Chairman Xi Wants to Make China the Artificial Intelligence King of the World

China is being saturated with facial-recognition surveillance cameras, so that each citizen can be carefully measured and fitted against a national “social credit system” yardstick. Disloyal citizens will be denied benefits and opportunities given only to their more loyal comrade citizens.

China is becoming more totalitarian almost by the day. To give just one example, everyone’s social media is monitored all the time, and used as the basis for a “social credit score” that goes down if you criticize the regime, and goes up if you flatter it.

This score is then used by Beijing to determine whether you will be allowed to travel outside the country, obtain a low-interest rate loan, or even buy an in-country plane ticket. If your social credit score falls low enough, you will be sent to a re-education camp even if you have not committed a crime. __ 21st Century Belongs China

Behind the controls of these 1984-ish developments will be China’s powerful all-knowing artificial intelligence systems. Ambitious Chinese AI projects are attracting $billions in financing from both inside and outside of China. According to some prognosticators, China has the inside track to global AI leadership:

China will inevitably dominate in artificial intelligence… China is laying the foundation for AI leadership: two-thirds of the world’s investment in AI is in China, and China already boasts a commanding presence in areas such as drone and facial recognition technologies.

… __

The combination of totalitarian police and military domination over its citizens + powerful AI systems to constantly monitor activities and locations of citizens, suggests an Orwellian future for the citizens living under Chairman Xi’s “socialism with Chinese characteristics.”

Mr. Xi will also utilise powerful AI to help government to control information access of China’s citizens.

One thing is certain; the CCP dominated government is using its powers to censor and control the news to try and keep Chinese from seeing what is really happening in China and the rest of the world. This effort works… __ StrategyPage

Ever since the coming to power of Chairman Xi, the Chinese have been tightening controls over activities of both citizens and foreigners alike.

A number of foreigners who had formerly boosted cross-border trade inside China are being shouldered out of China by heavy-handed government intervention. Many other expats are leaving China due to the dark clouds of deepening oppression on the horizon.

If you are planning an extended trip to China, perhaps for business or other work, be sure to do your research on conditions there before committing yourself. The government of China is not beholden to any international treaties or norms, and will do whatever it wants with any foreigners it chooses to make an example of.

As for Chinese artificial intelligence, the reality is of course different from the mainstream news releases. Think back to Japan’s “Fifth Generation Computing Project” of the 1980s, if you want a good historical perspective to the current hype over Chinese AI.

But be assured that China will use whatever power of oppression and imperialism that it can get its hands on — usually stolen, pirated, or otherwise nefariously obtained. Make your plans accordingly.

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