Space Access 2019 via Experimental Rocket Propulsion Society

Why Does the US Have So Many of These Conferences?

Space Access 2019

Preliminary Conference Schedule

And What Good Do They Do?

Free Speech and Free Association form the Groundwork for a Civil Society

These freedoms are guaranteed by the 1st amendment to the US Constitution. When “free” people can get together to discuss, debate, and organise around almost any topic of choice (unlike in dictatorships) they can develop new approaches to problem-solving and form lifelong friendships and profitable associations. Cross-pollination of ideas is encouraged in this way, and innovation and enterprise-formation take place naturally.

People who were born and raised in America cannot conceive of life under an oppressive state, where a person can be imprisoned or “disappeared” without explanation or justification — just for holding a conversation that may fall outside of political or religious boundaries.

Various Groups Have Held Space Conferences in the US for Several Decades

These conferences are open to a wide range of attendees — from aerospace executives to high school students and amateur rocket hobbyists. This is where children and youth affirm future careers and where contacts can be made between fellow enthusiasts which sometimes grow to something more substantial than amateur enthusiasm.

Even during the dark days after the shutdown of the Shuttle program, before the coming of the upstart SpaceX, space conferences such as this one kept the spark of hope, interest, and experimentation alive in the broad community of interest in rockets and space development.

Brief Outline for Program of Space Access 2019:

Thursday 4/18/19 – The Entrepreneurial Revolution In Smallsat Launch

Friday 4/19/19 – Reusable Rocket Transport Networks in Earth-Moon Space

Saturday 4/20/19 – Getting There Faster: Advanced High Energy Propulsion


Many of these conferences seem to take place in the San Francisco Bay area because that is where many of the speakers and other guests of such conferences reside. High tech companies have clustered in the Bay Area for several decades, and space has always been high on the list of interests for many of the engineers who work in these high tech corps and startups. The Bay is also a central location for many of the investors who sometimes drop some money on space startups.

US Tech Billionaires Driving Space Development Etc.

Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are the best known tech billionaires who made the big plunge into the aerospace industries. But there are others in the hunt for outer space $trillions.

Various tech billionaires are also helping to finance development in advanced nuclear fission, small scale nuclear fusion, life extension, and various assorted future technologies — all with the potential to introduce disruptive change into modern lifestyles.

This phenomenon of one disruptive industry leapfrogging to finance another more-disruptive industry seems more likely to take place in a society that allows freedom of speech and freedom of association than in stagnant and constipated societies that are bound up in bureaucratic rules and oppressive and arbitrary sets of laws — such as one finds across Asia, Africa, and parts of Latin America.

In a free society what is not explicitly forbidden, is allowed.

In despotic and stagnant societies, what is not explicitly allowed, is forbidden.

It should be clear where one is more likely to find the most disruptive innovations — in the more open society. Stolen innovations — such as one is likely to find in China — are another matter. But China is a politically saturated wasteland where everything in that sad society — from top to bottom — can change at any moment, and everyone is at risk who lacks sufficient political clout.

Even in the US, freedom of speech is threatened on university campuses, in most corporations, within mainstream news outlets, in deep state bureaucracies, and everywhere else that political correctness has insinuated itself.

So if you live in a free society where you can get together with people of similar interests and hold an international conference such as the one pictured above, count yourself lucky. You are living in a place where disruptive change is still possible.

Keep in mind, however, that freedoms which you take for granted are never entirely safe from abusive power-mongers in government, media, academia, corporations, activist groups, etc. Hope for the best, plan for the worst.

It is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood © .

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