Dying Russia Update

Population Decline:

Russia is one of the few countries with a negative growth rate, and its 2019 population is estimated at 143.90 million, a decline from an estimated population of 146.3 million in 2015. It’s currently the 9th most populous country on earth, despite being the largest by area. __ http://worldpopulationreview.com/countries/russia-population/

Corruption Pandemic:

… corruption is seen as a major factor in Russian combat disasters. Even military leaders accept that, but in peacetime the opportunities are too abundant and the discipline too inadequate to prevent corruption. Government prosecutors estimate that military corruption costs the military over $500 million a year and disrupts the operation of units, major programs and everything else. Despite the frequent prosecutions it is believed corruption in the military is increasing. __ https://strategypage.com/qnd/russia/articles/20190402.aspx

More on Russian Corruption from The Moscow Times

Russian Industrial Decline:

Vladimir Putin’s much-publicized program to promote import substitution is failing. Indeed, Russia may be in worse shape now than it was a decade ago as sanctions and declining earnings from the sale of raw materials leave the central government with less money to spend. Moreover, in contrast to China, which has a successful program in this area, Russia continues to buy completed products rather than the technologies on which they are based.

… the absence of domestic production in the industrial sector has contributed to the severe shrinking of Russia’s working class… the rising generation can see its own prospects being taken away by government policies of buying foreign goods rather than developing them at home. __ https://jamestown.org/program/import-substitution-in-russia-failing-as-moscow-buys-products-not-technologies/

Russian Mortality Again Rising, Population Falling

After a few years of small population gains in Russia due to rising births and falling deaths, since 2015 Russia is reverting back to a pattern of higher mortality and flat — or falling — birth rates among ethnic Russians.

Russian patterns of alcohol and tobacco use — and rising rates of HIV from intravenous drugs and dirty needles — underlie these high mortality rates. Young and middle aged Russian men display surprisingly high death rates.

More than two million Russian men are considered to be HIV positive, and the epidemic doesn’t show any signs of abating. In the United States, more than 1.2 million people are living with the infection.

… Serious health problems among Russians derive from high rates of smoking and alcohol consumption. Mortality among Russian men rose by 60% since 1991, four or five times higher than the European average.

These untimely deaths result mostly from preventable causes – alcohol poisoning, smoking, cardiovascular diseases, traffic accidents and violent crimes. __ https://www.theglobalist.com/russia-public-health-alcoholism/

Contrast Between Russia and China

Russia has a much larger land mass area than China, but China’s population is significantly larger and still growing — in contrast to Russia’s falling population. China has the industrial and demographic might to support its expansionist goals. Russia does not. China acquired the technology — it does not matter how — to produce its industrial equipment. Russia did not.

China needs lebensraum and is quickly spreading into the Russian Far East and other parts of Siberia. It is only a matter of time before Russian collapse meets Chinese expansion — no overt invasion or war will be required for China. Putin has already gone past the point of no return in his indebtedness to China.

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4 Responses to Dying Russia Update

  1. Improbus says:

    Poor Ivan, I’ll pour a vodka out for him. I guess I’ll need to acquire some Baijiu so I can do the same for China when they hit the wall.

  2. JerryO says:

    Well, it looks like I can post again! In any event, I read your site 3-5x weekly, and it’s great! Keep up the good work 👍🏻

  3. bob sykes says:

    Every country except black Africa has the same demographic problem, although Russia is somewhat in advance. The world population outside Africa has peaked, and soon almost every country’s population will start to go down.

    That will happen in America, too. It likely is already happening to our White population. And that is critical, because our economy depends on White labor, management, investment and invention. Hispanics and blacks cannot sustain a modern economy, as both Latin America and Africa prove, and our economy will begin to decline once the White decline sets in.

    Western Europe is in the same boat. A declining White population, and a rising African and Muslim population leads to economic decline.

    China is different. It is nearly all high IQ Han, so even if its labor force declines in numbers (as it is), it will not decline in quality.

    As to Siberia, Russia still has nukes and high tech, and China desperately needs a strong ally to offset the US and its Asian allies. China will do everything it can to prop up Russia and curry its favor. It will not seize Siberia or any part of it.

    • alfin2101 says:

      Too late. China has already moved in to take economic control of much of the Russian Far East and other portions of Siberia. The riches are too great to ignore, and Putin has long since signed off on this slow-motion covert takeover by China. He has no choice given the economic and technological realities that dying Russia finds itself in.

      Give us your women!

      Siberia will shift seamlessly under Chinese control

      Russia cannot control its putative space, with its porous borders and shrinking demographics. China knows how to leverage control of foreign territories, and Russia has little to say about the coming transfer of control. Russian minds obsess on Moscow and St. Petersburg, the Baltic and the Black Sea, while the action is taking place far to the East. By the time the sole remaining Russian in the world wakes to the threat, it will be too late.

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