The Government is Not the Country

The USA is a country that dominated the 20th century, but was supposed to have faded rapidly by now to take a subservient position to China in the 21st century. The US government is badly in debt, and mired in partisan battles at juvenile levels that would make schoolchildren appear mature and wise in comparison. But intelligent and informed persons should keep in mind that “the government is not the country.” Most of the US government will eventually be ejected and trashed, replaced by minimalist legislative and judicial forms that encourage the private sector to innovate and interact in such a way to replace most of the former functions of government. At least, that is the best path to an expansive and abundant future for most humans on the planet — and for any humans that wish to live off-planet: The slashing of the US government in order to boost the vitality and creativity of the underlying country.

Around the world, the people and the land tend to outlive any number of failed experiments in bad government. In a short 90 years, the Russians survived the corruption of the Tsars, the Bolsheviks, and Yeltsin — and they will survive Putin as well. In a similar time span, the Chinese survived the Qing dynasty, the warlord era of the early 20th century, the Japanese occupation, the civil war after the end of WWII — and they will survive the Chinese Communist Party.

Venezuela’s failed experiment in socialism is a lesson in what a bad government can do to a rich country, as is the Iranian experiment in revolutionary religious theocracy. Cuba has been a bad joke since the coming of the Castros — but the country still abides despite the long history of ruinous government.

Under most free systems of government such as you see in Europe and the Anglosphere, the government is not allowed to dominate every part of life. This is not true for members of the “Dictatorship Club”: Iran, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, China, and North Korea etc.

The dictatorships tend toward totalitarian rule of a corrupt and arbitrary nature, which in the long run ties up a nation’s human capital and natural resources so that economic productivity is choked off. It takes time to drive skilled people out of the country along with economic capital, but the members of the dictatorship club have been depleting their human and economic capital for many years — and things can only get worse.

Global Stability – Instability

The Rise of Socialism in America

The US is vulnerable to the same type of decline and dictatorship as we see among the dictator’s club, thanks to the failure of government supported school systems to educate the young on the inevitable result of socialist government. We know what happens when socialism takes over a country:

The result in dozens of national experiments since then has been totalitarian dictatorship, economic collapse, or both, at the cost of some 100 million lives. In Marxist-Leninist thought, this human cost was a price worth paying during the supposedly temporary “dictatorship of the proletariat.” Despite the stated goals of demagogues, Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek foresaw in The Road to Serfdom that such a dictatorship would not be a temporary phase but the end result of socialism: “A claim for equality of material position can be met only by a government with totalitarian powers.” __

If new generations of Americans hand over the riches of the country into the hands of a rapacious government, a temporary descent into the dark ages of socialism becomes an eventual possibility.

Until now, the US government has been limited by the US Constitution and a legal system that on average enforces most of the important principles of that document. But under corrupt forms of government such as socialism, rule of law tends to be replaced by a corrupt rule of ideological and personal expediency. We see this happening in California and New York and in many large US cities such as Chicago. The descent into socialism is the opposite of an emergence into minimalist government. Socialism would represent the squashing of any dreams for an abundant and expansive human future — at least for a significant time span.

But The Government is not The Country

Eventually, many of the brighter and more vital people learn their lessons about bad government, and tend to turn to better alternatives. If these people attain an intellectual influence and a political following, they can turn a country away from bad government — such as socialism or radical theocracy — and give the people freer alternatives and wiser philosophical lessons about their lives and futures.

In the 20th century, when much of the world was experimenting with extremist totalitarian forms of dictatorial government, the US stood as the most economically powerful nation — and ultimately as the most powerful military as well. This single fact prevented the world from falling into a totalitarian morass that might have lasted most of the 20th century well past the middle of the 21st century.

Among Dictatorships, Today’s China is a Special Case

In today’s world, China represents the global champion of totalitarianism. China’s current patina of economic prosperity is due almost entirely to foolish choices by European and Anglospheric companies, who have handed over to China their industrial secrets and manufacturing plants for a mere pittance. This betrayal of their home countries and home workers by these western corporations (and their political enablers) has allowed China to pretend to buck the normal tide of dictatorial decline for a time — at least to outside appearances. But China is still a totalitarian dictatorship despite a facade of markets and “free” trade. The normal multiplier effect of innovation which one sees in freer societies is not operative in a slave state such as China. This is true even for stolen innovations which make up most of what passes for innovation in China, even today.

It should be clear that the people to blame for the success of China’s quasi-criminal approach to international trade and enterprise, are western corporations and western politicians, who handed their riches to China for a song. We’re gonna need a lot more guillotines!

But time will take care of these governmental perversions and deviations, and the same advanced technologies which are being used to enslave people in the socialist and communist countries, will eventually be used to advance the freer people who outgrow socialism and communism in the future. Then on to an expansive and abundant future, at least for some.

For many humans — particularly the less intelligent and the ideologically blinded — totalitarian forms such as socialism and communism present too great an appeal for them to overcome. For such people and the unfortunates who fall under their influence, the future will be very dark indeed.

Escaping totalitarianism is only possible for those capable of distinguishing between “the government” and “the country.” This conflict has been in play for many thousands of years, since the rise of cities and civilisations, and will probably continue for thousands of years more. The important thing to understand is that anyone who promises or pursues utopia through governmental means is suffering from a form of madness, and wants to pull everyone else into that madness as well. If you want a future worth living, you will not allow that to happen.

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3 Responses to The Government is Not the Country

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  2. jimofjimsblog says:

    I disagree:

    China is substantially more free than the US in many very important ways: See my post

    You cannot show romance on American movies because Han Solo, Indiana Jones, every Errol Flyn character, and Rhet Butler oppress women, and Rhett Butler. is a rapist,

    You cannot show adventure because the original James Bond was toxically masculine.

    You cannot even show men and woman dancing, because dancing the way dance movies did in the 1950s oppresses women and presents oppressive stereotypes of male and female interaction.

    When you go through security in a Chinese airport, it is pleasant and courteous. When you go through security in a US airport, a bunch of low IQ thugs give you a hard time. You are never harassed by police. You rarely have to show ID. “Papers Please” is the distinctive characteristic of totalitarianism, and we get one hell of a lot more of that in the US than in China.

    State are not oppressive because they are dictatorships. States are bad when the state belief system insists on lies about this world, which requires harsh and intrusive control. Dubai is just as undemocratic as North Korea, but it is very nice if you have money (it is a cruise ship style state) while North Korea is a hell hole.

    China’s official belief system is less deluded than that of the US, so they can go easier on their subjects.

    • alfin2101 says:

      Very good Jim. Chinese elites are using every trick in the book to get foreign residency and citizenship, when all they need to do is to stay home in paradise.

      Chinese entertainment media is not to be taken so seriously, Jim. It isn’t real, just as entertainment media outside of China isn’t real. But if you really want to believe Chinese state propaganda, go to live in China and burn all your bridges. Discover new levels of reality you never dreamed of.

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