Solution to Europocalypse: The Truman Show?

Europe is Dying

A number of mortal blows have fallen on Europe over the past 100+ years, including World War I, World War II, the Communist blight of the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union with its cold war and propaganda wars, die-off faux environmentalism and anti-rational post-modernism . . . But most threatening to the existence of Europe as a going concern is the combination of Europe’s indigenous baby bust with a devastatingly dysfunctional flood of low IQ/ high violence immigration.

Without the flood of low-aptitude and criminally prone immigrants, Europe’s demographic slump would eventually reverse itself. But as Europe’s natives are rapidly swamped in a violent deluge of biologically prolific and cognitively challenged invaders, Europeans will not be given a chance to rectify their many mistakes of the past century.

Saving Europe: Fight Fantasy with Fantasy

When third world illegal immigrants are asked why they risk everything to take themselves — and often their families — on a perilous journey to an unknown world, they tend to pour out fantasies and dreams for their futures, which could only have been birthed and reared on a diet of movies and television shows — including sports such as futbol and basketball.

But these fantasies crash quickly, as immigrants are left to beg on the streets and fall into the clutches of European welfare and justice systems. And what a shame that so many die and have their lives ruined based upon absurd Television/Movie driven dreams! Back in their home countries, many of these imaginative persons might have had half a chance to prosper and to contribute to their families, clans, and communities. In Europe, they are not suited to help anyone at all.

The Truman Show — A Way Out?

The Truman Show was a 1998 American movie starring the comic Jim Carrey. The show was filmed on a giant movie set featuring an artificial sun and artificial sky. The Carrey character was born on the set — which is surrounded entirely by water — and the entire show revolves around the life of the one character — Truman (Carrey).

Now, imagine thousands of “Truman Shows” scattered across the third world — not focused merely on one individual, but rather focused on one city or town, and all the people in them.

In this alternate world of Truman Shows, the money that would have been spent by host European countries on welfare and criminal justice in dealing with illegal immigrants from a particular region, would instead be spent in the filming of the local Truman Show, and in providing local props and improvements to the “set.”

Instantly, hundreds of thousands of local jobs would be created in the production of these small-scale extravaganzas. And local sports, entertainment, schools, and job training/local industry would all profit.

There is no pretense at raising up the third world to first world levels. Any attempt to do so would be absurd and ruinously expensive, while clearly doomed to fail. No, what would be created would be realistic fantasies that would be locally based.

Civil Wars, Tribal Wars, Religious Wars

Third world people are typically low in intelligence and high in tendency to be led into violent acts. Those are two reasons why the third world tends to stay the third world — unless there are hidden strengths that can be uncovered and developed (S. Korea, Taiwan, China, Japan and Germany after defeat in WWII, etc.).

Civil wars, tribal wars, religious wars, and other ways of acting out the low aptitude for productive action, will continue across the third world — although perhaps at a lower rate as all the Truman Shows come into production. All the ugly corruption and vile predispositions of leaders and headmen will be exposed for the world, after all — and particularly for all the local people who can judge for themselves.

Lauren Southern’s “Borderless”

Documentary filmmaker Lauren Southern has attempted to expose the world of the illegal immigrants to Europe and their enablers, to the public eye. It is an eye-opening experience to look into the hearts and dreams of these third world innocents as they explain to the camera how they were fooled into taking rash and futile actions in pursuing an impossible fantasy.

Unfortunately it is not just the lives of the misplaced immigrants that are destroyed, but the entire culture of Europe that is being demolished by the immigration policies of the EU and individual European Countries.

Again, the link:

Third World Truman Shows Need Not Be Elaborate

Human fantasies typically have a simple core, and are elaborated within the minds of each individual. Production values for third world Truman Shows will begin on a primitive level. Videos will be short — like short topical YouTube videos, for example. Distribution will be via cheap smartphone, which will have a coincidental effect of keeping each individual Truman Show “local.”

Video equipment need not be expensive, nor should distribution and broadcast equipment. The entire point is to focus on local dreams and local achievements.

Certainly there will be “breakout talents” from time to time, who will succeed on a larger stage. But they will be more likely to prove themselves at each stage of the climb, rather than to risk it all on one throw of the dice in the dangerous one-step transport to the first world.

Think Locally, Act Locally

In the first world we have a cliche’: “Think globally, act locally.” And for certain levels of intelligence and competence such a thing may make sense beyond a trite jingoism. But for most people of the third world — at least in the beginning of the giant step into the mass media age — it makes far more sense to think locally and act locally.

Keep it real.

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  1. Abelard Lindsey says:

    This is a hoot! This is frigging great!

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    When the government targets a population by race then pledges all its resources to find anywhere there are “too many Whites,” that is GENOCIDE.

    Its a crime, not a policy option.

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