Every Day of Homeschooling is a Day Without a Utopian Socialist Indoctrination

The Overqualified Homeschooler

A recent story making the rounds suggests that homeschoolers can be overqualified for many of the high-skilled, highly paid jobs which employers find it difficult to fill.

My son, Spencer, decided to apply for the High Voltage Lineman program at Arkansas State University Newport. He went through the interviews just fine, applied and was accepted. We also applied for the full tuition scholarship that was offered through our local electric cooperative. (There are 17 said scholarships available annually, one for each co-op in the state of Arkansas.)

My son filled out his application and eagerly awaited his interview with the selection committee. A little background: Spencer was homeschooled most of his life. That gave him the opportunity to do some pretty neat things. At 18, his skill set includes: light electrical, sheetrock, tiling, concrete work, and graphic design. He currently works full time for a cement contractor, awaiting school to start in the Fall.

So Wednesday, he had his interview. This is what he was told. ‘Spencer, I’m gonna tell you something you don’t want to hear. Your grades and test scores are too high and you are too articulate. We ran into this with another kid today. You need to enroll at the University and go into engineering. We need someone who won’t get bored and drop out.’

No [matter] how many assurances Spencer gave them, they wouldn’t listen. He got the official rejection call the following day. __ Source

Contrary to what Spencer was told by the official, difficult and dangerous jobs such as “High Voltage Lineman” need bright and capable people in them, to keep things “honest” and up to date. It is likely that Spencer would have worked his way up the ladder to a training and supervisory role, and then perhaps into administration. Perhaps the officials in the program were wary of that kind of competition?

There are many stories of homeschooled students who begin college at age 13 or younger, or who are able to finish at least half their college work by the time they are 18.

A well designed and well-supervised homeschool will not unjustly slow the progress of students who are ready to move ahead with dispatch.

In public schools much of every school day can consist of politically correct social justice indoctrination. Children are no longer taught to think for themselves in public — and even in many private — schools. Increasingly they are not even taught the essential core skills of reading, writing, basic maths, and responsible civics. As a result, most conventionally educated college-bound youth are incapable of completing a rigorous four-year degree in less than six years — if at all.

Homeschoolers score higher on aptitude tests and often perform above expectation in national and regional spelling, math, and geography competitions. And besides that, every day of homeschooling is a day without school shootings, utopian socialist indoctrination, and exposure to violent bullying and drug use/sales.

Homeschool requires that parents spend more time with their children than is typically the case today. But if the time is well spent, the children will remember — and the long term closeness and functionality of the family is more likely to persist over time.

And there is more scheduling freedom to teach practical skills to homeschoolers. Remember Spencer from the story above. His practical skills included:

…light electrical, sheetrock, tiling, concrete work, and graphic design. He currently works full time for a cement contractor…

These are skills that one is not likely to learn in most public schools before the age of 18. But for homeschoolers whose parents give the idea considerable forethought, the acquiring of a range of practical skills is just one of the many advantages.

As Mike Rowe often says:

We’re churning out a generation of poorly educated people with no skill, no ambition, no guidance, and no realistic idea of what it means to go to work. __ Mike Rowe

If home school is done right, it can help to correct this trend for many young people.

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3 Responses to Every Day of Homeschooling is a Day Without a Utopian Socialist Indoctrination

  1. Someone says:

    Wow! Such a sad story! The trade jobs also need high IQ articulate people. I can tell you that engineering is no road to financial security. Especially with the cost involved followed by rent seeking by the corporations to import more H1B or export those jobs overseas.

    If you can become a Master Electrician or even Journeyman, well, those test are not for dummies. Sure, the math is not calculus, but you need to know some things like being able to read the NEC and talk to an engineer.

    Maybe he can find some electrical contractor/business owner to give him an opportunity and sponsor him.

  2. DJGB says:

    “overqualified” is just a bs way of saying “you are better than anyone applying but it doesn’t matter we ‘ll still gove the job/scholarship to whomever we want” I bet they ended up giving the money to some electrician’ s son or nephew.

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