Wind Power Boom Is Over

… the 20-year subsidies granted to wind, solar, and biogas since 2000 will start coming to an end next year. “The wind power boom is over,” Der Spiegel concludes. __

No economy can afford to run its industry and commerce on unreliable and exorbitantly expensive intermittent energy sources, such as big wind and big solar. Leftist politicians are willing to sacrifice citizens on an altar of green ideology, but more practical people understand that a modern society cannot be run on unreliable forms of energy.

The higher the percentage of a society’s dependence on intermittent energy, the more ruinously expensive the misconceived project becomes.

Der Spiegel cites a recent estimate that it would cost Germany “€3.4 trillion ($3.8 trillion),” or seven times more than it spent from 2000 to 2025, to increase solar and wind three to five-fold by 2050. __ Spiegel quoted in Forbes

It took Al Fin a number of years to understand the problems that large scale wind & solar cause for power grids. But once the problems with intermittent power are understood, the macabre nature of this horrendous hoax becomes readily visible. Grid-scale energy storage would only make the problem of consumer power costs much worse, despite the claims of advocates with vested interests.

The electricity exiting from a typical utility-scale solar plant, without subsidies, costs about $70 per megawatt hour. Adding the battery to the system will jack up the price to more than $300 per megawatt hour.


If you are planning to build an off-grid cabin or retreat, then a small solar array or wind turbine makes perfect sense. But something very ugly happens when wind and solar are scaled up to the scale of power grids. The unpredictable intermittency of these unreliable energy sources gets magnified to huge proportions — and there is no affordable mitigation in sight.

If you want modern civilisation to come to a bloody screeching halt — with the four horsemen of famine, pestilence, war, and death riding in triumph — push unreliable forms of energy to their limits, and then keep pushing. This is what leftist greens have been doing for years in Germany, the UK, Australia, California, and other dens of unscrupulous political villains.

But if you want to see human civilisation pass through the transition into an abundant and expansive future, powered by clean, safe, affordable and unlimited forms of power — reject the treachery of wind & sun. Push for an all-out development of advanced fission and fusion power, the only chance for a truly open-ended human future.

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