California: Experiment in Extreme One-Party Rule

Venezuela is the poster-boy of socialist policies acted out to their conclusion. So are North Korea and Zimbabwe. And now the US state of California has decided to join the parade of socialist descent, just to show that it can.

[Democrats] now control almost 87% of the state’s congressional delegation—46 of the 53 representatives. Orange County, one of the original strongholds of the conservative movement, is now a liberal bastion. Democrats hold both U.S. Senate seats and all eight elected statewide offices.

__ Charles Kesler

California has become a massive public policy lab, where often-extremist policies are put into place without debate or consideration, and are allowed to play out to the devastation of California residents, businesses, and taxpayers.

It has been widely reported that in the California Legislature Democrats won supermajorities of two-thirds. This understates their control, which is more like three-fourths of each chamber: 28 of 40 Senate seats (with two vacancies), and 61 of 80 in the Assembly.

At the local level, the GOP’s last redoubt, Democrats advanced, too. Earlier this decade, Republicans filled almost half of California’s 2,500 mayoral and City Council seats, which are officially nonpartisan and hence offer camouflage to candidates from an unpopular party. This election flushed them out of that cover. Republicans now hold only 38% of those positions. __ Charles Kesler

With this kind of power, California’s Democrat-Party government can wreak destruction on a scale not known in the US since Civil War days. In the name of social justice and equality of outcome, the Golden State government can act out a utopian play that begins with great promise — but don’t stay till the end if you know what’s good for you.

The promises of California’s government programs are too good to be true, but also, apparently, too attractive to resist. Karl Marx called his kind of socialism “scientific,” as opposed to his predecessors’ “utopian” fantasies. California appears to be pioneering a third kind, which might be called “infantile.” Our Democrats strongly suspect their programs won’t work and know they can’t be paid for—but want them anyway. To analyze that perversity, Freud might be more helpful than Marx. At any rate, California’s experience offers cautionary lessons on the way to 2020. __

We all know that Marx’ “scientific socialism” was just as “utopian” as the policies of earlier theorists that he had mocked. Just as utopian and just as unworkable in practise. But do not tell California’s socialists that their experiments are obviously doomed from the beginning. They are in no mood for sober talk, just when they are shifting into socialist overdrive.

Here’s the deal: In a year and a half, California’s government will look no more competent or masterful than they look now. Instead, the glaring failures of their policies will be even more starkly clear as failures. In fact California will find it difficult to forego a federal bailout over the next two years.

But if throwing California residents, businesses, and taxpayers even deeper down a bottomless fiscal hole is the price for getting a California socialist elected into the Washington DC White House, the wealthy Democrats who control California will let the “little people” pay that price.

People are Moving Out

More businesses every year cannot afford the high price of taxation, regulation, electric power, and virtually every other measure of cost and quality of life in California. And when businesses move out, they take jobs away to elsewhere. For the businesses that California’s government drives completely out of business, that elsewhere is nowhere.

As for ordinary people:

… the high cost of living, traffic and increasing government regulation has created a life they can no longer afford. __

Choosing to move or stay can be difficult. But in the end, the mad hatters of Sacramento seem determined to make the choice to leave ever easier.

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2 Responses to California: Experiment in Extreme One-Party Rule

  1. Someone says:

    Sadly, the majority of these dopes will move to other states and vote for the same damn stupidity. Too bad we can’t ban people from these failing states. Not like I would want to defend them anyway.

    • alfin2101 says:

      A lot of people get trapped under bad governments through no fault of their own and consciously discover a better way of thinking about government policies before they escape the trap. Those people should be welcome almost anywhere.

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