Netherlands Terrorist Helps Elect New Eurosceptic Government

How the actions of two terrorist fools — one in the Netherlands, one in New Zealand — led to the overturning of power in the Dutch Senate.

Game of Terror, Game of Thrones

First the Christchurch, New Zealand, terror attack on two Muslim mosques. Then a Utrecht, Netherlands, terror attack on a tram as a possible payback for the NZ killings. Finally, the people of the Netherlands elect an anti-immigration Senate majority in the Dutch senate.

This chain of events illustrates how European people typically fight back, if given a fair chance: at the polls.

A new populist, Eurosceptic party has achieved the remarkable feat of going from zero seats to becoming the largest single party in the Dutch Senate in a single election, as a young politician likened to a “Dutch Donald Trump” beat seasoned professionals in Wednesday’s poll.

Thierry Baudet’s Forum for Democracy party, which has gained attention for its Euroscepticism, campaigned against open borders politics and against what he calls “climate-change hysteria,” winning 86 seats across the Dutch regions. The victory put his party ahead of even the ruling mainstream conservative People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD), which achieved 80 seats. __ Source

The new party opposes “climate change hysteria” as well as current EU immigration policies. This election result owes much to the terrorist Turk who attacked the Utrecht tram earlier in the week.

Thierry Baudet said he was willing to support the establishment parties in government but would demand a “change of course” in certain policy areas, specifically mass migration and government spending on climate change policies. Showing the party’s newfound power, Baudet even demanded the resignation of several key cabinet ministers, including those responsible for home affairs and immigration, in return for support.

__ Breitbart London

The Dutch Senate election illustrates how public sentiment can shift at the drop of a hat. The leader of the new senate majority party, Thierry Baudet, is sometimes referred to as the “Trump of the Netherlands.” But as far as I know, Baudet has never built any hotels, casinos, or golf resorts — nor has he been the host of any reality television shows, according to fact-checkers at the Al Fin Institutes of Responsible Media.

The EU — and Angela Merkel in particular — have built a wheezing and rickety, highly vulnerable Europe. The yellow vest movement in France and electoral reversals in nations scattered across Europe, are signals that Europeans are waking up to their abuse at the hands of their national and EU leaders.

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