China Toadies Shirk from Discussing Tiananmen

Thirty years after Tiananmen, for all its new wealth and progress, The People’s Republic of China remains a regime willing to stifle the freedoms that Westerners regard as a birthright. Let us not forget what the students of Tiananamen Square stood and died for: democracy. __ City-Journal

China’s dictatorship cannot handle the truth: Its grip on power comes at the cost of horrific violence against its own people.

It is not surprising that the CPC has worked so hard to extirpate the Tiananmen Square massacre from public memory. History – including the horrors of Mao Zedong’s rule – is too volatile a substance for the Chinese dictatorship. China’s leaders hold up their system of government as a model for other countries. But how can a regime be confident in the sustainability of its values and methods if it is afraid of its own past?

To hear Chinese communist leaders tell it, the party embodies that 4,000-year-old civilization. It does not. Who was responsible for the murder of landowners after the 1949 communist revolution? Who was to blame for the Great Leap Forward and the Great Chinese Famine? Who instigated the Cultural Revolution, with its accompanying mass violence? __ Unforgettable Tiananmen

All mention of the great massacres are forbidden within the bamboo prison run by the CPC, and the reach of China’s censorship extends far beyond the borders of the slave state itself.

China Humiliates Itself With Its Hysteric Secrecy

The propaganda machine of the CPC constantly reminds the Chinese people of the “humiliation” that China suffered under foreign powers during former centuries. But now it is the Chinese leadership that is humiliating the Chinese people through draconian restrictions on access to global information sources and corrupt laws forbidding free overseas investment of hard-won personal earnings by ordinary Chinese. Tiananmen Square is forbidden knowledge, and the penalties for violating the censorship laws can be deadly.

The communist government regards June 4, 1989, as dangerous knowledge, for it exposes the terrible contradiction in China’s dramatic rise from poverty. Beijing’s Communists know the value of a competitive market economy and open exchange of information. At the same time, they demand dictatorial control over what Adam Smith called “the invisible hand” of individuals engaged in free enterprise.

In 1989, China’s economic reforms were giving the people a taste of free market prosperity. In Tiananmen Square, free market reforms spurred calls for greater political freedom. __ Austin Bay

China torments its own people daily while breaking every international rule in the book to boost its relative national wealth and power — with the aim of being able to torment any other peoples of the world it may choose to oppress. A dark future, if China and its dimwitted — though often well-intentioned — apologists have their way.

China’s corrupt communist leadership carries a dark past and will eventually be forced to face up to its frightful responsibilities. Before that happens, it is possible that Hong Kong and Taiwan will be pulled into Beijing’s dark and bloody orbit. That is why so many of those who have the means are trying so desperately to escape from China, and from any place where the CPC can sink its bloody claws.

… erasing Tiananmen Square is ultimately about authoritarian self-preservation. The slaughter stalks China’s communist dictatorship. Chinese citizens bitterly resent the massacre and the totalitarian silence cloaking it. Complaints voiced in 1989 continue to anger Chinese citizens in 2019, such as China’s weak and murky judicial system and the corrupt communist elites enjoying stolen wealth.

In retrospect, the Tiananmen Square massacre signaled that China’s rise would not be peaceful, domestically or internationally. __ 30 Years Later

Anyone who does not feel a natural revulsion toward the Chinese regime is lacking somewhat in the basic ingredients of humanity. If they are older than the age of 30, that lack is unlikely to ever be completely remedied.


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6 Responses to China Toadies Shirk from Discussing Tiananmen

  1. psansonetti79 says:

    I guess you aren’t aware that several reporters who were at tiannamen square ,admit that it never happened. It was a psyop that attempted to get Chinese citizens to overthrow their government, one in just a long time history of u.s. Interfering with other countries.

    [Admin: You are not aware of how insane your comment is. Censorship of the “1984” variety — making history disappear — is routine for the Chinese government, but even intelligent Chinese in country do not believe the party line. Cash your check from the CPC while it is still good.]

  2. bob sykes says:

    The survivors of the Long March were still in power then, Deng et al. That itself was a truly vicious, murderous group, although Mao and the Gang of Four were too much for even them. Nonetheless they had the stomach to crush the protests with overwhelming physical force. But now all the Long March people are long dead. Deng’s reforms are irreversible. And the question is, Is Xi and his generation capable of the same degree of brutality? I think the answer if probably, No. But they would obviously put down another Tiananmen Square demonstration, most likely with clubs and tear gas.

    The fundamental deal Deng and his successors offered the Chinese people was obey, do the capitalist thing (we won’t look) and get rich, but obey. The so-called Communist Party delivered their end of the bargain. Hundreds of millions of Chinese did get rich, and, if the regime continues its economic policies, it is likely another billion more will, too. Maybe the Chinese people will be happy with that. They do get something real.

    Considering that our own Ruling Class has knowingly immiserated the American working class via its free trade and open borders ideology, I think the Chinese got a better deal than we did. Evidently, the Chinese Ruling Class are patriots, while the American Ruling Class are traitors and parasites.

  3. Gavin Longmuir says:

    Bob Sykes: “Evidently, the Chinese Ruling Class are patriots, while the American Ruling Class are traitors and parasites.”

    Never in my life did I expect to agree with Bob Sykes — but he has hit the nail on the head here.

    On a more general point, it is strange that “Fascism” (private ownership and private profits allowed, but all must kiss the ring of the Political Class) lost World War II but seems to have won the peace. The United States and even the silly Europeans have all seen a vast expansion of the role of government (i.e., the Political Class), while the once-Communists of the USSR and China have shrunk the role of the Party in the economy while maintaining firm control over society. Capitalism and Communism have converged on Fascism — although most of us are still in denial.

    It is even more strange that the Chinese & Russian Political Classes recognize that they need to look out for their nations’ interests — whereas the US Political Class is concerned only with lining their own pockets, regardless of the damage they are doing to the nation on which their long-term future depends. It does not make sense!

  4. jimofjimsblog says:


    The US adjusts history and fabricates history. The US silences those that disagree.

    China, considerably less so.

    Walk through the relaxed and courteous security of an airport in China, you will immediately see and feel that this is a far more free country than the USA.

    So, if I see news from China that nothing much happened at Tianaming Square except a failed attempt by US agents to create a pretext for the overthrow of the Chinese government, and I is see news from the US that it was the biggest crime ever, I am inclined to believe the news from China, because I am inclined to believe people who do not humiliate and intimidate me at airports, and because the US is always creating pretexts to overthrow one government or another.

    • alfin2101 says:

      Interesting logic. If you actually believe China is such a paradise, I do not think anyone will try to stop you from living there. If you can survive the humiliation of passing through a US airport, then utopia awaits you when you arrive at your destination.

      Of course, most of the migration traffic is the other way, but do not let that bother you. Keep repeating your logic like a string of rosary beads and you will feel right as rain no matter what happens.

      • jimofjimsblog says:

        China is poorer than the US though freer, and indeed there is more movement from China to the US, than from the US to China, but I am seeing significant amount of movement in the other direction.

        Ask a Chinese engineer who recently came from China if he came here for the freedom.

        [Admin: Yes. In China one is particularly free to be an organ donor, whether he wants to be or not 😉 .]

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