Should Andy McCabe be Executed for Treason?

If So, Perhaps He Should Not Be Alone

Disgraced former FBI Director Andy McCabe confessed on the air that he conspired with other government officials to remove a constitutionally elected President of the United States from office. This conspiracy has been labeled treasonous by a number of people, including the US President himself.

Now that a genuine US Attorney General has finally been confirmed, we should be able to form a better picture of this conspiracy as it unfolded — beginning under US President Obama, intensifying with the election of Donald Trump, and rising to a boil after the inauguration of President Trump. Here is what apparently happened:

…senior officials of the Justice Department, FBI, CIA, and other national intelligence organizations had repeatedly lied under oath, misinformed federal officials, and meddled in partisan political matters illegally and unconstitutionally and had effectively tried to influence the outcome of a presidential election, and then undo its result by falsely propagating the first narrative.


More background

The behaviour of these officials rises to abuse of power, and no doubt involved the breaking dozens of laws, regulations, and departmental procedures and guidelines. But does their behaviour in aggregate rise to the level of capital treason?

The new US Attorney General will need to decide whether to appoint another special counsel, and will need to initiate a number of official justice department investigations of the individuals pictured above — and their associates, go-betweens, and media contacts.

From that starting point, it is a long ways to laying charges of capital treason and seeing the charges through to a conviction and final punishment. The odds are long for such a thing ever to happen.

If the American people were ever able to see past the media smokescreen to see the facts of the case clearly, public opinion would quickly swing toward a severe punishment of the conspirators.

The image below provides a slightly more comprehensive map of some of the conspirators involved in the combination of an attempt to illegally influence a US election, followed by an attempted unconstitutional removal of a duly elected President of the United States.

Attorney General William Barr will decide how far to prosecute the cabal of conspirators who attempted to rise above the limits which US laws and the US Constitution had placed upon them.
Incriminating evidence

To answer the question in the title, “Should Andy McCabe be executed for treason?” Probably not. But he should be sentenced to serve serial terms as a common labourer in North Korea, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Iran, Cuba, and other rathole nations where the rule of law is as lightly disregarded as it was by McCabe’s own FBI and by Obama’s Department of Justice, CIA, and NSA.

This kind of abuse of governmental office should be harshly punished.

More, including collusion of the media with the coup-conspirators

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8 Responses to Should Andy McCabe be Executed for Treason?

  1. Improbus says:

    This conspiracy has been labeled treasonous … 25th Amendment to the Constitution is treasonous? You take an oath to protect the Constitution NOT the president.

    • alfin2101 says:

      Well of course. Making a mockery of the constitution as McCabe and his coup-conspirators were doing could certainly be seen as treasonous if done in the attempt to overturn a legal election. These powerful insiders should have to answer to the people whose votes they were attempting to negate through abuse of governmental power.

      • Improbus says:

        Dear pot, meet kettle.

        • alfin2101 says:

          Perhaps it is easier for a layperson to understand by using a shipboard analogy — the mutiny. Mutineers are typically executed, and for good reason. The same with the ship of state. When every little tinpot Tom, Dick, and Andy thinks he should be determining who is the leader, the ship of state runs aground. That’s why we have elections that follow constitutional rules, and we abide by them regardless of what the deep state lackeys may prefer.

  2. Anglo says:

    Most of the stuff you write is highly nuanced and compelling. But this pro-Trump stuff poisons it. The real traitor in all of this is Trump and his cronies who colluded with our enemies to undermine the western world order. McCabe, Mueller, Comey, McCain, and Steele are noble patriots, and when this Trumpist filth finally gets washed away they will get the honor they deserve.

    • alfin2101 says:

      If there were any proof to the accusations you fling at Trump like a monkey flings shite, it would have been produced and verified long ago. Instead all we have is Fusion GPS agitprop paid for by the Clinton campaign and passed along uncritically by a news media that is in hysterical “get Trump!” mode. You yourself may need to check your hysteria in the future. Being overwhelmed by your own emotions to the point that you cannot seem to stop for a moment and look for verifiable evidence in order to reason out the facts, is no endorsement of anything else you may write (in the absence of solid evidence, of course).

      Here is a revealing expose’ of what the US media has become during and after the 2016 elections.

  3. Spazmonkey says:

    I completely support your statement Alfin2101.
    I watch in awe as the accusations of Russian collusion by Trump, started by HRC herself have
    been intentionally ignored by US media.

    • alfin2101 says:

      Certainly it was the Clinton campaign that paid for the Steele dossier and shopped it to the FBI and Justice Dept. Muller has found nothing like “collusion,” although several FBI and Justice officials have been caught in traps of their own making. Trying to use the 25th amendment to effect a palace coup required a great deal of chutzpah. The House of Representatives shifted parties in the midterms, at least partially due to news coverage of the kabuki theatre by Muller, McCabe, Rosenstein, et al. The end result of that is likely to be a backlash against House Dem. overreach in the next elections, and even lower public esteem for the press in 2020.

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