Taking Responsibility by the Numbers, thru the Word, from the Heart

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Dave Ramsey: Responsibility by the Numbers

Dave Ramsey is an author and radio personality who teaches different ways for people to take responsiblity for their finances: Get out of debt, balance your budget, save for emergencies and special needs, and invest to build wealth.

All of this is not as easy as it sounds, and Dave Ramsey is not afraid to get into the grit and grime of debt and personal irresponsibility in the attempt to salvage a person’s future, self-respect, and financial peace of mind.

Jordan Peterson: Responsibility thru the Word

Jordan Peterson is an author, university professor, public speaker, entrepreneur, consultant to corporations and other large organisations, and increasingly prominent public personality. His message is for people to take on responsibility as a way to make something good and meaningful in the face of the underlying tragedy of human life. Using the power of the word — using ancient myths and modern phenomenon alike — Peterson helps to reveal the predicament we are all in. He then helps us find the many tools that we can use to generate purpose and meaning powerful enough to motivate us in taking responsibility for shaping our futures.

Stephen Levine: Responsibility from the Heart

Stephen Levine was an author, poet, leader of workshops, public speaker, and personal coach to persons who were living through the experience of terminal disease. Levine’s ideas strike deep into the non-verbal experience of confronting and accepting ourselves, on levels that virtually everyone fears to tread — if they are even aware of the places inside of their deeper selves.

Every bit as potentially life-changing as the messages of Dave Ramsey and Jordan Peterson, the teachings of Stephen Levine have the potential of providing a deeper meaning to one’s life than might be imagined, whether a person is dying or not likely to die for a very long time.

Taking Responsibility

Taking responsibility for one’s own life and education is an integral part of Dangerous Child training. The training goes far deeper than achieving financial self-sufficiency and multiple practical skills in the teen years, and mastering a wide range of lethal and semi-lethal skills. It is in the mastery of one’s self that the Dangerous Child comes into his own. And that self-mastery takes many different forms over many facets and depth levels of the many phases of the person’s life.

It’s never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood, but the earlier begun, the better mastery that can be achieved.

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