Trump’s War Against the Swamp

The Deep State government and its cronies comprise a debilitating parasitic mass sucking the life’s blood from the US economy and its people. Because Mr. Trump typically does what he says he will do, he represented a threat to the Deep Crony State from the beginning. It was unlikely that Trump would win the 2016 election, but “just in case he did,” the denizens of the swamp laid out an insurance policy which they believed would guarantee the failure of Mr. Trump and his plans to drain the swamp.

The grumpy doomer Howard Kunstler presents his perspective on the grand political drama of the past two and a half years. His point of view clashes with that of the mainstream media:

the US Intel “community” trafficked in fictitious malarkey supplied by Mrs. Clinton to illegally “meddle” in the 2016 election.

… The evidence already public indicates that Robert Mueller must have known as early as the date of his appointment (and likely before) that the predicating evidence for his inquiry was false. After all, his soon-to-be lead prosecutor, Andrew Weissmann, was informed of that in no uncertain terms by his DOJ colleague, Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr, in 2016. Justice may seek to know why Mr. Mueller did not inform the target of his inquiry that this was so. The answer to that may be that Mr. Mueller’s true mission was to disable Mr. Trump as long as possible while setting an obstruction of justice trap — which also failed tactically.

… In an interesting turn of the screw last week, polling showed that a majority of those asked were in favor of investigations into the origin of the RussiaGate story. The FBI, being an agency under the direct supervision of the Attorney General, will be hosed out for sure. The CIA, on the other hand, has a sordid history of acting as a sovereign state within the state — hence the derivation of the Deep State. They are renowned for protecting their own. Remember, the Senate Minority Leader, Mr. Schumer, snidely told the incoming President Trump at the get-go that the Intel community “has six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.” I guess we’ll finally get to see about that because the CIA’s former director, the wicked Mr. Brennan, is grand jury bound. I suspect he will not be protected by his former colleagues. His downfall may presage a more thorough cleanup, and perhaps a major reorganization, of this monstrous agency. __ Howard Kunstler

Kunstler finishes his piece above by predicting a global economic collapse and recommending that readers grab some supplies and head for the hills. But then that is what he always says, and it would seem suspicious if he took any other turn.

The key thing to remember is that if the Deep State political machine loses the doomer community, it loses a significant chunk of independent voters. If independents vote for Trump in 2020 the Deep State swamp will be in for a world of draining, and it knows it. Where did it go wrong, and what can it do to get back in control?

The internet has cut much of the legs of the mainstream media from under it, and provides an almost infinite number of alternative pathways of information for the curious and intent. By making such a botch of its attempt at a coup d’etat, the Deep State left itself open to inspection and ultimate destructive dissection. As the grouchy doomer Kunstler suggests in his article above, things may get rather interesting soon.

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There are a growing number of indicators that the leading players in the 2016 election drama are turning on one another, making a mad dash for the lifeboats to escape being dragged under with the political Titanic that is Christopher Steele and his dossier. These are many of the same people who had been eager to exploit the dossier, that collection of memos paid for by the Clinton campaign and supposedly sourced from Russia. Once treated like the Rosetta stone of collusion, the Steele documents now seem even to Trump antagonists more like the Howard Hughes diaries.

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