better Crop of Children, Youth, and Young Adults

As it stands, young people in North America and much of the western world are not being trained to be effective problem solvers and self-motivated and competent builders of family, community, and positive wealth. Instead we see schools and society at large training young people to be grievance mongers and perpetual incompetents.

A better crop of young people would be devising hundreds of viable solutions for these seemingly unsolvable problems, every single day.

A River of Blood Flows Through Mexico

Mexico is experiencing the equivalent of an ongoing civil war that has lasted over 30 years. It is getting worse. The violence of this war extends all the way through the US and into Canada. And yet no one seems to be taking it quite seriously. It is almost as if all the important people in the relevant bureaucracies are being paid off in whatever currency they value most.

We cannot afford to face this growing tsunami of blood and violence, not without devising realistic ways of diverting its flow to more harmless basins while the ultimate sources of the problem are being dealt with firmly and wisely.

Human nature underlies every link in the chain of dysfunction and violence, from South America through Central America and the Caribbean, and into the US and Canada and beyond.

If schools and universities are not giving us the creative and intelligent thinkers we need to solve our genuine (not phantom) problems, then we need to bypass the schools and all the other corrupt institutions of society that keep us bogged in the same futile dilemmas decade after decade.

It is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood © .

Note: The above post has been edited slightly from its original form.

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4 Responses to Mexico’s Blood Wars: How to Stop the Hemorrhage

  1. Calvin Hobbes says:

    I like your “shim”. So we throw everyone except the (toxic) “hims” into one other pot. And I’d say that anybody who does not want to be a “him”, for whatever reason, can be a “shim”.

    Every day, in many ways, the world keeps getting crazier. I’ve got maybe another 25 years. I’m hoping it takes longer than that for the shit to really hit the fan. Whaddaya think, Al? Any chance I can comfortably live out another 25 years in the USA? My kids are in their 20’s. I think they’ll definitely see a lot of shit hiding the fan if they don’t die young.

    • alfin2101 says:

      The far left die-off culture, the “destroy the west” fanatics, and the identity “look at me being oppressed” freaks are showing their spots too soon. A counter movement is growing among younger people now — not just the older, more seasoned recondites.

      The problem is the outside instigators, of whom there are many. If it were only the corrupt billionaires like Soros and Steyer the irrational and violent movements could be contained, as long as the puppets of the billionaires did not enjoy a total government takeover.

      A lot more needs to be said, but in this “cultural gulag” environment, best to think more and talk less.

  2. Hell_Is_Like_Newark says:

    “Create the Perfect Drug”

    Reminds me of the ‘Soma’ drug from the book ‘Brave New World’. Turn all the rotters of the world into happy harmless sloths.

    • alfin2101 says:

      I am thinking more of a drug vaguely similar to “NZT” on the movie ‘Limitless.’ Instead of lazy harmless sloths it would make the people feel good while they were happily engaged in activities that furthered their goals and strengthened their circles of friendship, family, and community. In fact, for those under the influence of “the perfect drug,” drugs such as Soma would have absolutely no effect whatsoever.

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