Why Are Average Black IQs Lower than for Most Other Groups?

It is imbecilic to assume that two breeding populations exposed to radically different selection pressures over thousands of years, would present with identical aptitude distributions for every physical and cognitive trait.

The Shocking IQ Gap Between Blacks and Others

Human breeding populations on the African continent were exposed to vastly different selection pressures than were breeding populations in northern China. Likewise breeding populations in northern Europe were exposed to hugely different selection pressures than those in Africa, China, or India. Different alleles were discovered to predominate as a result of the differences in breeding populations.

Even within Africa, genetically based differences in aptitude appear: West Africa produces better sprinters, while East Africa produces better distance runners. An entire constellation of genes work together to produce these remarkable regional differences.

Jews are underrepresented among top sprinters and marathoners, but are overrepresented among Nobel Prize winners:

Nobel Prizes[note 1] have been awarded to over 900 individuals,[1] of whom at least 20% were Jews, although the Jewish population comprises less than 0.2% of the world’s population.[2] __ Wikipedia

Just as with physical characteristics such as height or running speeds, human IQ is underpinned by a multitude of genes working in concert to provide higher level cognitive skills.

It is not precisely known why gene constellations for African blacks provide — on average — lower cognitive skills than do the gene constellations for other breeding populations. It is presumed that differences in selection pressures over many thousands of years — not only on different continents, but for different life niches on the same continent — lead to different allele distribution. Differences in allele genotypes lead naturally to differences in performance/appearance/behavioural phenotypes.

Racists Ignore the Data

Scientists study the data on a wide range of natural phenomena, including differences between breeding groups for various behavioural, physical, and cognitive characteristics. When researchers present their data on such topics honestly they are merely behaving as scientists. Those who ridicule them and shout them down without studying the data are the racists and anti-humanists, attempting to define and portray breeding populations without having put in the hard work to describe them intelligently and scientifically.

Similarly, it is cruelly racist to admit black applicants based upon easier admissions criteria than is used to admit applicants from other breeding populations.

When an elite institution relaxes its usual standards to admit more blacks and Hispanics, it all but guarantees that those academically weaker students will have trouble keeping up with their better-prepared white and Asian classmates. Minorities who might have flourished in a science or engineering program at a middle-tier state college are apt to find themselves overwhelmed by the pace at which genetics or computer architecture is taught in the Ivy League. Many decide to switch to an easier major. Others drop out altogether.
__ Jeff Jacoby excerpted

It is racist to reflexively deny differences of aptitude distributions between breeding populations which can be rigorously demonstrated using scientific and statistical methods. And yet it is the scientists who take the trouble to do the rigorous studies who are demonised and often driven out of academia and media in the name of a misnamed “anti-racism.”

Clearly this pious “dumbing down” of academia, media, and politics by posturing and virtue signalling imbeciles will eventually reach a point of diminishing returns. Multiple backlashes based upon valid scientific methods will take place. And the public reaction against those who have fooled them for so long using nothing but emotional rhetoric and naked deceit is apt to be vicious.

Protect yourselves and your families from this “social backlash” phenomenon by understanding the issues early and thoroughly. Here are a few author suggestions for further reading:

Robert Plomin

Richard Haier

Arthur Jensen

Linda Gottfredson

Greg Cochran and the 10,000 Year Explosion

Facing reality head-on is the best way to prepare for an uncertain future. Reality does not care about your feelings or about your sense of fairness.

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