Billionaire Entrepreneur Trump and the US Economy

A Savvy Businessman in the Oval Office

What can a savvy entrepreneur like Donald Trump do for the US economy that a proto-socialist closet revolutionary like Barack Obama couldn’t (or wouldn’t)? For starters, unemployment is at a record low for blacks, hispanics, and women. More:

The 3.1 percent Q4-to-Q4 growth rate in 2018 means the United States just had its strongest calendar year of economic growth since 2005, well before the Great Recession.

Where did that growth come from? Consumer spending, which accounts for about two-thirds of U.S. economic growth, was robust, driven by the strongest jobs market in decades, the best wage growth in a decade, low energy prices and increased take-home pay resulting from the 2017 tax cuts. With consumer spending up and the Trump administration having reined in unfriendly regulations, business investment was also strong, accelerating in the fourth quarter and laying the groundwork for future economic growth.


There does seem to be a distinct difference between the Obama economy and the Trump economy. Here’s more:

A new poll released by CNN shows that more than 70 percent of Americans believe the economy is in “good shape,” the highest number to say so in over 18 years. That’s good news for businesses and workers who are enjoying a time of record economic growth and prosperity.

… CNN and others in the Washington bubble may be baffled by the president’s impressive economic results, but they shouldn’t be. Donald Trump promised that he would deliver for the average American and that’s exactly what he’s done. And trust me, the president and his team are just getting started.


No one can predict the future. But judging by Trump’s actions of reducing taxes and regulations while boosting job creation, the entrepreneur president seems to have done more for working Americans than Mr. Hopey-Changey empty chair did in 8 years between 2008 and 2016.

It is clear that Obama placed hundreds of onerous and nonsensical regulations in the way of new and established businesses for no logical reason other than political game-playing. Trump has removed as many of these destructive regulatory policies as he could, and continues doing so. The difference is in one of perspective, level of expertise, and ultimate goals. Trump wants Americans to succeed. Obama wanted America to be humbled, forcing radical changes to the foundations of society and government.

Parenthetically, it should be obvious to the attentive that many of the policies being proposed by “new socialist democrats” such as eliminating the electoral college, neonatal infanticide, stuffing the Supreme Court with political activists and lackeys, and other policies to undermine the US Constitution, are merely extensions of the underlying Obama agenda — if Obama could have been elected for another two terms. He just did not have enough time.

Obama Was Not At the Same Level as Trump

It should be clear that Trump is a player, whereas Obama was a willing puppet for the higher level players who jerked his strings. The two men were at different levels of power, although both sat in the same office. Trump writes marching orders, Obama followed marching orders written by others.

Which is just as well, since Obama has to be one of the less intelligent, less perceptive, and least knowledgeable of all the men who served as US President. He was lost without a teleprompter, and the thought of the dimwitted Hawaiian making actual policy should cause most any thinking person to cringe.

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3 Responses to Billionaire Entrepreneur Trump and the US Economy

  1. Improbus says:

    I tend to agree with most of your foreign policy and technology articles, however, the US political articles mostly read like propaganda. You say Trump is a savvy entrepreneur and I say he is a cunning criminal. Not smart, cunning. If it wasn’t for Deutsche Bank and the Russians he would be living on the street. He is a dead beat and a swindler and never met a debt he wouldn’t repudiate.

    • alfin2101 says:

      Well he certainly got your goat, Improb. 😉

      If Trump’s high powered enemies had any evidence for such empty accusations, they would be touting that instead of going after low level associates for misdemeanors that allegedly took place several years before Trump’s candidacy.

      Trillions of dollars are on the line for a lot of lefty-green high rollers, and they would never hold back if they had anything at all real to hit him with. Their congressional and deep state lackeys only wish they had evidence of genuine wrongdoing.

      It seems likely that you are unfamiliar with how large scale real estate development projects work and are repeating some tabloid-level accusations you heard elsewhere. If you are to take the trouble to comment, try to say something that sounds at least slightly convincing with supporting documentation from reputable sources.

  2. Craig Willms says:

    People can believe that Trump’s an idiot at their own peril. Crazy, yes, crazy like a fox. I don’t say this out of any admiration, just as an observation. Also, not meant as a slight, although his act bugs me quite often. I’m not a fan of the Trump style at all, he comes across as petulant child in my eyes. That maybe part of his ‘crazy’ or maybe he’s just that narcissistic and he get’s things done despite it.

    To deny his effectiveness and instinct is foolish. He is amazingly unafraid even in the face of the full force of the world establishment and the American intel apparatus aligned against him. He clearly represents a threat to the high brow liberal orthodoxy that permeates the halls of power and it’s little wonder they are gunning for him constantly. I can only surmise that he is (relatively) clean or they’d have fried him by now.

    He really makes it seem that he is looking out for the forgotten man and that he does care for the concept of a sovereign United States of America.

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