Spygate: The Corrupt Administration that Perverted the Entire US National Security Apparatus For a Political Hit Job

Following in the footsteps of the Richard Nixon administration, the Obama administration took control of the US spy and law enforcement agencies and used them as just another arm of the Obama political machine.

The full story of the intentionally botched FBI investigation in the Hillary Clinton email scandal is slowly being untangled from the deep state detritus that has been attempting so long to cover it up. But more intriguing than the email-gate coverup is how that scandal morphed so seamlessly into the quickly concocted Russia collusion scam.

Some readers are not mature or cognitively competent enough to work their way through the maze of dirty tricks perpetrated by officials in the US Justice Department, the FBI, the CIA, and other arms of US law enforcement and national security. But the evidence does not go away just because they stick their heads in the sand and mutter “I hate Trump! I hate Trump! . . . ” in a mind-numbing perseveration of early onset dementia.

The ginned-up “evidence” came mainly from a Clinton-campaign document that was craftily placed into official government documents by members of the team pictured above. But the fictions were propagated relentlessly over cable news and late night “comedy” shows for two years to the point that much of the dumbed down public came to accept the fantasies for realities.

Sadly, a large part of today’s university-educated generations are no longer capable of following a logical argument or spotting logical fallacies. They have been taught to focus on their emotions, and to abandon logical argument as the obsolete purview of dead white males. And so the path to the idiocracy is paved with black ice on a decline plane.

For those capable of following the storyline — and who are curious as to how such a thing could have happened under the “transparent” administration of Barack Hussein Obama — read this expose.

We know why such a thing might have been attempted: There are $trillions at stake in government contracts and future government policies that will lead to $trillions more in future government contracts.

The US government has always been a cash cow for unscrupulous politicians, cronies, and puppet-masters. But over the last hundred years the government has exploded in size, power, budgets, and a seemingly insurmountable debt.

No government — Democrat or Republican — will try to attack the national debt. There is too much money and power that comes from manipulating government policies and contracts. There are few politicians with the fortitude to walk away from that kind of power.

To get Hillary Clinton elected as US President in 2016, heaven and earth were twisted into ribbons. Laws were broken, crimes were covered up, abuses of government power was rampant, and twisted agencies of government hid their wrongdoings from other agencies that were supposed to be keeping track of what was happening. But the effort failed, so another vast bending of the laws of the universe took place, to try to “set things right.”

But we see that that effort has failed — and already the groundwork is being laid for more abuses of power and new crimes against logic and reason. Not so strangely, the mainstream media has been complicit in the grand bent crusade of power all along. In fact, the skankstream media cannot get off the train at this stage — it is in for the duration.

The bottom line is that the government — the US government in particular, but most other governments as well — has too much power and is far too large and opaque. It has been that way since the FDR years, but has gotten worse every decade since the 1930s. Neither party wants to give up power, so nothing substantial is done to reduce the size and power of government.

Universities are training new generations of socialist drones, full of righteous indignation and outrage, but such people tend to burn themselves out on drugs and rage eventually. Unfortunately they also get hired into government positions under presidents such as Obama — as you can see from reading the narrative. They have no scruples because they are taught that there is no single objective truth — that all competing “truths” are equally valid, but especially the “politically correct truth.”

Things are going to get very bumpy. I say this because the tyrants of the university, the newsroom, and the deep state, overplayed their hand and exposed themselves. Opposition is rising — even from inside the universities themselves and from alternative media that is robbing viewership from the mainstream. And the deep state is running as fast as it can just to keep up with Donald Trump’s active pruning of its roots and branches via revocation of regulations. The clash of cultures is just revving up.

This bumper-car rollercoaster ride is just getting started. If you wish you can hope for the best. But by all means, prepare for the worst. It would not be too soon to start making yourself very Dangerous.

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