Will Skynet Terminators Speak Mandarin Chinese?

Can Communist China Build the End of the World?

If Communist China wants to build the machines that bring about the end of the world, it must have abundant excess capital and it must generate (or steal) tremendous computer savvy. We saw yesterday that China is becoming one of the world leaders in artificial intelligence, but can the dragon afford to build and place the vast constellation of machines needed to bring about the Terminator Apocalypse?

China’s super-rich are beginning to doubt the dragon’s economic future:

China’s superrich are losing their faith in the country’s financial future as fears around the impacts of slowing global trade and slowing economic liberalization cause worry.

A new survey found that just over a third of China’s superrich described themselves as “very confident” about the future of the Chinese economy. That’s less than half the number who said the same two years ago.

Some rich citizens are even scared that China could end up following the same path as the once prosperous Venezuela, according to The New York Times. __ BI

If China’s super-rich are beginning to compare China’s future with Venezuela’s present, confidence levels are definitely down.

China’s Economic Expansion in Better Clarity

Since the global economic deleveraging of 2007-2009 China has been able to maintain GDP growth numbers above 5% by spending exorbitantly on domestic infrastructure — whether the infrastructure was needed or used. But the China bubble approach to prosperity eventually runs out of building space, and to keep the thing going China had to look outward. This led to the “One Belt One Road Project,” sometimes known as the One Yellow Brick Road Project © .

China intended to export its overcapacity in the railway, highway and airport sectors while creating a debt trap to hold other countries hostage, all while supporting corrupt, puppet regimes, of which Venezuela is blood-drenched proof. __ China’s Economic Progress

“Overcapacity” is China’s middle name, at least the middle name for the State Owned Enterprises, or SOEs. For China’s economy to continue to grow above 5% per year, this overcapacity had to be unfettered and unleashed, and allowed to build unlimited infrastructure throughout the world. But OBOR isn’t working out exactly as planned:

In August last year, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad announced the termination of his nation’s big East Coast Rail Link contract with China after he was given the cold shoulder during a visit to Beijing.

… Now that the Belt and Road Initiative is broken, China is turning to Hong Kong. Once trapped, the “one country, two systems” framework will be put to sleep and Hong Kongers’ assets will dry up.

Worse still, Hong Kong will lose its century-old reputation for financial freedom as it is sacrificed in the competition between the great powers. __ China’s Economy

The author of the piece excerpted above brings up an interesting point. Hong Kong is a massive ball of capital, just sitting and waiting for the hungry dragon to gobble it up. And so it will, and it will pay the price. And Taiwan is simply a larger ball of capital, also “waiting” to be gobbled up by the hungry dragon.

China needs all the capital it can get if it is to build the Mandarin Skynet and initiate the Terminator Apocalypse. And it needs plenty of room to utilise its overproduction. With Mandarin Skynet, the sky is no limit.

Does the 21st Century Belong to China and Mandarin Skynet?

The Communist Party is promising that citizens are all part of a grand collective project, through which they will achieve a vicarious greatness.

… Here is, in essence, what the Chinese Communist Party tells the masses: You may be under constant state surveillance, unable to speak freely, and prevented from forming political associations. But remember that to be Chinese is to be part of the greatest phenomenon in human history, and China’s growing economic and military greatness is your greatness.

The national narcissism that such xenophobic and nationalistic appeals are intended to stoke, however, are a poor substitute for the universally recognized human rights that the Chinese people are being systematically deprived of.

… [Those] who predict the death of democracy because of their inclination to be impressed with China are simply wrong. Democracy is not in decline. Autocracy is. __ 21st Century China

Does the above sales pitch for Chinese collective greatness remind you of an earlier 20th century appeal that had Aryan characteristics? It should. It might also remind you of an appeal to grand imperialism coming out of Moscow even as we read and write this article. Appeals to collective and imperial greatness work for a time, until cracks appear along “sub-collective” lines. Think about it: There is no limit to the ways in which groups of people can be subdivided into sub-groups, sub-sub-groups, etc. And so the grand collectives and great empires collapse and divide.

Can China Build the Mandarin Skynet?

China can only succeed in the grand Mandarin Skynet project if the US goes back to being a navel-gazing international doormat, as with Obama or with a President Hillary. As long as someone like Trump is US President, China will not find it easy going bringing on the Terminator Apocalypse.

But China can always wait, and if little Miss Psycho Puerto Rico with the bulging eyes is any indication of what future US governments will look like, China may just be in luck — if it waits.

Which may mean that you need to start training your dogs to be Terminator detectors, and your children as Terminator resistance fighters. Because if the Terminator Apocalypse does occur in your lifetime, even odds it will speak with a Mandarin accent.

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4 Responses to Will Skynet Terminators Speak Mandarin Chinese?

  1. bob sykes says:

    China is the one country whose future is rosy, unless the US attacks it with nuclear weapons. Their computer industry is on a par with ours in terms of technology. They have a few more supercomputers than we do, and until late last year they had the two fastest supercomputers. These were completely homegrown, from chip design and manufacture to the operating system. Huawei has the most advanced 5G system in the world, and they make all of it from chips to software. The recent bogus charges against the company merely represent the outright fear our military industrial complex has of the Chinese.

    Their industrial sector is larger than ours, every bit as modern if not more so, and much more diverse. Where was your iPhone made? They have a manned space program, although it is small. They have demonstrated the ability to send probes to the Moon and land them, the dark side even, something we never did. If humans every revisit the Moon or go to Mars, they will be Chinese.

    Their military has been largely converted from Mao’s peasant army to a modern, well-equipped, well-trained, highly motivated force. Technically it is only somewhat behind ours. Within a decade, its fleet will be larger and more modern than ours. And it will be concentrated, not dispersed all over Hell and back. They may already have naval superiority in the South China Sea.

    If there is a country near collapse it is the US. Our industrial economy continues to disappear despite Trump. This week’s disaster at Lordstown, GM closing a plant that had been in operation 50 years and cutting lose some 1,700 working class Americans, is only the latest. Our government is in chaos. Military leaders and Trump’s own foreign policy staff, Pompeo and Bolton, feel free to veto his arrangements with Kim and to force Trump to repudiate them. Think of that, appointed officials publicly force a sitting President to renege on his promises to a foreign power. The Pentagon did that to Obama when they vetoed his deconfliction agreement with the Russians in Syria a few years ago. But Obama was able to restrain them from starting a war with Russia in Syria.

    Neither political party is in the least functional, and both are in the midst of civil wars that are paralyzing our government. AOC may well be the Speaker of the House after the 2020 elections. The Green New Deal has a real chance of being implemented. Look what the radicals in Australia have done to their power generating system. Radical groups like ANTIFAS roam our cities and colleges physically attacking anyone who differs from them. And city mayors and police chiefs and college presidents openly side with the violent aggressors. Do you smell Civil War in the air?

    We are rapidly becoming a failed state. We soon may be living on a continent ruled by warlords, warlords who have nuclear arsenals. You need to spend more time documenting US failure and forget about the fairy tales that Russia and China and Iran are collapsing.

    • alfin2101 says:

      A few of the assertions you make may well be qualifiably correct, although most appear to be hyperbole — and all of your comments are undocumented. Chinese technology was largely forcibly transferred, stolen, pirated, or obtained by espionage and hacking. The Chinese are very good at reverse-engineering and incremental innovations and improvements. But not so good at the disruptive innovations that will make their current technologies obsolete in one fell swoop. Russians are a bit better at disruptive innovations, but their engineers are suffering a decline in numbers and quality of education. Neither country has a bright future in that regard.

      You seem to suggest that China might easily build a Mandarin Skynet, and perhaps you understand China better than China’s super-rich do.

      This blog presents problems with the US democratic system as well as problems with Russia, China, and other despotic dictatorships. Where would you rather live? We can look at the emigration/immigration statistics to get an idea of where most people in the world would rather live. The iron curtain and the bamboo curtain and the Berlin Wall were not built to keep people out, but rather to keep people in and inconvenient information out.

      Rather than to take your advice, I suspect that I will document whatever in the world I wish, at whatever time I wish to do so. Readers who are distressed by some particular topic which is covered here, are welcome to skim over the particular articles which cause them distress. I will lose no sleep should you do so. 😉

  2. yoananda says:

    I’ll summarize that way : China is not a country, it’s an army.

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