Why Can’t Socialists Handle the Truth?

They feel that they have good intentions. This utopian dream of theirs is so vivid they can almost taste it! But why do they never sit down with the veterans of failed utopias and talk over the problems that their well-intentioned ideological dreams tend to cause, over and over again?

Talk to the people who escaped Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, and the other current and former workers’ paradises of the world?

They want to talk about Scandinavian socialism, which is not really socialism when looked at closely and carefully. And truly, why would any sane person try to compare relatively simple, mostly monoracial mini-nations such as one finds in Scandinavia with a deeply complex and multicultural superpower such as the USA?

It is a utopian dream they are looking for, not any kind of reality which ever could be realised on this planet, with the broadly deficient strains of human breeding material one finds here. Feeling righteous about themselves is what they want — and they could never do that if they were to face the reality of what their dreams always result in.

Bernie Sanders Long Praised Cuba

In Cuba, doctors make the equivalent of 25 cents an hour and teachers 21 cents an hour. Pharmacists earn eight cents an hour.

In Cuba, there is no right to free speech and virtually no ­independent media.

There are no free, fair, multiparty elections. In fact, there is just one political party (Communist), and only members of the Communist Party may run as candidates for any ­office. But we were told we couldn’t object to this system, lest we lose our free education and free health care. __ Enrique Padron

Bernie Said the American Dream Could Be Found In Venezuela

We would go five or six days at a time without electricity, and that’s why we had to leave Venezuela. We buy food with debit cards [because inflation has rendered cash almost worthless], and when there’s no electricity the cards don’t work in the machines and you can’t buy anything. There were entire days I went without food. My 7-year-old, too. But thank God, my baby didn’t go hungry because I was still nursing. __ Génesis Gutiérrez Padilla, 27 quoted in NYT

Socialism is a Pretty Wrapping Filled with Dog Shite

In theory, North Korea is a bastion of socialism, a country where the state provides everything, including housing, health care, education and jobs. In reality, the state economy barely operates anymore. People work in factories and fields, but there is little for them to do, and they are paid almost nothing. __ https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2017/world/north-korea-defectors/?

The USSR imploded for much the same reason. Communist China almost self-destructed, before Deng allowed a private economy to bloom inside China.

Socialist paradises always run out of other people’s money, sooner or later. That is when they discover that their utopian dream system is unable to generate the wealth they want to spend. That is when the people start to flee.

But Where Will They Go if the USA Goes Socialist?

The US has a lot of surplus wealth which can be confiscated and spent, but with over 300 million people, it would not take long for the system to grind to a halt under genuine socialism. That would be the signal for the world to go to war.

If the US fell to socialism before China collapsed of its own internal debt and corruption, China would be in the best position to seize global power. But first the world would experience war, famine, and pestilence at levels never possible in previous, less densely populated societies. Under true socialism, the US would be in no position to intervene.

Tribal and clan dominated societies would use stockpiles of weapons they could never have made for themselves — and which would quickly wear out for lack of maintenance. They would keep buying replacement weapons as long as their valuable natural resources held out, until finally entire continents would starve.

Russia would be reduced to trading the bulk of Siberia to China in exchange for advanced Chinese technology to use in the reconquista of Eastern Europe. And so Russia becomes a vassal state to China in the end.

This — and much worse — is the reality of the socialist dream which is being fed like hogswallop to university and high school students across Europe and the Anglosphere. The dysfunctional tide might be held back a while longer. But if the tsunami of socialism does sweep over the seawalls of residual sanity, there will be hell to pay.

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    “… China wants Siberia.” What China needs is a friendly Russia to offset the American Empire, which includes Wester Europe, parts of the Middle East, and Japan and South Korea. And Russia needs China. They are natural allies. If China expands anywhere, it is south to Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia. And that doesn’t have to be invasion and conquest, intimidations suffices.

    [Admin: Putin has already sold Siberia out to Xi, and the Chinese are moving in. The invasion of Siberia by Chinese settlers is well under way.


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